Sunday, February 14, 2010

Uptowns in Houma Louisiana! Boy, has that place changed for the worse!!

Location: Other, Houma Louisiana
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Employees and Group of Employees Friends

Well lets see.....first off they closed at 1:00. I was not happy about this. We had all just had refills on beer and was still playing pool. We were yelled at and cursed out, and was told by the bartender that she was tired from working and wanted to go home. But isn't that her job? Didn't she choose to work there? I am sure she knew it was a bar before she was hired. Well we did decide to leave, didn't even finish our drinks, while walking out never even looked at them and was yelled at some more. One of my friends was even called a fat b**ch, when she went to defend herself, the guy working there slammed his hand down on the table and was coming after us like he was actually going to hit us, a bunch of girls. Well two of my girls had to wait for there ride, so while waiting outside with them, the workers came out the bar. Once again we did not say anything to them first, as they drove by they were yelling and cursing at us. Even as they were a block down the road at a redlight, a guy was hanging out of the car saying he was going to come and kick all our a**, meaning once again us girls. I am 31 years old, I have been going there since I was 20. I even use to talk to the owner there and had friends that worked there years back. All I can say things changed, I have never been treated so rudely and with so much disrespect in all my life. I will not be returning, which is sad, because it use to be a nice place to go spend time with friends and play pool. Guess its time to find a new place to go. And maybe in the owners defense, he was not there. So maybe he doesn't know what really took place that night. So you decide if this is a good place of business and want to spend your money and time there.

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