Monday, August 29, 2011

Fake flower delivery or really unorganized customer service

Location: British Columbia, London
Industry: Other
Annoyed By:

Tha story is happening with my case now. Two orders had been placed (the website offered quite nice pictures of flowers to be delivered). The first one had to be delivered 4 days ago for as special date. From the Arenaflovers there is no answer, neither by skype, nor by e-mail or phone. The other order is placed for 27 september. Could anybody suggest the way to get it back (payment was done through visa) of make them to deliver the order at least. And still there is small hope to hear something from the company...
(province is misspecified as I don't really got what province they are placed at)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Staples @ Portage place Winnipeg manitoba

Location: Manitoba, WInnipeg
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Employee's

This is my second time in 2 years with this company that really gets to me. Let me jump right into it, giving the back story first.

2009: Went to staples as i wanted to by the Acer netbook (which was sold at $50 more then the listed web site price), long story short, when i brought it home, i noticed the damn thing was slow, hardly charged, and had a buring oil smell when i started it. I know that when a computer smells like that, shut it down, you will do major damage other wise. It was advertised as having 1gig ram, 160 hdd. What did i get as a unit? 256mb 2gig hdd. When i went to return it, i was treated like i swapped parts out. purchased to home, plugging into the wall, and turning on total time? 20min. How could i swap parts? More so, it NEVER went online yet i was accused of putting a web cloud virus on it <???>

2011: Now something that really burs me bad. Went to this staples location for the second time in my life. Wanted a ereader and cell phone. Not that hard right? The only cell phone they had was a Telus LG Bliss. It was being sold as prepaid only. The rep talked down to me like i was a idiot (I worked cell phone Tech level, i think i know what a cell phone is and what the power button is just saying). When i asked if the prepaid plan had free incoming calls, the "expert" (more like bright spark) went to this computer and had to search for plans he supposedly looked up, then "forgot" to do a search on Canada. When i asked about information on the kobo ereader that took another 10min of searching. When i said enough is enough and wanted to walk out, he "magically" found the information. When i told him i wanted to purchase said ereader and cell phone, he had to of course go to the back to get the products. after 6 minutes of waiting i decided to walk. Out came Mr. Tech with ereader in hand, as he approached the cash he dropped it, then all i got was a "opps" and "that is what you get for being this cheap thing" umm what?! turns out the spud decided that while he was back there he needed a washroom break, then a bite to eat.
Once i paid for everything i went to the food court and opened the phone, while i looked at my new (HA HA) ereader. Turns out i paid full price for a product someone returned and the one i had was for a upcoming sale. Tried to activate the telus phone but no prepaid service here. Then the store wondered why i went back with all packaging and returned the reader, cell phone, and UNUSED time card, i wanted a FULL reason: Loosing faith in the purchases as their "tech" knew nothing. The funny part is the so called Guru that served me? As i was returning the items, he smirked walking into the store front with more food in hand making a comment like the phone and reader i got was far to advanced for me to operate.....

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Thief Owns Proud Shopper

Location: Other, Falkville, Alabama
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Ron at Proud Shopper

On 03-14-2011, I ordered 3 items from Proud Shopper. About 1 1/2 months later I received 2 of the items but not a belt buckle which was one of the items. Rone would never inform me when my buckle was coming. It was always me doing the contacting. Finally he told me that the company that makes the buckles went out of business, which was probably a lie. I then asked fro a $19 refund, which is the cost of the buckle. Again and again I emailed him about the refund, but I received no response. Finally in July I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. He also refused to respond to them. Later I saw that there have been 22 complaints lodged against him with the BBB. Most, like mine, merchandise was never shipped. Ron has every intention to cheat people, it doesn't just happen. Do NOT buy from this crook. If you don't believe me, contact the BBB in Alabama.

The truth about Bell Mobility

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Bell Mobility

This is from perspective of a Bell Employee. I want to show how things are on our end so people can understand and not assume that we have more authority and abilities than we really do. At the same time that blame goes to the company and quite a bit of agents for their lack of patience and interest in the job , customers are also to be blamed for their lack of knowledge and research of their purchases and devices.
Bell Mobility deceive both its employees and customers as well. The employees are not well trained, pressured into denying a union, under paid for the duties they do, and do not get advancement opportunities unless they know someone at top.

Learn more about this trashtacular (made up the word :) ) and its ways by going to this website it includes how things work at this company and even a special contact number to reach its customer service even faster without all the hassle.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next time you fly, please fly WestJet.

Via David Hardman's Facebook

The A Cappella Fellas were supposed to perform in Quebec City today at the AVON convention. We had flights booked well in advance and were scheduled to fly to Toronto at 12:05 am with Air Canada.

Air Canada overbooked the flight by 36 seats and the departure time was delayed by 90 minutes. We managed to get all six of us on the 1:35 am flight, and wound up sitting on a full plane for over an hour only to be told the flight staff were not allowed to work any more hours that day and there were no available staff on standby. Four Calgary Police Officers escorted us all off the plane and, like cattle, we were all herded into the walkway where we waited for another 20 minutes.

AIR CANADA's SOLUTION: Provide us all with a 1-800 number which will lead us to an automated system so we can re-book our flights. The next available flight was at 10:00 am, which meant we would miss the AVON convention by the time we arrived in Quebec City. Furthermore, having checked, the 10:00 am flight was also cancelled.

THE DAMAGE: The Fellas did not get to perform in Quebec City, which would have been an amazing experience. AVON will have no entertainment at their convention this evening. The Fellas will not get paid for a show we didn't do. I booked time off work which I will not be compensated for. One gentleman we met last night will miss his own daughter's wedding. Another man who was flying home to be with his father (who is on life support) will now be even further delayed.

Why support a company that purposely overbooks flights and treats their customers as though profits are more important than customer satisfaction? We immediately called WestJet to see if they could provide a solution. Instantly, we spoke with a Super Sales Agent (no automated nonsense). Within minutes they had searched numerous flights to see if they could get us to Quebec City on time. Unfortunately, their flights were fully booked and they would not be able to accommodate us; however, we were pleased with the service and effort they put in to assist us.

Please don't subject yourself to the deplorable service Air Canada provided us last night. Do yourself a favour and always fly WestJet. Also, please feel free to share this story with your friends and loved ones. Thank you.

David Hardman

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Air Canada has the worst customer service I've ever seen!

Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Tourism
Annoyed By: All customer service representitives

Long story short: Our flight was delay for 9 hours to NYC and we were stuck on the plane for 9 hours until AC finally told us our flight is CANCELED! We were starving and we were not allow to buy food but I see the flight attendant serving drinks and snacks to the executive class customers. I know executive class customer paid a lot more for the flight, so we weren't expecting the snacks to be free, but we can't even purchase food or drinks! After our flight was canceled, they did not provide any instructions for our rescheduled flight, they made us wait for another hour to get our luggage because they forgot to unload the luggage from the plane and when we finally found the Air Canada customer service counter, we had to line up for another 2 hours to find out our flight was rescheduled to the next day at 8 am. By that time it was already pass 12 am, so we have to be back to the airport at 6 am. On our returned flight from NYC, our flight was delay again for 5 hours and like last time AC did not provide any customer service or updates. When I e-mail AC to complaint, this is the e-mail I got:

Dear Ms. Liu,

Thank you for your follow up.

Again to clarify, when we are told to cancel flights by Air Traffic Controllers, we often have no say in the matter and have to do what we are told by these government agencies.

The Executive Class cabin is much smaller than the Economy cabin, which makes a quick clean up much easier and these guests pay a huge premium for additional service. If you are interested in the "extras", you are welcome to purchase a seat in this cabin on future flights. We make no apologies for providing extra service to these high profile customers.

Also, we do not offer compensation for weather problems, simply good will on occasion, therefore we are unable to provide the compensation you are seeking.


What kind of customer service is that? He made it sound like I deserve their bad customer service because I wasn't paying for their executive class service. This is why Air Canada has such a bad rep because they these type of people working for them! You should never be allow to reply to an e-mail like this if you work in the customer service department!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

assholes at mcdonalds

Location: Ontario, port elgin
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: employee

I eat Mcdoalds just about every day cause my kids love it, and i usally enjoy there breakfast. Today i went in cause i needed to use the rest room and they told me i wasnt a customer i had to buy something. What a joke they just lost business

GTA Heating & Air (Brampton & Richmond Hill)

Location: Ontario, Brampton, Richmond Hill
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Poor service

The people who run this company will readily sell you furnace and a/c but have no interest in answering service calls. In fact they go as far as being rude and hang up if you call them to send a service tech.
My experience with this company is very unsatisfactory and I would not recommend to anybody. Please do not fall in a trap with their sweet talking sales guy, once you pay they will forget you.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frustrated Customers from the HP TouchPad Hunt

With the sudden price drop of the HP TouchPad, customers are flocking to  TouchPad hunt over the past weekend.

The now-discontinued tablet’s prices were slashed to $99 for the Wi-Fi only 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB flavor. Apparently, the fire sale caused many stores to be out of stock – making it nearly impossible for deal hunters to snatch a discounted WebOS tablet up.

For example, Staples Canada has received vast amount of complaints regarding the frustration over the purchase (e.g. Sold out before store is open or confirmed order got cancelled etc.). Staples Canada claims that they will investigate into it and advises customers to send their complaints to
"We had an incredible response to the Touchpad offer which is amazing since we only mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry to all who were unable to get one Unfortunately, it was a while supplies last offer. For specific situations mentioned in our Touchpad thread, please do send us an email with details including store, time you came by, so we can investigate on Monday."

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Greater Gardens, Calgary, AB.

If its not too late for you - cut your loses & run. These people lie like crazy. They promise you all kinds of things BUT after they get your money they treat you like crap. They don't return your calls. They say someone will show up to fix the problems but it never happens. They have a million excuses as to why they haven't been able to get back to you for over a YEAR or TWO. Be very aware that the 2 people that own Greater Gardens only took it over less than 10 yrs ago but they still use the award winning crap since 1985 on their website from the previous owner. The workmanship is at most poor. They know nothing about concrete or the process But they will tell you differant. You'll know how good they are - unfortunatly its after it's too late. Their landscape skills are very poor. They promise to replace all the dead plants later But more than ayear goes by & they still have excuses why they can't get to you. The plants die because they don't know how to plant them properly. They say they will put on 3 inches of mulch - so you pay for that. The first heavy rain the mulch is at the bottom of the hill - firstly because the edging that cost you a fortune was installed too low to hold anything - & secondly because there wasn't even a 1/4 inch of mulch put on. The mulch they put on wasn't the nice fine stuff they promised & I paid for. The crap they put on my yard is like kindling pieces.So much was promised to us in the begining & we just kept paying & paying & paying .

Now we want the repairs done they promised. The irragation was never hooked up right nor worked properly- still waiting 2 yrs. Dead plants & shrubs to be replaced -still waiting 2yrs. Concrete installed
is cracking & chipping - uneven steps - still waiting.

They promise you care guides for all the plants & shrubs you paid for, that they improperly installed- but you'll never see them. Its all "FLUFF & BS" just to get your money. Then they treat you like crap - they ignore your calls or they say I'll get back to you & never do or someone will be out this week & no one ever shows. The only people that do show up are tradesmen from other companies that are there to fix their mess or do their repairs because of the shawdy workmanship of Greater Gardens in the first place. Their attitude now is rude - they don't have time for you anymore - you're not important anymore - you're bothering them - you're annoying - we promised you the world & took your money- we gave you poor service & did a crapy job - what more can we do to make you go away. BE AWARE that this company is now claiming to do Kitchen Renos.! ! !

With no experience in the Industry - I would never recommend this Company for inside or out side of the house. Always do the research - we didn't and we have paid dearly for it. Don't employ Greater Gardens in Calgary AB. -totally frustrated by such rude and unprofessional service -

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad company / people skills

Location: British Columbia, North Vancouver
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Westech appraIseral

I had rented a place in chilliwack b.c and before I had moved in I steamed cleaned all the carpets cleaned all the floors painted every wall and was taken note of. The place was a mess when we viewed it ( dog poo in some rooms, bathrooms where disgusting pee on floor by toilets, floors where sticky with juice or pop smelled more like beer etc... )
And the agreement was I would help clean up the place and in return a deal was given on the first months rent. We ended up saving a dog from a bad home and no longer could we live there ( no dogs aloud ) so after unpacking and cleaning the place we packed up and moved to a place where dogs where aloud. This is when the problems began , we tried getting in touch with the owner of the unit as well as the property manager for over a month and we had nothing but rude people on his behalf telling us they will get him to call us, or they will call us back but we never received any calls back! So a month goes by and we decide we have to call him every day ten times a day just to let these people know we are serious . So after trying and trying many times to get any information on this company he owns and after being hung up on about 3 times from professional ( or so called ) people I call back once more and I get a guy who is somewhat help full but still very very rude and very bad costumer serves . Point of this story, if this is how this company treats an individual who has rented a unit off the OWNER of the company can u imagine how they will treat you if you are doing a deal with them or if you are requesting a serves from them? Moral of the story FIND ANOTHER
APPRAISAL COMPANY you will NOT be treated fairly I can guarantee that!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never purchase a product from Sears

Location: Ontario, Oakville
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Customer Service

We purchased a top of the line dishwasher from Sears and the control panel broke, we have had no satisfaction in getting it fixed and will never again deal with Sears for any product.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Roku - I have a paperweight

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Roku

ME: When I purchased the Roku there was no notice of the netflicks, Amazon and many others would not work in Canada.

Dawn: Hello! Thank you for contacting Roku Online Support! I'd be glad to assist you with your concern today.

Dawn: The box works in Canada but to limited online channels, say for example, Netflix will only work in the U.S.

ME: When I purchased the Roku there was NO NOTE/DISCLAIMER of the netflicks, Amazon and many others would not work in Canada. Now I have a paper weight.

ME: What is the point of using the ROKU if not for Netflicks etc?

Dawn: Basically, the Roku player will only work in the US, but you can try other channels available on the Roku player.

ME: Why was I not informed of this when I purchased the ROKU online? From Amazon.

Dawn: I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Dawn: Only US Netflix account will work on the Roku player.

ME: On the ROKU website is states "At this time we only sell and ship to U.S. addresses, including A.P.O./F.P.O. addresses." it is not true with your vendors then? Should I be having this conversation with Amazon? Shouldn't ROKU be having this conversation with Amazon? I can't imagine the negative impact this will cause on social media sites.

Dawn: I do apologize, but the Roku player can be used in other countries but to limited channels only.

ME: This is your help? As you wish.

Parkers Chrysler in Penticton

Location: British Columbia, Penticton
Industry: Automotive

We met with the sales manager Brant Roshinsky and Ron from finance to further discuss the trading our dodge challenger SRT( purchased at Kelowna dodge less than one year ago. Upon agreeing on the trade in value of our car and the price of a new one we agreed to go ahead with financing. I am unsure of the date this transaction took place. We chose Parkers Chrysler because they could get a black RT while the dealership in Penticton could not.

When asked on the spot how much I made per year I told Ron 50-60 K. We left and he contacted the bank we had currently had a loan with and when they turned us down he proceeded to contact other banks. Upon the banks receiving my financial information,T4s and paystubs it was understood by everyone that I made 52k not 60k. The financing was then supposed to be processed with that information.

While we were figuring out the financing we spoke to Ron on a regular basis and even visited the car that was shipped in from Saskatchewan. We had not been approved yet and Ron was trying to vigorously get us approved through any way possible. On a nightly phone call to Ron he asked for a deposit of 1000 from my credit card to hold the car because this was taking longer than we all anticipated. He assured me if I was not financed we would of course be able to get our deposit back.No issue.

When I heard back from Sherry Burnett of Penticton Prospera Credit Union they did not feel comfortable financing my loan. We called Ron who was furious because apparently they said it would be no problem. He was upset because they brought the car in from Saskatchewan and now there was no deal. I told Ron sorry, asked him if we could get our deposit back and he said sure i will do that for you.

One week later while in Alberta visiting my parents and Grandmother Ron left a voice mail on my phone and said Scotia will finance you and Parkers Chrysler will front the 3200 needed for the deposit on the loan. My grandmother had gallstones and would be getting them removed and then her Gallbladder removed so we were in Coleman hospital alot with her. On the second day of being at the hospital my dad had a heartattack on the way to visit her. He was in ICU at the time and I did not want to deal with anything else. On Thursday ,Chris (my common law fiancé called Ron-he was at work in Fort Mac at the time-and said it was a bad time for us,explaining the situation and that we will just leave it and not go through with the financing of Scotia. He said we would be needing our deposit back and Ron said that would not be possible because we had to pay for the shipping of the car. Chris then spoke to the sales manager Brant Roshinsky (still over the phone) who basically called Chris a liar that we were trying to get out of the deal the entire time. Chris relayed this information to me. I called Ron back and he just said I needed to speak to the manager and hung up on me. I called Chrysler and they gave me the name of the owner. I called him and he said no way were we getting our deposit back but we could pick up our car anytime because we were approved. I asked him how that was possible because Scotia never had my financial information. I only gave it to Sherry Brunett from Prospera. He then yelled at me and said come pick up your car. Scotia approved you. He was not giving us our deposit back. I was upset and said I would NEVER buy anything from him. He said fine and hung up on me. Friday I drove the 8 hours home from Coleman to deal with Parkers Chrysler while my Grandmother was still in the hospital and my dad was still in ICU at the same hospital. He was awaiting an angioplasty surgery in Calgary.

The next day(Saturday) we decided if they insisted on keeping our deposit we would then go pick up our car. I called Ron in finance and got transferred to Chris in finance. He told us that Ron did not work there anymore and would take a look at our file and call us back. Once he located the file,he relayed to us that he was told to get rid of it because we did not want the car. I told him the owner said we were approved and could pick up the car. He said we were not. They didn't even have any of our information(proof of income to send to Scotia to get us approved. I faxed Chris my T4 and paystubs that day. We negotiated via text message(because the receptionist would no longer transfer our calls to anyone) that we would be giving them an extra thousand dollars upon receipt of the car and negotiated to pay Parkers the 3200 dollar loan to get financed in post dated checks over one year. I did not get approved and needed my commonlaw fiancé on the loan to get approved I did not want to do that.

Tuesday ,we from our home in Kelowna to Penticton to speak to them in person. I was tired of getting hung up on and our calls were not getting transferred to anyone. We spoke to Brant the sales manager to see what he could do. He told us that if it made me feel better Ron from finance got fired because of this. He then went back and forth with Colin Parker (the owner )to try and get our deposit back. Brant told us that because they had to pay the $800 dollars to get it shipped there was no way Colin would budge on our deposit. He offered that if they sold the Challenger RT to anyone we would get our deposit back. Of course we refused that offer. We didn't pay for them to have it shipped to Penticton.
Colin Parker refused to meet with us at all even though he was there. Brant sent us to Chris in finance we just talked about how Ron dragged our credit score through the ditch because he did a very sloppy job at trying to get us financed. And that our FICO went from 707 to 612 because of this. Chris said he could have gotten us financing but there's nothing that could be done now. He told us he would keep trying with Colin to get our deposit back and that we should just let him handle it. We left.

That night I was reading on the motor vehicle sales authority website their information regarding deposits and realized that an over the phone transaction did not jive with how the MVSA insists deposit transactions are to be handled. There is absolutely nothing written,signed in regards to that deposit not even a receipt. Along with the directive 13 regarding deposits from the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia ,the information on the next page of this statement is what is on the website regarding deposits.

Understanding deposits
Be sure you understand the deposit, return and exchange policies of the dealership before you sign any documents. Remember, the term deposit can be used to describe quite different things. It is an industry best practice to be sure that the terms of any deposit are clear and in writing.
Depending on when it is taken in a transaction, a deposit may be a separate agreement for a variety of services. It could be an agreement for services to:

• Hold a vehicle for a period of time
• Locate a vehicle from another dealer
• Bring in a vehicle from the manufacturer, and/or
• Arrange financing for a vehicle

Be sure you know what your deposit is for.
If the deposit is part of an agreement to purchase a specific vehicle and all the terms and conditions are known, it may actually be a partial payment or down payment.
The terms and conditions of giving a deposit or partial payment must be clear and unambiguous. The terms and conditions must be provided to you. At a minimum, if a deposit is taken a motor dealer must:

• Clearly distinguish in writing a deposit from a partial payment or down payment. They are not the same.
• Clearly state in writing the purpose for which the deposit is taken
• Clearly state the amount of the deposit in writing
• Clearly state in writing when the deposit will or will not be refundable
• Clearly state in writing any other terms and conditions, such as whether a deposit will be apply towards the purchase price of a vehicle
• Provide you with a copy of the deposit agreement

If there is a written purchase agreement, the law requires motor dealers to detail the terms and conditions under which a deposit may and may not be refundable. Even when a deposit is stated to be non-refundable, there may be situations when a deposit will be refundable; such as when a dealership cannot deliver on its promise.

At 140 pm on Wednesday myself my fiancé and our three year old daughter went to Parkers Chrysler and wanted to meet with Colin. Instead of asking anyone to see him because we knew he would refuse my fiancé saw him in his office. He asked if he was Colin Parker and Colin said yes. We told him who we were and that we needed to speak with him in regards to the VSA and how Ron did not follow the terms in regards to the deposit. He told us to get out of his office and that we lied about our income.I told him that we didn't come for a confrontation that I brought my daughter and just wanted to go over the VSA information that I read. He became completely irate yelling "get off my property, get out get out"saying he was calling the cops. He was yelling so we were yelling telling him to do it. He would not . He just kept yelling get out.He was standing up and went at my fiancé putting both hands on his chest and pushing all his weight into him. I guess he was trying to push him out of the office. We didn't have our cellphones to call the police so I told him Im going to find a phone and call the cops. There were customers in the dealership and we were all infront of a glass window. Everyone saw and everyone heard. When I said I was going to get a phone and take him to small claims Colin told us we could have our deposit and not to come back. We went with Brant in financing to complete the transaction of the return of our 1000 dollar deposit back on our mastercard. Brant and Chris the finance guy shook my fiancés hand and relayed to him that they wont be working for a guy like that much longer and good for him for standing up to him. We left.

Although we received our deposit I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the VSA because I cannot believe the unprofessionalism of Colin Parker. He refused to take any ownership of any fault they might have been in. He did not stand by his employees ,take charge of the situation or try to difuse it. He hid in his office refusing to deal with us.