Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bad meal from beginning to end

Location: Ontario, Etobicoke
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: tony romas

went for dinner
ordered coffee it arrived cold
ordered an appitizer
it never arrived
there were only 7 other people in the resturant
people who arrived after us had recieved their meals and eaten it before ours even arrived
we ordered an chicken diner and a rib dinner
they arrived the chicken dinner had the rib sides on it and you guessed it the rib dinner had the chicken sides
we told the server they were wrong and that we also didn't get the appitizer
he did offer to bring it to us now to eat with our meal
we declined
he took our meals away to correct
when he returned I complained about just how bad the whole meal had been from the very first thing we ordered
we were offered a free desert
so we ordered
and guess what
we were then told what we odered was out of stock
so much for the free desert
we were still charged the full price for our meal
I wrote to head office about my experiance and was sent a $50 gift certificate

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