Monday, October 22, 2007

Tim Hortons

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant md
Company: Tim Hortons

I was at Timmies at York U today to get myself a large sandwich, and as I saw this lady doing the sandwich i asked if it was mine and then with the cut eyes she says, "I am doing it NOW"...i was like err..then i was still polite and asked if she could cut it in half for me, since they dun always tend to do that in that lady says, "I WILL CUT IT" with a very rude tone. She then asked if i wanted anything else the sandwich..
i thought for a sec cuz they don't normally ask me that, they just have standard in making the sandwich..and she the said "If you want anything you should've told the mat the cash!" - again super rude, and what's the point of asking me if i wanted anything else if it doesn't say up on her freaking screen?!.. I told her that I didn't want anything else and she just gave me my sandwich and as i took it i said, "You didn't have to be so rude" the moment, i'm not sure whether she spoke to me or to her co-worker quietly, but she said "i don't think i was rude at all"...What kind of attidue is that?! So i asked for her manager, and she told me to come back later since the manager was on break, i told her i'll come back and asked for her name then I took off.
I got back after class to speak to the manager and i told her who it was and i realized she didn't even give me her real name and she was already on break at that time...then before i finished speaking with the manager she returned from her break and gave me a look and i was still speaking politely to the manager and supervisor. Now, i'm not sure if she got in trouble but at least i did what i could!!!


  1. Good job! Everyone should follow suit and remain calm and speak to a supervisor/manager when needed! How can basic human respect be so hard?!

    I'm sure that very rude Tim Horton's employee is reprimanded by now. If not, karma will get her!

  2. I understand completely.. YorkU Tim's employees in general can be very rude and difficult.

  3. Good job on remaining calm! :) I'm lucky most of the staff at my university's Timmy's are nice, because I go almost daily during exams, lol.

  4. lol wow I'm lucky when I went to Waterloo all the people that worked there were nice with only a few exceptions. XD (mostly a mix of middle-aged ladies, and students.)