Thursday, January 28, 2010


Location: Other, jacksonville
Industry: Retail

1-17-10, I placed my online order with sell refurbished/used cell phones). You are supposed to receive an email from them in a couple of days letting you know that your item has "began its road trip"(shipped). Rather, being consumed by work, I did not realize until day 4 that I had not yet received that email. I went back to "my account" with Dotcells to check the status... nothing indicated a problem with my order. So, I emailed them. Immediately I received an 'automated' email in return letting me know I would be contacted within 48 hrs... a few days later, still no word from Dotcell. Although I had already checked my credit card transactions and saw the charge posted, I checked again and this time it was nolonger posted...hmmm... so I call my credit card service dept- turns out I had accidently entered an incorrect expiration date for my card when entering all that info with Dotcell. So, now, although they dont have my money, thank goodness, I'm still pissed... why could they not notify me of a 'problem' with my order... they had my email address, my phone number. I emailed them AGAIN this morning, AND place a phone call to them..... I waited on hold for the "next available" customer rep right at ten minutes, during which time you hear a message repeatedly reminding you that you can just press the star key and leave a message. Well, guess I just might have to- so I did. It is now past 11:30 pm- no call back from them today. Today is day '10' and still waiting.... Well, I had to email them just one more time tonight, just to let them know I was going to be spreading the word......

Monday, January 11, 2010

241 lack of sevice

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: 241 pizza

241 pizza delivered the wrong order, but when i tried
to get i corrected they said i will just have to wait until
they had a driver. the would not help with delivery
no discount .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Inkubook - WARNING better take your business elsewhere!!!

Location: Other, Indianapolis
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Support person - very rude

Just wanted to warn people about this company, Inkubook (Indianapolis IN). If anyone has any problems using this service... good luck!!! Just BEWARE!!!

Spent hours working on a photobook that I never received. Contacted customer support via email multiple times to see what happened. I was told that it was "not their fault." After a month, I asked for them to reship the item or give me a refund and they refused. Their customer support person (I think it was only one person answering my emails -someone named "Craig Price") told me that it was "impossible" to reship the item.

They (he) kept trying to push another coupon on me so I would have to buy a new book. I was already charged $65 for the book I didn't have, plus spend $30 to make a new book? Do they think I can just throw away $65???? I was not very happy and this person answering the emails was rude and sarcastic. I could never get away with treating a customer like that, that is just unacceptable!

If I'm spending that much of my hard earned money I deserve better!