Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Car service

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Automotive mv

I got a bad car service in Canadian Tire store located CenterPoint Mail, April 26 2008. I take oil changing service in this store for my Subaru Forest 1999. First, the advisor rejected my request for oid type, he told me using 5W30 olny, if 10W30 needed, I have to pay extra fee. Second, the technician has very bad skill. After his engine oil changing, 40 percent parts in the hood got oil. The engine got very dirty condition. The cap of a oil bottle lost in the engine as well. It took me a couple hours to clear my car.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sell sell sell - aritzia

Location: Ontario, Vaughan
Industry: Retail

The following was a "comment" i placed in the site; stating my in store experience:

I've always found Aritizia with one of the best customer services in the retail industry. However, I don't always feel that things are to the customer's benefit. I experienced the following last roughly a week ago; I wanted to get a top where the store was not able to find my size though the computer said the store had the stock. Therefore, I was asked to leave my number and they would call me once they find it or get ait transferred for me from another store. I waited the entire day, and I did not receive any call and the next day I went back to the store hoping they had found it. However, when I went there, the same lady who served me said that they have probably sold it and I should have called so they could put it on hold, when I was expecting them to call me back.
Now, I had to first purchase the top and wait for it to get transferred, which I don't really mind, ONLY because I was told it only going to take between four to five days. It's not been a week, and I call the store and learned that the time frame would actually take between five to ten days! I feel that I was lured to purchase the product at my inconvenience, since I've always believed a transfer of merchandise is supposed to make it more convenient for the customer. If I knew it would take such a long time, I would have just went to the other location and purchased it.
I liked the store associates/manager's service and attitude, but I did not like the feeling that I was being "tricked" because they were so conscious of their sales of the store (location). I made a purchase of $500, but regardless of that I believe all customers deserve honesty from a store....

Made the story shorter already..but yeah... did not like that feeling.

a bad store experience, with good customer service

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

McDonald's @ Kings Place Mall Sucks!

Location: New Brunswick, Fredericton
Industry: Restaurant
Company: McDonald's

I used to go there on a regular basis... being the only McDonald's in downtown Fredericton, there was no alternative to find my Big Mac / Quarter Pounder fix. I used to have an unhealthy addiction to these burgers, and I would always order bacon just to ensure an imminent heart attack.

@ this McDonald's, the customer service is terrible. The staff are painfully slow, almost meticulously and methodically slothful: not as though it were deliberate, but more like "Damn! I can't rush some with Downe Syndrome" slow. Sometimes I would wait at the counter for up to three minutes (that's 10% of my lunch time) while the staff moseyed and joked, or swept or wiped at greasy spots here and there. Don't let them fool you. They do not have a mental dysfunction, they are just poor employees.

When the chance occurs where they decide they have completed enough of their duties to squeeze my order into their busy routine, they get it wrong. Where is the bacon? Where are my double patties? I'm 99.9% certain I ordered two burgers (remember, the exact same order I gave you yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, ad infinitum), why is there only one? Here on the receipt, where it says 1 Big Mac (mit Bakon!) and 1 Quarter Pounder (altso mit Bakon!). What does dbl mean?

Once I'd managed to get them to initiate any adjustments or additions to my order, I'd have to wait even longer. The average visit to this junk hole would last me between 8 - 15 minutes.

I also feel compelled to point out that the hygiene of the staff there was questionable. It was the wiping of noses and coughing around the food that ultimately forced me never to return, not to mention some employees just seemed... gross.

I work in a customer service role. I do a good job, and when I don't I hustle to fix what I did poorly and make every possible effort to salvage the customer experience / personal integrity.

Thanks to this McDonald's, though, I have beaten my burger addiction, and have never visited another Golden Arches since. Sometimes on warm nights of introspection and ponderance, I like to imagine that these people I have dismissed as pathetic excuses for a labour force were really altruistic angels: feigning incompetence that they may save my life... thank you, gnarly toothed, mole faced, freaks!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

BBC Radio One Phone Prank

People have spent hours of their life on hold to this company, check out this phone prank by BBC Radio One and see how they put this company on hold.