Monday, May 10, 2010

DELL made a mistake with laptop, asks me to pay for it

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Dell

I'm not certain what I should do:
a) just return the laptop and re-order
b) keep the laptop

Here's the back story.
Last month I ordered a new Studio 15 (model 1558) laptop. Bought it on sale. Paid just over a $1k for i5, 1Gb RAM, ATI 5470 1Gb, 1080p, Intel Wi-fi, 9cell batt. Really nice price I thought. It came in on friday.

I'm happy with the laptop. Everything is good and fine and exactly as ordered, except for the screen resolution. It came with 720p (1366x768). I ordered 1920x1080. I know that for a fact!

After going through hell with their support number (1.5 hours on phone, transferred 17 times), they won't admit they made a mistake. All they can offer is to accept the laptop back and for me to re-order. BUT it will cost $90 more for the screen that I ALREADY PAID for.

The CSR I spoke to didn't even have a clue what I'm talking about. Kept repeating that the size of screen is as I ordered: 15.6in. I SAID resolution. Not physical size, you idiot! He couldn't even clue in. How does he sell computers without knowing what he is selling. ARGHHHH!

Even my packing slip says:
Part # W389J - LCD 15.6in (HDF).
Checked with their tech support, "HDF" is acronym for Hi-Def Full (1080p). Where as HD is for 720p.

Googling for this part number brings up a few more cases of people getting 720p resolution where they expected 1080p. Seems like i'm not the only one. But Dell won't budge even with all the evidence.

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