Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chat Wit HP Customer Care Service

Location: Other, Phx
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: HP Customer Care Service

JJ is me and Trevor Is the HP customer Care REp

jj jj : Laptop crashed[An agent will be with you shortly.][You are now chatting with Trevor .]
jj jj : hi

Trevor : Welcome to HP Total Care for Notebook. My name is
Trevor and I will be your chat assistant for today. Please give me a few moments to review your issue description details.
NOTE: For security reasons, PLEASE DO NOT sends credit card information via chat.

jj jj : ok
jj jj : my laptop is not charging anymorejj jj : d
jj jj : Wat mus i do
jj jj : Are you there?

Trevor : Yes ,If I have understood the issue correctly,after turning on the notebook,all the lights on the keyboard are glowing,but there is no display on the screen.Am I correct ?

jj jj : no
jj jj : The laptop is not chargngjj jj : from the point of chargejj jj : there is no light comin therejj jj : and there is no life in the laptop

Trevor : The light on the port of the notebook is not glowing where the AC Adapter is connected,Am I right ?

jj jj : yes
jj jj : wat shud eb done?

Trevor : Do not worry. I will try my level best to resolve this issue by the end of this session.

jj jj : well i dont thnk u can
jj jj : its a hardware problem

Trevor : JJ,Please let me know whether you have tried with a different walljack ?
jj jj : yes we haveTrevor : Okay!
jj jj : Ya!

Trevor : Have you tried with different AC Adapter ?

jj jj : yes i have

Trevor : Your notebook is working fine with another AC Adapter.Am I right ?

jj jj : no, it is not working

jj jj : with any adaptor

Trevor : Okay!
Trevor : Do you feel that the port of the AC Adapter is loosed ?

jj jj : no its fine, but its not workin

.jj jj : ok

Trevor : JJ,I would request you to kindly confirm your Email Address

Trevor : Thank you for the confirmation.
Trevor : So if you are ready then I will initiate the troubleshooting steps, and I would first do the basic steps and do a quick power drain from the system, to ensure that the system hardware are running at its optimum capacity, if the system is infected with static then the hardware are stuck back if the hardware are not working to the optimum capacity, the software which are related these hardware will also have issues.

jj jj : well the laptop is not been working for more than 4 months now

Trevor : The process to do the static power drain is very simple.

jj jj : its kept on the shelf

jj jj : we have done that.

Trevor : Okay!
Trevor : Then in this issue,your notebook needs to be taken for service.

jj jj : Ya!!

jj jj : So wat to do next, Any idea? Wat are the chat rges?

Trevor : I have checked the warranty of your notebook.

jj jj : okay

Trevor : I am sorry to say that,your notebook is out of warranty.

jj jj : So how much is it to buy a extended warranty?

Trevor : Now your notebook needs to be taken for service.You will be charged $398 + applicable taxes.Within this cost all the shipping charge,service charge and labour charge will be included.A great news for you that you will get the 90 days free warranty within this cost.

jj jj : well wat am i gonna do with 90 day warranty
jj jj : wat wud the extended warranty cost

jj jj : I dont thnk the 90 day warranty is cost effective for 400 Plus

jj jj : i can get a new laptop

Trevor : Now your notebook is not eligible for the Extended warranty,as your notebook has already a hardware problem.

jj jj : well then i dont need it repaierd i can trash it

jj jj : Well the previous representative already told me that i m eligible, I just wanted to know the price

jj jj : i dont understand Y u representatives always have different opinions, and confuse us Customers

jj jj : Wat say now?

Trevor : If your notebook would have no hardware issue,then you can purchase the extended warranty.

jj jj : Anyways HP has given me enough of Trouble, Wud never ever suggest or my self buy any HP produc

tjj jj : Wat do u mean, I dont hv any Hardware problem. its a prob of urs

jj jj : u didnot call me and tel my warranty is over

jj jj : and I have to suffer now

Trevor : At first you will have to resolve this issue from your notebook and then you can purchase the extended warranty for your notebook.

jj jj : So hw much does the ext warranty come for another 500 probably u r literally making A big profit by fooling people, I will surely Complain on consumer portals about this

Trevor : JJ,I would like to provide you an example.

jj jj : Wat Ex you tell me the extended warranty cost, I shall hear ur examples later, I m no mood to hear all that.

Trevor : If a person is suffering from a severe disease,then he is not eligible for insurance.

jj jj : Thanks I dont need to hear ur Logic u tell wat i am asking i guess thts ur respinsib thn put ur logics tru

Trevor : I will surely help you with it

jj jj : Then Just stay on the TOpic Kindly

Trevor : What I meant was even if you purchase a extended warranty this particular repair will not be covered under that

jj jj : Then Wat wud be Covered?

Trevor : Since the notebook already has a hardware issue and if required repair, it would be a paid repaired

jj jj : Well wat does ur Warranty include Sir then Y u Asking Us to Get a Warranty

Trevor : The extended will cover hardware issue but that is when there is hardware issue being faced already on the notebook

Trevor : If the notebook was covered under warranty then it would be a free repair

jj jj : Well I dont Understand ur Logic. All the best for ur Ideas and logic!

Trevor : But once the notebook has a hardware you can go ahead and purchjase a warranty and get a free repair

Trevor : In that case you have to go for paid repair

jj jj : So ur Telling me I pay 400 and then pay 500 for extended waranty wh is lik 900 dollars

Trevor : I am sorry this is not any personal logic this is the policy

jj jj : do u thnk we are all fools sitting here pay 900 dollars for this crap HP I cud buy a gud laptop Better than HP

jj jj : Well, I shal look into it. Anyws Thanks for your Ideas!Not Very Good Customer Service~ Sorry Buddy !

Trevor : I am sorry that you felt that way
Trevor : We are not asking you to pay $900
Trevor : You only have to take care of the repair cost

jj jj : So then wat are thou requesting

Trevor : Had the notebook been in warranty it would have been free repair

jj jj : So after the repair wat gurantee its gonna b alive after the 90 days warranty I wud hv to buy Extended Warranty anyws

Trevor : I am sorry but technology is mercilesss

jj jj : Thanks!


Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Transportation

One day I was taking the 113 bus to get to my band's practice space and all the sudden, this bus driver made a stop right in front of Tim Horton's and came back with a cup of coffee and a donut. It happened during the rush hour, took almost 10 minutes for him to came back to the f***ing bus. Hello? This is Toronto and you were driving on Danforth Road. IN RUSH HOUR.

TTC stands for Take The Car.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tierrasanta Dental Crooks

Location: Other, San Diego
Industry: Health

I was put through numerous painful procedures over the course of several visits. Then I find out from my insurance company that the work was not medically necessary & they're denying the claims! But because all medical offices make you sign a financial obligation form, I'm screwed. So not only did I get a bunch of painful work done that I didn't even need, I get to pay for it too. It's the perfect scam! So I urge everyone to do their homework before ever trusting any doctor. Clearly a solemn oath means nothing to some people.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bob's Shoe Repair - "the most Honest business man ever...NOT"

Location: Other, Wayzata, MN
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: BOB

I had 2 pairs of shoes repairs by Bob, "the most honest business man around" as he told me he was after he tried to and successful ripped me off!!!!

The 1st pair cost me $37.00 and was for a full sole replacement and a rip repair in the side of the shoe. A week later the rip re-opened and I didn't actually get a "full sole repair", I got a half sole replacement - I foundo ut that when I got the second part done and when he ripped me off at the pick up!

The 2nd pair of shoes I had repaired required a new heel only. When I went to pick up my shoes, I had to pay $70.78 for a full heel replacement, full sole replacement and cleaning and the only thing I asked to be done was a heel replacement that cost under $37.00. I had no choice but to pay for the shoes and get ripped off, my husband needed them for work.

Bob the owner was unethical, unprofessional business man who had no problem looking me in the eye telling me how honest he was while he ripped me off!!!!!

He is a crook in my book! I got services that I didn't want and no way to get my shoes back without paying him. When he got my card he even made a smarta@! remark to me that he wouldn't charge me for the bag!

Do not go there for shoe repair, Bob's Show Repair in Wayzata, MN is a rip OFF.

The workmanship on the shoes was hotty and the customer service was horrible.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mike Faulkner - Owner of The Green Spot Pub - Is Abusive Toward Some Customers

Location: Other, Mt Pleasant, MI
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Mike Faulkner

The Green Spot Pub in Mt. Pleasant, MI (48858) is NOT a decent or friendly place if you enjoy playing Club KENO. The employees will treat you as though you are interrupting them and that you are some kind of an imposition to them. I play KENO often. The employees will leave you standing at the bar... waiting and waiting for them to run your bet slip. They will even tell you that they will not run your bet slips at all because they are "too busy."

Two nights ago (January 26) I lost $1,100. because an employee just looked at me while "gabbing" with the owner and some "chums" as the clock ran out on me for the draw on my 6 numbers. Their "do-it-yourself" KENO machine wasn't working! I had no choice but to have them use their machine behind the counter. When she felt like it, she came over to help me. By then the clock ran out while a new draw of numbers came in. My remaining bet slips ended up on the other side of the clock, costing me $1,100. ...but I said nothing about it and "took my lumps."

Then, today I was told by a Green Spot employee that she wasn't going to "do my bet slips" because it is a busy lunch day. That's when I left my drink on the table and walked out and went elsewhere.

Finally, on another day, I gave it one more try at the Green Spot just to see if their rotten treatment toward me was just a fluke. It is no fluke. I was told that my tickets could not be put through their machine because "customers" want drinks (which I was drinking one of those drinks). I asked her if she was the only one working. She said no, and then rudely yelled across the bar in a demeaning tone to get another employee to watch the bar while she ran my bet slips. She ran my tickets and then SLAMMED them on the bar counter and walked away... not a word of "thanks" or "good luck" ...NOTHING. It was quite obvious that I was "a problem" just for playing KENO, which the owner willingly accepted to offer the game to customers who patronize his place of business from the Michigan State Lottery.

The employees at the Green Spot have treated me like dirt for three weeks whenever I went there to play Club KENO.

The terrible behavior of the employees at the Green Spot is no fluke. It is encouraged and supported by the owner, Mike Faulkner. It is real and they mean to treat their Club KENO-playing customers that way all because they have to wait on you if you play Club KENO there. Their rotten attitude is no accident.

I called the owner on February 1st, 2010 and told him about the negative and abusive behavior of his employees. He cut me off and began defending them by telling me how he hates the Michigan State Lottery because they went from 7% to 4% in returns for lottery reimbursement. He told me that anyone playing Club KENO in his place is not going to be waited on. He values customers who buy food or drinks, instead. Well, I was buying food and drinks there, too! I even told him how I lost $1,100. because of their unwillingness to service Club KENO. He didn't care what-so-ever.

Therefore, I wrote a review (just like this one) and posted it on the internet. On February 11th at 2:00pm, I went into The Green Spot Pub and purchased a $5.00 ticket using their do-it-yourself machine. No one had to wait on me. I didn't speak to anyone at all.

Mike Faulkner approached me and asked me if I was the one who called him on the phone complaining about his business. I told him I was. He immediately told me that he wanted me out of his building and to never come back. He told me that he would call the cops if I didn't leave (which I was leaving... in between his yelling and going on about what a good business owner he is). Then he told me that he read my review on the internet. I said, "Oh... you liked that, huh? Good! I'm glad you liked it!" That's when he called me an asshole.

I told him he was an asshole, too... and I walked out.

I am not upset about being banned from The Green Spot Pub. I am glad never to return to the poor service establishment. What I am absolutely certain of, however, is that Mike Faulkner is in direct violation of Michigan Law under the Consumer Protection Act, and he insists on trying to victimize innocent customers (such as this incident) because he is angry and upset with the State of Michigan Lottery.

Mike Faulkner - the owner of The Green Spot Pub in Mt. Pleasant, MI has taken his anger and misdirected toward me. He has treated me in such a manner because he can not take responsibility for how he feels and wants to blame all others, including to go as far as he did in the situation as I described.

I would not recommend going to The Green Spot Pub in Mt. Pleasant, MI at 808 Mission Street. No way! Mike Faulkner handled this customer in the worst way and I have every right to expose his behavior and abuse. I do not owe Mike Faulkner anything. I used to be a customer, just like I am anywhere else. I currently play Club KENO at Chippewa Lanes in Mt. Pleasant, MI ...and they know about what Mike Faulkner did in my case. I told them all about it. My playing Club KENO at Chippewa Lanes is no problem AT ALL. They are happy to see me and we have a great time and we laugh and have a lot of fun! They are always happy to see me and they service the game-play of Club KENO the way the product/service of Club KENO is meant to be Reasonably Publicly Expected to be serviced by the business owner who offers it to their customers.

I am a customer. That is all I ever was... right up until Mike Faulkner chose to be an abusive business owner toward me because he is upset with someone else over an issue that I am not responsible for. Shame on Mike Faulkner - the owner of The Green Spot Pub at 808 Mission Street in Mt. Pleasant, MI - for treating his customers in the manner that he treated me.

Good Luck going to the Green Spot in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
...if you like risking being abused and experiencing lousy service!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Uptowns in Houma Louisiana! Boy, has that place changed for the worse!!

Location: Other, Houma Louisiana
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Employees and Group of Employees Friends

Well lets see.....first off they closed at 1:00. I was not happy about this. We had all just had refills on beer and was still playing pool. We were yelled at and cursed out, and was told by the bartender that she was tired from working and wanted to go home. But isn't that her job? Didn't she choose to work there? I am sure she knew it was a bar before she was hired. Well we did decide to leave, didn't even finish our drinks, while walking out never even looked at them and was yelled at some more. One of my friends was even called a fat b**ch, when she went to defend herself, the guy working there slammed his hand down on the table and was coming after us like he was actually going to hit us, a bunch of girls. Well two of my girls had to wait for there ride, so while waiting outside with them, the workers came out the bar. Once again we did not say anything to them first, as they drove by they were yelling and cursing at us. Even as they were a block down the road at a redlight, a guy was hanging out of the car saying he was going to come and kick all our a**, meaning once again us girls. I am 31 years old, I have been going there since I was 20. I even use to talk to the owner there and had friends that worked there years back. All I can say things changed, I have never been treated so rudely and with so much disrespect in all my life. I will not be returning, which is sad, because it use to be a nice place to go spend time with friends and play pool. Guess its time to find a new place to go. And maybe in the owners defense, he was not there. So maybe he doesn't know what really took place that night. So you decide if this is a good place of business and want to spend your money and time there.

Monday, February 1, 2010

im psd one comp crashed on me i managed to save it the other almost failed cause of them

Location: Other, tampa
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: the people who create the anti virus software CA

i installed ca plus internet suite onto my laptop and my desktop my laptop took the first problem it wouldnt boot up corrently for 5 hours i fixed that now to my desktop it constatly peaks up to 100% usage now glitches more and what not so doesnt my laptop the laptop was 5 x faster then the desktop now its worse and is slower i managed to get it off the laptop sense it is a newer model my deskotp may have to go under the sparks and go for a full sys restore cause of 1 frikn anti virus software lmao nice garunte up to 10k dollars of protection of ur ever hacked or identaty stolen but not worth th trouble even as a techy im struggling with this peace of crap software dont use it