Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fed Up

Location: British Columbia, Surrey
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: ADP Distributors Inc

I have a customer standing in front of me. Why does it take 20 minutes to get help?
Customer Service starts at the front door. I agree it should not take six rings to answer a phone. This company does not care about their Customer if they do not know what answers their phone. I'm sorry, but their receptionist is stupid.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WildWing in Toronto

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Waitress and manager

After waiting forty five minutes for 20 wings, I figured I wouldn't make an issue so I kept quiet and figured the worst continued on with my night. After a few hours of more wings ( had to wait 20 minutes for a drink ) I decided to head home. After paying for my bill, I saw that they had schooners ( beer mugs ) for sale. I had gave a pretty big tip so I figured I wouldnt tip when I was paying for my mug. After paying for the mug the waitress pulled the " you forgot to pay " trick and tried getting me kicked out... I ended up paying over $45 and change for a 15 dollar mug after tipping the waitress $30 on a $65 tab minutes before this happened!
This was at Wild Wing on st.Clair avenue west, between Jane street and runnymede in Toronto.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

McDonald's franchisee can be terrible...

Location: British Columbia, Richmond Centre
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: McDonald's

It wasn't until the past few months that I noticed that some McDonald's do not offer refills and have different service standards.
I placed a call to HQ about this issue and they advised me that certain franchisee McD locations are allowed to do as they please.
Here's the story: I ordered a combo meal at a Mcdonald's mall location, my medium beverage was filled full of ice and pop. At that time, i didnt really care less about my cup being full of ice as I was always accustomed to the free refills. Apparently, this location does not offer free refills. I was quite suprised and disappointed by this fact as I was not informed during my purchase and nowhere on the menu stated this fact. Had I known, I would of requested to have not as much ice and more pop.
Now, I am not a cheapie that mooches off free refills but I feel that, as a consumer, I have the right to know about these things. I don't feel it necssary to always ask about whether they charge more for this or do not offer that anymore when other McD locations do. It's McDonalds! We all grew up on it and expect the same consistency in all Mcd venues.
I do also understand that some venues may have a slight increase in their food prices due to demographic regions (airport locations etc) and that the current economy is slow -- But, does NOT offering free refills or charging for extra bbq sauce really make that much of a difference to risk losing a devoted customer permanently? Why don't they just charge you extra for ketchup if that is the case to make a few extra bucks?
Needless to say, I will never goto that McD located in the mall again. If you see that the pop vending machine is behind the counter, it means that they wont offer any refills and may also charge extra for other condiments. Keep that in mind for all you frequent McD goers~