Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Full pay for half my stuff.

Location: Other, internet
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: ebest24.com jewelry-diy.com

They only sent me half of the items I ordered from them. They also didn't sent a reseat or invoice with the order. Billed me for the hole order. When I email them about this there response was to say the less then helpful. Long and short of it they took me for the price of half the order + shipping.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Town ignorence

Location: Alberta, Barrhead
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Owner's rudeness

Hangerz was the store's name; a small, single store, that carried some very stylish clothes. I loved the store, and had bought a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise. The day I am complaining about, was like all previous visits...without incident. I tried on a pair of pants with two overlapping buttons, one was dangling by a thread. I decided on that pair for the size, went to the cash. i saw then, that the button was now missing. I retraced my steps, but didn't find the button. I went to the counter, and asked if there was a small discount, perhaps 10% for the 'incomplete item. a very young woman standing behind the salesclerk, riffled through a drawer, found a button, and slapped it down on the counter, and said, "There, a free button!" I was obviously perplexed by this, and she could tell. Then she added, "I'm sick of people trying to rip me off." I was insulted, and it went from there

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horrible Customer Relations

Location: Other, Douglassville
Industry: Insurance
Annoyed By: FastPro Restoration

In January the home ajoined to ours caught fire. As a result we had some smoke damage. FastPro was hired to clean our furnishings and pocessions. When our pocessions were returned we found the negligence regarding the manner our items were handled was less than exceptable.
Refridgerator was dented and scrathed with broken shelf and bent hinges, a deepfryer returned in numerous pieces, an entertainment center laying smashed flat on the ground, a NEW king size mattress torn, king size bed broken and black along the edges, vaccuum cleaner used to vaccuum their warehouse destroyed, fine china missing and/or broke along with many other incidents.
FastPro also made suggestions for us to put the blame to other companies or fireman. Our insurance adjuster has also witnessed the so called before and aftermath and agreed that it was negligence on FastPros part. The insurance also stated they would no longer use or recommend FastPros services in the Pottstown/ Collegeville areas.
FastPro refused to come and examine any of the claim mentioned along with complete denial.

Friday, April 17, 2009

bad service in bank

Location: Ontario, Ontarios
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Bank of america

Its simple. I was waiting for more than 35 minutes on the line before tha cashier attended me. Finally when I get the desk tha cashier told me: "Im sorry Im going to close this cashier please go to the next one". Could you imagine what happen with me? I was very angry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

false advertising of prices on items

Location: Other, Cardiff
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: sales person said i was wrong

The hairy bloke discount furniture store Cardiff is advertising prices on items which are extremeley misleading and then blaming you for not reading it in the way it was supposed to be read.

After complaining and asking for the manager was told to wait but could be a while as he was not around.

Do not shop here ever unless you want to argue over costs they have listed on the signs but will not give you

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bank of Montreal - bad customer service!

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Bank of Montreal

Called on numerous occaisions and left voicemails for important callback for my question to be answered. After visiting the branch a week later the manager apologized said they were busy, but still the same poor service as they sit me down with a brand new banking representative with little to no experience and could barely answer my questions in audible english.
What ever happened to customer service?

Maxxathlete (.com) Company Rips Off A FreeLancer

Location: Other, Manhattan Beach
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Maxxathlete (Manhattan Beach,CA USA)

Company: http://www.maxxathlete.com

A freelancer who was cheated on payment for work completed on behalf of Maxxathlete.

Payment was cheated implicitly by Maxxathlete in the company's failure to take responsibility and accountability for the misdeeds of an employee who subcontracted work to the freelancer and who later refused to make agreed payments backed by Maxxathlete.
Contract was initiated on Feb 2 2009. The work was initially estimated to last 3-4 weeks. I offered to work at 1-3K for the 3-4 week duration. The offer was accepted and work began.
The work lasted longer than the estimated duration for several reasons:
1) Employee offloaded work to me that he agreed to shoulder in order to meet the deadline
2) scope of the work was increased with the additional requirement to embed a database in the application.
At six weeks I produced a working software application which Maxxathlete currently possesses. I asked to be paid for the work done so far on March 27 '09.
Employee asked me a again to name a price for the work.
Having now a much better sense of the effort to produce the application I suggested a rate of 1.5K per week inviting the Employee to negotiate.
Rather than negotiating Employee asserted I was overcharging and refused to make payment even after I suggested to make any kind of payment.
Getting nowhere with the Employee I sought Maxxathlete's help.
As an outsider, not knowing anyone at Maxxathlete, I used the internet to find persons connected to Maxxathlete and ask if they can help me address 'An Internal Employee Conflict' by routing a message to appropriate persons.
Feedback came to me from the Employee that I only succeeded in creating a negative image of myself as a 'loud mouth and someone who is hard to work with' and insulting him and Maxxathlete.
Frankly, I see no reason to be embarrassed, no innocent person would, nobody who takes a stand against an injustice directed at them has cause to be ashamed.

Employee had successfully created an alibi creating an image of me as an unprofessional who makes adjustments to negotiated price and expects to be paid the new rate.
I was convinced of this because when response finally came from Maxxathlete.
It was inflamed and carried the prejudice of the 'unprofessional who changes the bid'.
I made clear the fact that at no time in my communications with the Employee did I make demand on a particular price rather I demanded that the Employee make some kind of payment for the work that produced an application which he currently possesses.
Maxxathlete, made a budget offer that failed to take into account the additional scope of work I had undertaken. An arbitrary 2K which I was told was non-negotiable.
One reason for the flame is that I had sent request for oversight on the Employee's failure to honor a contract to 5 persons, which in Maxxathlete's mind is too many. I explained to Maxxathlete that I acted with urgency because I had depleted my own resources for the six weeks and asked Employee for relief and he refused leaving me to go on with little to no money.
In this condition I was forced to accept the offer. I made this known to Maxxathlete on April 2. We had been communicating via Email. I sent several emails on April 3 and 4 and even on IM where Maxxathlete contact told me I could find him.
To date no response. Maxxathlete has not followed up, it appears that Maxxathlete has no intention to pay me for the product of my work which they currently possess.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Location: Ontario, richmond hill
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: waitress

Recently I took my daughter to the new eggsmart location at Elgin mills/Bayiew.We had to wait So long to be seated,also there WAS an empty table in the corner(when I asked this waitress about it,she said she had "forgotten"about that one).

We sat down,and I realized that there was a very powerful breeze coming through a door length 1 inch wide space between the door,and the frame.I asked the waitress if we could move seats,we changed ,and there was no issue.However,the fact that we ordered the simplest meal,two orders of scrambled eggs ONLY,and toast...thats it.It took us 45 minutes and..I had had one coffee,and two refills...We finally got our order,they screwed up the order,gave us scrambled eggs with homefries,and instead of my daughters eggs(the smaller order)having cheese,the larger order had cheese on it).I sent back the homefries,and just dealt with the white toast instead of brown.

When I got the bill,I finally had enough,I was waiting to pay,and was being ignored.I then asked the waitress why the meal had taken SO long,to which she replied"It's Busy!!)I then told her that waiting almost one hour for two orders of scrambled eggs and two orders of toast was rediculous,she very rudly explained to me that the kitchen will not give orders out of turn,even though we had ordered something relatively simple,that would have taken simply 3 or 4 minutes.I have worked in kitchens before,and i know that one needs to multitask to get the orders out,If asimple order that is quick comes in,get it out.

I have been to ALLENCOURT restaurant many times,and had extremly fast ,happy friendly service EVERY time,it is ALWAYS busy there,and I get my food in a timley fashion every time.
Anyway I told the lady that the service was terrible,and that It should't ever have taken that long for that order,she was very rude,and started arguing with me quite loudly,with no appoligy at all.

I told her just let me pay so i can leave,and I told her that we would never come back.As I left I could see the waitress talking about us with all the employees,and kitchen staff,and other restaurant patrons looking at us through the window.
Little did they know that others around me were nodding their heads in agreement while I was complaining about the service,and the man infront of me said "Yeah,really"

There are LOTS of resaurants around that serve beakfast hot,and FAST,don't waist your time there...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Attack to a minor at Fontana Express Car Wash!

Location: Other, Fontana ca
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Person who argues to be Manager and owner

This is the lest unprofesional carwah there is in California. My son went to get his car wash, and the machine broke, he then politely ask for his money back, because he did not wanted his car washed with bucekts! the lady that argue to be th owner and manager, refuse to give the money back; and began to offend him infront of the other customers. The police hd to come become she also refuse to give the keys back to him, and we are curently in the pocess of getting taking legal manners. Dont ever go there!