Friday, March 12, 2010

Adding a second phoneline

Location: Ontario, Tdot
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Rogers Wireless

I have a rogers cell phone, would like to add another...

Rogers wants $65 / month to add the second line
Telus will cost $50 / month for the same plan

I kindly explain to Rogers they are forcing my hand, to engage in a long term relationship with their competitor...
to which they have no reply other than, our systems will not allow us to match that price.

"Unless, there was an air miles members phone plan offered...oh wait sorry that has expired but it might come back in a few weeks"

$560 over a three enough to over come paying 2 different phone bills each month.

How is this possibly a good business practice ?

forcing otherwise happy clients to do business elsewhere...for 3 years...

cell phones are like gym memberships...your are always worried the guy on the treadmill to your left has a better monthly rate plus free towel service...