Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7000 Optimum point from Shoppers' Drug Mart

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Shopper's Drug Mart

I had gone to Shopper's Drug Mart to purchase a book advertised in their flyer. The booked scanned the wrong price, and the inexperienced cashier told me they could not sell it to me because they did not know how to correct the price. I was told to come back the next day to purchase the book. When I returned the next day, I asked that I receive $10.00 off the price for the "Scanning code of practice". The cashier had to ask the manager who decided for some reason that I did not deserve it and said it quite loudly in front of several customers. I demanded to speak to the owner because of the treatment I was given, and after having me stand there for 20 minutes they informed me that the owner was gone.

I decided to get head office involved. They did contact the store, and upon my relentless calls, the owner did finally contact me, apologized for the way the manager treated me and gave me 7000 optimum point(not nearly enough as far as I was concerned).

Free bag of diapers =)

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Pampers

I wrote an email complaint to Pampers.. Everytime I went to change my child's diaper the tabs would rip off both or one side, every single diaper. They sent me an email back apologizing for that explaining that unfortunately that sometimes happens and they sent me out a 1X $10.00 & 1x $5.00 pampers coupons, so basically a free bag of diapers :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Played by Game Maker

Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Game Manufacturer

My sister bought a game and it was a lot of fun, so I bought one myself. Only I bought the second-generation version. Like many games (remember how heavy the tiles used to be in Scrabble? when you could spin the wheel in Life without it leaving its moorings?? when the Monopoly tokens didn't tip over???), the second-generation version didn't measure up. The board was cheap, and it ruined the gameplay, which required that letters be hidden. I wrote a letter of complaint emphasizing how great the first version of the game was and how the second version paled in comparison. Well, a few weeks letter, the gaming company sent me a package. I eagerly opened it up - guess what it was? Yup! They sent me another Second Edition version of the game. Sigh.

Bad Service Call

Location: British Columbia, Burnaby
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Totem Appliances

I had a complaint with a bad service call. I purchased a washer from an auction house that was valued at over $1400. The washer would not spin. It was a front load design. I called Totem Appliances in Burnaby who sent a technician over. He told my wife it was a write off and charged us a $75 call out fee. I did a little google investigation and found the most linked problems. Pulled up a manual online, disassembled the washer myself and found it to be a $90 part called a "spider" which connects to the back of the tub and spins itl. Easy fix and now my washer has been working great for over 2 years. I complained to the Better Business Bureau and Totem Appliances reimbursed me my call out fee:)

Esso flatten my tires

Location: Ontario, Burnaby
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Esso

My complaint was against Esso. The curbs around the pumps were supposed to be painted Yellow and this particular curb was Grey and worn down to the point where the metal was jagged and broken from the concrete. I hit it with my tire and it caused a flat. Complained to the store manager who said "not my problem" I did purchase a used tire and I did complain to Esso's head office who quickly reimbursed me my $60 in fuel gift cards.

Breyer's popsicles

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Breyer

I complained about Breyer's popsicles. One of their popsicle sticks actually cut the inside of my mouth because the stick was splintered. They sent a full refund of the popsicles plus a big stack of Unilever coupons (the company that owns Breyers and may other products) for free products. There had to of been over $100 worth of stuff.

Landlords with bad attitude

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Landlord

My complaint is about old landlords I use to rent out an apartment with. Just because I had lived with them for 2 years they gave me bad attitude when I finally decided to move out. I gave them a letter stating I was leaving and they threw it in my face like it was garbage.. The other day I went back to them to use the...m as a Reference.. forget it! What attitude I got! Some people are so selfish.

Enbridge is the worst.

Location: British Columbia, Van
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Enbrdige Gas

Enbridge is the worst. they just took away comments on their page because they were getting too many complaints that the public could see. they are in bed with the government in both Canada and the USA and that is the only reason that they even get approved for their environmental acts of terror. If it were up to Enbri...dge they would cut down every forest and build pipelines and spill all that oil in every body of water. I hate Enbridge for what they do to the planet and for what they do it for.

Consumer Products

Location: Ontario, Barrie
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Retail Stores

When I purchase a product that is not up to standard, I always email or phone the customer service desk and in almost all cases the company issues a free replacement coupon for the product. There have been times when they have sent several free coupons or a gift card for x number of dollars to be spent on their product. They will ask for the UPC and other codes from the carton. I feel that this enables the company to see what stores are keeping dated products on their shelves and keeps the customer satisfied and likely to continue purchasing their products.

Swanson TV Dinners

Location: Ontario, Windsor
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Swanson

My complaint was to Swanson, about their tv dinners. I use to by them for my son when he was young for his lunch. Decided to try the new Fried Chicken one. So after I heated it, I went to cut it up for him and when I did, surprise, the chicken wasn't cooked and it bled onto the plate. Disgusting. So I wrote them a ...letter, including the bar code from the packaging and told them what I thought of it. A few weeks later I received a letter of apology, a cheque for $5 and 5 free product coupons. Needless to say I did not get the fried chicken again.

McDonald's Free Coffee

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: McDonald's

Nothing big, but I go to McDonald's for coffee every morning on my way to work. About twice a month they get it wrong and when I complain the next day and they always give me a free coffee and sometimes they throw in some free food.

i will give you money on my time

Location: Saskatchewan, moose jaw
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: instadebit

instadebit is a company that is 3rd party payment or receiving of online gambling sites.their service is totally based on their time on when they feel up to it.their company webpage says 5 bus. days for withdrawal of funds.but whos 5 days are they talking about?theirs or mine.i still did not receive an answer to that question as of yet.so for 9 days for me.when companies do acts of this nature to the consumers why is there no one to protect us?all we can do is complain on these sites hoping that maybe someone will here and do something for us.if you read this let me make a suggestion.if you were to play online at any gambling bus.i would suggest that you first ask if a cashout option could be made thru western union.at least with this company no bs.if the bus. that you are inquiring does not have that option i strongly suggest you leave or you will end up in the same boat as i am today. instadebit sucks big time they have no regard to their clients or bus. sense.all they care about is themselves.and why not no one is keeping them to their word or protecting us.

Kotex "Mini's"

Location: Ontario, Guelph
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Kotex Pads

Me, being a girl was browsing walmart one evening, when I came across the new "U by Kotex" pads. Naturally, the bright colors attracted me. I took them home, and I took them out of the package and was appaulled at how small they are.. They should be called "Teen Size" because they're so small. I emailed the company and explained how I was really disappointed in the size, and they sent me coupons for 2 packages!! Why do I want to buy more, when I'm not going to use the ones I have?!

I gave them an earful and got an earful in return!

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Acanac.ca

I had just joined Acanac.ca, an Internet Service Provider, and was suffering through several technical difficulties. It took a few weeks for my Internet to work, so I e-mailed to complain that my billing date should only start when my service is truly activated.
I got very quick e-mail confirmation that my request would be granted AND that I would be receiving a free iPod shuffle in the mail for my trouble.
I gave them an earful and I got an earful in return! :)

It's NOT normal, jerk!

Location: Quebec, Longueuil
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Longueuil Nissan

Hi there!
My 2008 Nissan Versa's air conditioning failed with the car having only 60,300Km on it.
Of course, the warranty expired 300 Km ago ...
So I go to the dealer to explain the problem, and the guy at the counter tells me it's absolutely normal for a car to have this failure at around 60,000Km ..(!)
On top of this, they tell me it will cost me 120$ to have it checked to determine what is the problem, which should take about 30 minutes.
I laughed and left.
Looks like I will take my car to an independent garage next time.
Anyone wants a 2008 Nissan Versa ?
Yours truly,

The Works

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Servers

One day, my spouse and I went with a friend to a local burger joint. We had been before and while the service wasn't stellar by any means, but it was very very busy, they were competent and we enjoyed ourselves. This time was a COMPLETELY different story...
\Upon arriving, we were promptly seated. It wasn't terribly busy but was still somewhat loud, not really a big deal. Our server showed up and we ordered drinks. It took longer than we thought it should, but they showed up eventually. She then took our order. We started with some apps and then, of course, burgers. When our apps FINALLY arrived, they were wrong. We thought she had just misheard and since they were almost the same and we were starving, we ate them anyway. Our burgers weren't any faster, but at least the orders were correct.
When it came time to leave, she showed up with our bills and had charged us for the original app we had ordered, which was more expensive than the one we had actually gotten, and mixed up our bills. We advised of the issue and she went to fix the problem. When she came back the second time, she couldn't remember where we were seated EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE ONLY 2 OTHER PEOPLE IN THAT SECTION OF THE RESTAURANT. I burst out laughing, but at the same time was incredibly frustrated. Needless to say, it was our last time visiting that particular restaurant.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Fun To Slide On Greasy Floors!

Location: British Columbia, Sooke
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: McDonalds Dirty Staff

While waiting in line at the Sooke, BC McDonalds I noticed the employees "sliding around" in the food preparation area. Then I noticed they were coming out into the "waiting line" area, tracking all the grease out of the kitchen. I started "sliding around" while waiting as well and couldn't believe they would not take the time to clean up this obvious safety hazard. When it came my time to order, I showed them the hazard and they said they didn't have time to clean it. At the same time he was saying this, one staff member fell onto her back while trying to manovre around the fry station. I immediately called the head office in Victoria (which I found in the white pages) and explained the situation to the lady. The fact that the grease was being tracked into the restaurant and right by the Kids play area as well could definately be a big liability to them. She was very happy I called. In a week, I received 5 coupons for Big Macs, 5 coupons for ice cream, 5 coupons for fries and 5 coupons for fountain drinks. But I wasn't satisfied with that really. I wanted to see if they actually cleaned the place up and that it didn't happen again. So with my free coupons I basically hung out in McDonalds to see what would happen. The next day I saw an older new person there, which turned out to be an area manager who was sent down to see the issues for themselves. The next day I saw all the staff really cleaning! I casually asked one "wow, you guys are cleaning..." and the staff member said "yeah, apparently someone complained and now we have to do this...." The next day I saw two older area managers holding a meeting with staff about cleanliness. Then finally the next day I actually saw a Workers Compensation Board worker and a Health and Safety guy from the government meeting with the area manager. So the situation was actually dealt with and hopefully the grease will stay in the food and not on the floor!

The Non-working X-box

Location: Saskatchewan, kindersley
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: microsoft

I purchased an x-box it worked for about one year, it would no longer play games, flashed red lights here and there, a very unstable machine. After numerous calls to x-box and numerous complaints, and a few choice words they decided to fix it for free, they paid to ship it to there headquarters. It pays to complain about any product that breaks down persistance payed off big time. I forgot to register the x-box for warranty but in the end the customer is always right!!!

bad contracting and ripp offs

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: mike deline contracting

charged 50 percent more than originally quoted
demanded cash
1 week job turned into 3 weeks
hired extra people and made us pay
didn't finish the work to completion
threatened the owner of the home with physical harm after complaint
did shoddy work basement leaking afterwards that never leaked before
police called on him by owner after threat made of violence
damaged alot of our property while doing the work
would not reccomend hi at all
never never never
ripped off and going to court

banks stink

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Scotia Bank

Scotia secretly waited almost a whole year for my bank balance to reach a certain amout in order to"steal" what they said was owed to them. I complained that they caused me hardship and even involved the Ontario Banking ombudsman. They admitted the mistake and waived my monthly banking fees for a year.

Drink to your hearts content

Location: British Columbia, Burnaby
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Coca Cola

I bought a case of 8-pack cokes, and one of them started leaking when I was on my way home! My car stunk of Coke now. I called Coke customer service and expressed my displeasure in their packaging. They apologized profusely and sent me 10 coupons for free Coke!

bad meal from beginning to end

Location: Ontario, Etobicoke
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: tony romas

went for dinner
ordered coffee it arrived cold
ordered an appitizer
it never arrived
there were only 7 other people in the resturant
people who arrived after us had recieved their meals and eaten it before ours even arrived
we ordered an chicken diner and a rib dinner
they arrived the chicken dinner had the rib sides on it and you guessed it the rib dinner had the chicken sides
we told the server they were wrong and that we also didn't get the appitizer
he did offer to bring it to us now to eat with our meal
we declined
he took our meals away to correct
when he returned I complained about just how bad the whole meal had been from the very first thing we ordered
we were offered a free desert
so we ordered
and guess what
we were then told what we odered was out of stock
so much for the free desert
we were still charged the full price for our meal
I wrote to head office about my experiance and was sent a $50 gift certificate

Free Beer

Location: Ontario, Oshawa
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Bartender

Took forever to serve us the beer after we saw the pitcher poured and left sitting for a while. So once we got it we each filled our glasses, took a sip and complained it was flat. Got another pitcher for free (from a different employee)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of course...its got to be Future Shop....Should have known Better..

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Future Shop

Well, this is the story...sorry, its so long....
Initially, the whole thing started when I had brought my X-box in for repair on Dec. 15th. I was told that because it had been in for repair 3 times, this time it would be a replacement. I waited a few weeks and didn't hear back from them, which is unusual as as the longest I have waited for anything was a week and a half. So, I called them around the 6th of January. i did not get a response from them, as I got hung up on a few times, so I went to the store instead to find out. I was told that it was still at the depot. ok fine. A week later, still no response. I called again,(the11th) and was told that is was on its way back from the depot. A few days later I called again, (the 15th) and this time I was told that it was still at the depot being repaired. I told the lady I was talking to that I was told last week it was on its way back. All she could say was ''Well, I don't know" and hung up. It iwas now the 24th, and still I had no response from anyone.
So I finally emailed thier customer service, and the they got a hold of the store. 

The store manager emailed me this:
Hi there
I'm from downtown future shop I have tried to call, my name is Elaina we have received you x-box, there was no fault found on the x-box so we wouldn't be able to exchange the x-box. With our no lemon policy when we send it out for the 4th time they have to diagnose the x-box with a problem, and there has to be 3 other major hardware repairs. Your x-box is ready for you, you can come pick it up when you have a chance thank you.

No sorry for the wait of anything. To top it all off, its still was broken. I ended up buying a new one, because the warranty expired at the end of the month. my suspicion is they were going to wait all that time so they wouldnt have to replace it, and the warranty would expire.

Needless to say, I won't ever be dealing with them again.

Enbridge Gas (BBP)

Location: Ontario, St. Catherines
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Enbridge Gas

I went on an equal billing plan with my natural gas distributor, Enbridge, in Sept 09. They calculated my payment to be 85 dollars a month. In July 2010, I rec'd a final equal billing (called Budget Billing Plan) adjustment in the amount of 1060.00. They came out saying that they (Enbridge) had made an error in calcula...ting the amounts for consumers on the program to pay, and now they are demanding payment!! Ironically, on their FAQ page, for issues with the budget plan, they claim to have reviewed the numbers in this past year, and found everything to be just fine. Now, they are asking consumers to pay for their mistake. I have spoken to 2 people at the company, and am waiting for a third person to call me...someone from their consumer advocacy program. I have also filled out an online complaint form with the Ontario Energy Board, and have written to my Member of Parliament. I have not heard anything back as of yet.

Customer Service no: 1-877-Enbridge (362-7434)
Ontario Energy Board Online Complaint Form: http://www.errr.oeb.gov.on.ca/FeedBack/OEB_FeedBackForm.asp