Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CUPE Sucks

Location: Ontario, Toront
Industry: Government
Annoyed By: CUPE Toronto and Windsor

CUPE - Canadian Union of Public Employees - is a disgrace to Canada. This outdated union of mostly uneducated labourers (many of whose jobs can be done by robots!) is clamouring about how "unfairly" it is being treated. Well, it is being treated better than almost every citizen of Toronto or Windsor. These strikes are holding us hostage, and are basically civil terrorism!

Stinking, greedy, grasping pigs.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bella lina cruz salon has a nasty owner!

Location: Other, Winter garden, Florida
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: owner! Jose Cruz

Well, u'd think an owner would be friendly?? This one actually abuses his power, he's very nasty, rude and is always angry! He made me wait and acts like he never wants to do my hair! He's racist!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Use Teleflora If Your Don't Actually Want Your Flowers!

Location: Other, US
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Teleflora

I order flowers for a birthday two days in advance, and they were not delivered--period. Not a call from Teleflora, nothing. I finally asked the recipient how she liked them, and she said "What are you talking about". How embarassing. I call customer service and give them the order number. They tell me that order number is for a different delivery. I told them check it again. This time they agree. They don't know the problem, only that the florist they gave it to did not do the job. So they offer to resend the arrangement, two days late. I tell them this is the first time I have used Teleflora, as I always use FTD. No response. They don't care. So, the moral here, is what you want it delivered for an occasion, use another service. TELEFLORA--you are a terriblew company!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Future Shop/Best Buy

Okay, so I understand you want your voices to be heard. Please....let us hear them!!

As a Customer Service manager of a large electronics retailer I have seen almost anything, from the regular malfunctions, to the PB&J stuck in the machines. We usually can do something for you though. Stop going onto the internet and complaining!! On your receipt there is a customer service survey, hit there first. Give it a week and if they don't help, call the 1-800# . It's that simple. And if it still doesn't help, maybe just step back for a second and ask if you're being a total moron in your problem.

Wal-mart = low prices + awful customer service

Location: Ontario, Milton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Wal-mart Milton

Sure, Wal-mart has the lowest prices but they also have the lowest grades in customer service. They place a lot of importance on offering the same products as their competitors for cheaper but not enough emphasis on how to provide good customer service.

It was some time in the first couple of weeks of the new year, when many people are returning merchandise to the stores after over-spending for the holidays. Of course, there was a line-up at Customer Service. I was simply there to use the handy Western Union service they offer to send money to the U.S. I got a form, completed it at the desk and then went back in line to where my sister held my spot.

We finally got up to the front and the lady at guy at the desk anxiously looked at the Western Union form in my hand and then replied that he didn't know how to put those through so I would have to wait for the other lady to return. So I stood there and waited and then she returned, was told what I wanted to do and then proceeded to do what she was doing. A minute later, she tells us that the machine isn't working and that she is waiting for someone to come in and fix it. Did you think that maybe it would have been helpful to tell me that before you wrote on your paper so that I wouldn't waste any more time after having waited in your super long line-up?? So I asked her when I could return to do my transaction and she plainly said, "I don't know, I don't know." Perhaps you could put a sign up to tell people that the machine isn't working so that they don't waste their time filling out forms and waiting in line to be told this.

Thanks, Wal-mart Milton. Not only is your team slow but they are also not helpful in any way. Completely useless.

Lousy Zara employees obviously don't want a job this recession

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Employees at the Toronto Eaton Centre Zara

Obviously, Zara employees at the Toronto Eaton Centre don't know ANYTHING about customer service nor do they understand that the fact that they have a job is thanks to loyal customers like myself. They do, however, know exactly how to lose the customers they have left.

Imagine this, it's closing time on a Sunday evening and you've got 30 seconds to take advantage of the awesome sale going on at Zara at the TEC. It's got your name written all over it. Fabulous shoes, cute little dresses, snazzy belts... all at the crazy starting price of $19.99. We all know what a good bargain means during a recession like this one so naturally, there is a huge line-up for check-out amidst the messy clothes piles all over the store.

I worked in retail not too long ago, during the Christmas season, Boxing Day, any holiday of the entire year, you name it... all filled with crazed sale-seekers. I know what it's like to be left with the enormous piles of clothes in the fitting rooms; the never-ending line-up that you must check out quickly and efficiently; even got the occasional scolding as the cashier. But there was never a time that I yelled at a customer nor did I ever speak in a condescending way (at least not to their face). That's the sort of thing you save for recovery chit-chat with your co-workers after the store is closed.

Today I witnessed something completing appalling as a sales associate yelled at a customer who walked into the store 2 minutes after they had closed the gates half-way. I'm not defending what the customer did because I know I hated the lingering customers after closing. But first of all, the gate is HALF-way down! If you don't want people coming in, you station someone at the door to kindly say that the store is now closed and will re-open again tomorrow morning. I used to have that nasty job of turning people away... and I know it can be done. Secondly, I believe there's a more civilized way of telling someone that the store is closed. This sales associate at Zara said to an incoming customer, "Excuse me, the store is actually closed now." And the customer, as wrong as she was, said, "I know." This is where the sales associate responded loudly for everyone to hear, "Excuse me, it's not "I know". It's that the store is now closed", accompanied with the bi*chiest expression she could manage.

Prior to that encounter, she unabashedly and sternly told browsing customers that the store is closed, as well as the fitting rooms. She might as well have commanded us all to put down our items and walk out of the store. I certainly did.

I am a goddamn paying customer. I work as hard as they do to make my money. If I want to be yelled at, I would defy my parents every chance I got and then head home for the scolding. She didn't speak directly to me that way but I was shocked by the way that other customer was treated.

If you want to lose your customers, Zara, please continue to employ lousy, miserable, useless sales associates who are not helpful in any way and encourage them to yell at the scarce number of shoppers out there during the recession. No matter how good of a sale you're putting on, there is no way I'm spending my hard-earned cash at your store to be treated with no respect... or to stand there and watch someone else be treated like crap. Don't forget that you're still in business because people like me are spending money in your stores. Unbelievable. What a disgrace and sadly, this is not the first I've heard of the horrible customer service at Zara at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Location: Other, Toledo, OH, US
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: RALLYS fast food

Myself and I'm sure the others in drive through had a horrible experience at Rallys in Toledo Oh, on Airport hwy and Byrne rd., waited 20-25 mins for food at a fast food place only to be told have the employee tell me they have two people working and have the drive thru window slammed in my face after complaining about wait time, after blowing the horn like a maniac finally getting the manager at the window asking what the problem and deliberately giving me the wrong restaurant number to file complaint

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Horrific Customer Service Experience - Does Adobe Care

Location: Other, Falls Church, VA
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Adobe

I have been a loyal Adobe customer for 10 years. In good faith, I attempted to upgrade from CS3 to CS4. I checked my upgrade eligibility, and everything looked good. Then, when I tried to install CS4, it didn't recognize my CS3 serial #. Why? Apparently because it was from Windows, and I was switching to Mac. Not that the Adobe website bothered to provide any clear warnings that switching from one OS to another required jumping through additional hoops at Adobe.

Anyway, I called Customer Service and got a CSR in India with a difficult accent and a bad script. In the course of the conversation, I learned that I could not upgrade - oh wait, that I COULD upgrade, if I just called sales on Monday. The CSR couldn't give me the price for upgrading to a new OS - but when pressed, she assured me that it wouldn't cost anything extra than what I had just paid. And of course, if I wanted a refund for the product I just purchased - thanks to Adobe's failure to provide clear instructions on its website - then I'd have to fill out some sort of letter, the name of which I couldn't understand because the accent of the CSR was incomprehensible.

When I asked the CSR if she could just email me instructions, she said no. Then she said yes. Then she said some other office would email me instructions (which I still have not received). And to be sure to call sales.

God help me if sales is offshored to some equally incomprehensible accent.

I have already wasted a good amount of time and energy on this. And the truth is: I have absolutely no sense that Adobe even cares. They're big. We're small. They can do whatever they want. They can walk all over good loyal customers because they have good products. They don't have to care about word of mouth. They don't have to care about us.

All I want is my upgrade. I did not want this drama or this frustration or having to run around getting a refund... and all while I'm recuperating from an injury that limits my mobility.

What Adobe should do:

1) Provide CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON THE ADOBE WEBSITE regarding upgrades. If someone clicks on a Mac upgrade, don't just say they're eligible if they have CS3. Say that they're eligible if they have CS3 on a Mac. And tell them clearly that if they want to switch OS, please contact sales. I mean, is it REALLY THAT HARD to make the system usable?

2) Adobe makes enough money to bring its contact center back into the US. Stop trying to cut corners with bad, incomprehensible, offshored service.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Snapdollars is a waste of time

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: the support people

I am not sure if any of you are aware of a site called snapdollars dot com but they pay you to read emails and for signing up for offers. I have been a part of this site for over a year. I completed an offer, and never got credit for it, so I opened a support ticket. I was finally credited but this took a while to show up on my account page. When I opened the support ticket and asked how long this would take, my question was not answered instead "Jen" kept writing that it was credited to my account, but was not showing on my account page. I checked the next day and it was there. Now when you request a payout, you can get a cheque or have funds transferred to a bingo web site. I chose the bingo site as I love to play bingo online. After making my request I waited and still no funds into my bingo account. Again I had to open a support ticket and asked how long it took to get the funds into my bingo account. The same person "Jen" replied and told me cheques were issued on the 25th of the month. Now I am really steamed by this point as it is obvious that this "Jen" can't or doesn't even read the questions. The customer service on this site is PATHETIC!! I sent an email to them telling them that I was not impressed with their service and the problems I had. I still haven't received a reply from them at all. What a waste of time, and they are slower than the second coming of christ! I wouldn't recommend this site to my worst enemy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ink Daddy is a no good daddy!!!!!!!!

Location: Northwest Territories, Los Angeles
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Ink Daddy

On May 13, 2009 I placed an order for ink cartridges for my Epson printer. I ordered a three pack in cyan, yellow, and red for $29.99, and one black for $12.99. My order totaled $42.98, less shipping. When I installed the cartridges, my computer gave me an error message saying that the cartridges were not compatible with my printer. Now, the cartridges LOOKED like Epson cartridges; they had the name on them, but no matter what I did, I could not get them to work. So, I called Ink Daddy for assistance. I kept getting their voicemail. I left 6 messages. I emailed them a total of 6 times. I did receive one email back, asking me what kind of printer I had. Since then, I have not had any contact from them. I decided to return the cartridges to them with delivery confirmation. I went to their website, which is now
mysteriously "under construction". All their phone numbers are disconnected. I have yet to recevive a refund of my money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH INK DADDY!!! their addresses are: 4825 Davis Lane, Austin, TX 78749, 1437 Highland Drive #205, San Marcos, TX 78666

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ever been called rude, childish, and told to grow up by customer service rep!?

Location: Other, Sarasota, FL
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Ken

The reason for my review is this quoted email I received from CUSTOMER SERVICE of OMEGA DISTRIBUTORS regarding my Omega 8006 purchase/refund:


Thank you for your email! We spoke on the phone yesterday about the companies efforts to make the back order system better for future customers yet you still run around spreading bad news. This doesn't make any sense and we as a company are shocked you would be so childish and so rude. Grow up!!!


A little background: I was in the market for a brand new juicer, and willing to spend the $$ on a good one. I finally found the Omega 8006 and it was love at first sight. I thoroughly did my research for 3 weeks before buckling and forking over the cash.

When I did, I found http://www.omega8006ju... which had the best deal of free shipping (the juicer is 10+ lbs) and no tax @ $299. I was DELIGHTED. I immediately placed my order, and was even further impressed by the quick response time I received an email with an invoice. My bank account was also immediately debited, and I thought I was well on my way to receiving a new juicer in about a week or so.

Here's the twist:

After a few days of not hearing about shipment, I was concerned with the holiday approaching that I wasn't going to be available to receive my package! So I call up Omega Distributors and they tell me it's backordered until July 14, 2009 (this was yesterday June 30, 2009). On the phone, they say we'll make a note to tell the company to notify future customers. This left me very unsettled.

So they took my money AND didn't notify me that my wait time just increased by another 2 weeks, nor were they GOING to notify me.

So I proceeded to write an email to customer service detailing everything I just discussed and asking for a full refund. I also continue to tell them that if I had been notified about the backorder up front, I would've been fine waiting the additional time. I provide them with an article: "The Psychology of Waiting Lines" by David Maister http://davidmaister.co... which we covered in my Operations Management MBA class.

And finally I tell them that not only did they lose a sale, but also statistically, I will tell at least 10 people of the bad experience I had, simply because I was not notified. So far I had told 6 after knowing about the backorder for 5 hours.

And the opening quoted email was the response I received. Needless to say, I found my juicer elsewhere

Why Oh Why did I change to Rogers !

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Rogers

This is my FIRST day with Rogers. I just signed up for phone/internet/tv and already regret my decision to leave Bell. I noticed my internet is slow so I tried to upgrade online (since there was a $10 offer to do it online) but my screen just spun. Then I received an automated call asking me to rate today's installation and report any problem. I punched in not happy with internet and was told someone would call me. They did, but the 'security question' was what is my Postal code and the rep said I gave the wrong answer. Funny because when I log in it's fine. He said he couldn't help me and then put me on hold...and never came back. The lack of care and attention to detail is beyond poor customer service. I regret signing up with them. If you can stick with Bell.

Yolanta Cwik