Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lying Unethical Sales Associate at Future Shop

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Jay md

My boyfriend bought the MacBook Air for me as a x'mas gift and he had actually been around a couple of Future Shops and found the last one in stock (or so they say to be the last one). The sales guy, Jay was nice to show him the Mac Air and explained to him why the box had been opened. My boyfriend asked Jay several times whether he was sure that the computer was brand-new which Jay promised it was. Later when I received it and I realized after five minutes that there was a battery failure. The first place I went to was Apple Store and the people there told me that it is a failure in battery and that they would replace it for free, however when the Apple staff heard that I got it as a x'mas gift she thought it was very weird because once she typed in the serial number she saw that the product was already purchased back in APRIL, and to top it off, it was sold from a BEST BUY shop and that the person had probably returned it to a Future Shop or something! I got so upset that I just wanted to rush back to the same Future Shop store and speak to the manager, however since they are on boxing week sales they they are not accepting any returns so right now I am still waiting!

I can't believe they are so unethical!

Blame it on God!?

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Transport
Annoyed By: American Airline reticketing-counter rep.

My friend, K was supposed to leave Toronto yesterday morning and head to JFK (New York), and then later on catch a flight to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the weather condition became very bad and her flight got canceled so then she tried to get help at the AA reticketing counter.

To make a long story short, my friend went from one counter to another and then this lady who was already K's sixth attempt was not much hope either. While K begged for her help, she refused because she said there isn't anything she could do, especially when her ticket was rather "complicated" (as she was traveling with a "around-the-world-ticket). Eventually the poor girl started to get tears (she has already been at the airport for 4-5hours at that time), and instead of being sympathetic, the sales rep says (with an attitude of course), "don't cry, it's not the end of the world, we should thank god that we are all alive!!". K was obviously very shocked and upset when she heard that and she told them that it's their responsibility to help her solve the problem and she is relying on them to do so, however her response was, " don't blame me for the weather condition, blame it on god, it's in his hands, and if you don't stop crying I'll CALL THE SECURITY, then you won't be going anywhere!" Can anyone believe this?! K was actually being threaten here!

At the end the only thing they could do was to book her on a flight three days later and there was no guarantee that she was going to get on a flight from JFK to HK. But that was the only thing they were willing to do. On top of that, K saw that these other passengers behind her got rescheduled for a flight earlier than hers! When K calmed down she spoke with that rep again and told her that her attitude was very inappropriate and she should not have treated a customer or a person like that in general, and the rep's reaction was, "Yeah, this IS my attitude, either you like or not".. what kind of customer service is that?! The story is still way longer, but I believe all of you are able to feel the frustration. We depend on the airlines to help us when unexpected incidents occur, but instead K was being penalized when they are not handling their customers accordingly!

If you don't like your job, then just sit at home and rot, why have this grudge against people who are actually victims?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

When good sites likes this are used for wrong reason

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Dec 20 telephone repair complainer

Its one thing to get lousy service and God knows we have all had losers and people that took there bad day out on unsuspecting customers.

We complain and we have every right to.
But when someone goes after a service man by last name.. wow that is just vengeance and rude.

Which tells me it is easy to file a BS complaint about an Ex-boyfriend or about someone that refused to put in Free cable line, etc.... and get away with ruining there reputation.

So complain about Telus service (I sure do) and about "Jack at 12pm on Dec 20" but using last names? LOL you are out for blood and it will come back to you two-fold when someone is pissed off at you someday.

BTW how can I tell this is a personal dig? Telus does not give out last names of workers.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Queen's Pastries MOLDY

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Manager

I went to Queen's Patisserie and bought a cake on Nov 19th 2008 for a birthday party on nov 19. Party went well, we sang a birthday song and cut the cake. The cream was fresh and we served the first slice of cake, the cake fell onto its side and the bottom of the cake was moldy. Everyone examined the cake bottom and it had mold everywhere. No one ate the cake, we put the slice of cake back into the box. The next day Nov 20th we went back to Queen's Patisserie and asked for a refund. The manager refused a refund for the moldy cake and instead informed us that she doesn't know what we did to the cake to make it moldy and if we left it out side. She was only willing to give us a credit note for the cake. We were extremely unhappy with this, so we informed the manager that we do not want the credit not, if she isn't going to refund our money for the moldy cake, we will keep the cake and bring it to the health inspection department and have them do a funny investigation. For everyone that wants to buy cakes here, I strongly recommend that you inspect the bottom of the cake before eatting it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

TD Bank

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: TD telemarketers

I am so sick and tired of TD bank calling every single f**king day just to tell me about their services. If I have a question, I will goto my branch and ask.
I already told them that I do not want to be contacted if there is a promotion or new service coming up.


Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Crappy dude working in retail

I walk in the store with one thing in mind. A tablet for my trip to Japan, I was planning to use it for writing some Japanese characters so i can practice my writing.

I am lucky that I am a tech kinda guy , having built my computer from scratch a few years earlier. I did some research online and I figured I wanted a certain HP model and not its predecessor. I walked over to the laptop + computer section , waited around 5 minutes for someone to help and no one came. I thought this was usual with staples being in such a big building and all so I walk over to the counter and I ask someone to come over to help me, he says he will be over right away. I walk back to the laptop section and around 10 minutes later , a lanky guy with extremely bad breath (it was around 2 so I guess he had lunch) came over. I asked for the laptop that I wanted. He told me about another laptop and I said no, I want the laptop I came to buy. After 1 WHOLE hour (i arrived at 2 and left at 3:20) of arguing about why I didnt want the laptop he was offering me (he kept asking "Why dont you want it" and "Whats wrong with it") I told him I was going to walk out unless you sell it to me. He agreed and he checked the back, he had one that was opened (there were 3 footprints on the box). I said I cant accept this and he again asks why, why why why why why. I tell him "thank you very much" and walk out the store, seeing as how I dont need to provide an explanation on this used computer.

In the end, I went back the next day, another employee came and spent around 30 minutes discussing the undesired laptop and finally admitting to no stock and that I should check the Markham Staples.

Waste of my life.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exploded I-Pod

Location: Ontario, Scarborough
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Future Shop

I recieved an I-Pod Video as a gift and decided to purchase the extended warranty since I didn't want to end up with an expensive paperweight once the manufacturers warranty ran out.

It broke twice, had it repaired twice (both times for the same problem: pegs weren't aligned so the I-pod couldn't charge), took forever to get it back both times, but that was it. When I got it back after having the I-pod repaired for the THIRD time (it kept freezing) I noticed a strange marking on the inside of my screen (it looked like a faint oil slick) but I didn't think much of it. When I turned on my I-Pod I noticed that it was full of music and an entire television series (which contained some VERY inappropriate material) which made me a bit skeptical of where they had it sent out to be repaired.

The final time it broke (just days after I got it back) I had the I-pod inside a case, in the pocket of my empty backpack (protected, secured, safe) as I went out. I came back and put it on my bookshelf. When I went to charge it I noticed that it had burst. The front faceplate had burst outwards and obviously the screen had broken. I took it to Future Shop and they refused to fix it saying that there was external damage to the device and that I must have dropped it. I insisted that the external damage was caused by something inside of it exploding outwards (since I had taken such precautions to protect it), but the representative refused to even look at it after seeing the broken screen.

So despite paying $100 for the warranty, and after it breaking 4 times, I'm stuck with a very expensive paperweight.

The worst part: The oil slick spot that I noticed when I picked it up after being repaired for the 3rd time, is right where the screen ended up breaking.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fridgidaire "free" dryer rack

Location: Other, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Industry: Manufacturing
Annoyed By: The company/customer service

I bought a pair of Fridgidaire front load washer/dryer from Best Buy USA. The literature included in the washer/dryer instructions advertised a "free" dryer rack for $5.95 to be sent to you in 3 weeks. I mailed the check the same day I bought the appliances July 21, 2008. Today is Dec 11, 2008 and I still have not received the "free" dryer rack after multiple calls and e-mails to their customer service.

Here is the litany of e-mails back and forth:

Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances. We apologize for the delay in response, but we are not able to track the dryer rack orders. To do this, you would need to contact 1-800-599-7569. Thank you.

Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 10:31:02 AM
Subject: Re: Re:Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay

I contacted the 877-435-3287 number on the same day I sent you the e-mail and I was assured that someone would get back to me with the status of the issue. I still have not heard from anyone and I have not received the
"free" dryer rack. What kind of customer service does your company run? I have spoken to the following individuals and none have been able to provide any
> assistance: Nelson Employee #G02944, Jerry Employee #ES0163, Amy, Employee #77062. They all have stated that they will call me back and not such thing has ever occurred. Again, if you are not going to send the rack then I need a refund of the money that I sent for this "free" rack.

Robert W.
From: <>
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 5:30 PM
Subject: Re:Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay

Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances.We do apologize about the experience you are having with your dryer rack.Please call us
877-435-3287 so that we can assist with sending the rack to you.
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 2:23:06 PM
Subject: Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay
A new Customer Services document has been sent to you from the Lotus Notes
Database \'Customer Services\'.
You should reply to the customer and not to Customer Services. The customer
is Robert
with email addresse ( reply to this addresse)
Country: USA
Topic: Major Appliances
First name: Robert
Message Title: Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay
I bought a set of front load washers and dryer from Electrolux through Best Buy on July 21, 2008. I sent in a Check to cover the shipping of the "free" drying rack. The Tracking number is 290829690 and it was received at the rebate center on 08/02/2008. Today is November 24, 2008 and I still have not received the "free" dryer rack. I have called the rebate center
multiple times times starting in September, 2008. First, I was told that it was shipped and no tracking number was supplied when I asked for it. I then called again and I was told they would re-ship it and I should get it in 15 days, that was over 30 days ago. I called today and I was told that it was never shipped to any customers because there were none to ship. What is the truth? If the "free" dryer rack is not going to be shipped I need a
refund of the money sent in, otherwise, I need the dryer rack shipped RIGHT NOW! I am extremely dissatisfied with the service your Rebate center provides and their lack of follow up and tending to customer satisfaction.

wrong name wrong victim

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: CIBC

CIBC kept callign my house, my cell phone, my parents home about defaulting payment to credit cards. they were rude to my parents on the phone, they treated them liek they were the parents of a criminal.

the kicker?

i dont have any CIBA accounts whatsoever. NOTHING. i called them repeatedly askign them why they keep calling me, apparently they confused me with someone who shares the same name.
we corrected this but i still ended up with these calls. not only that but they contact the credit bureau and this has resulted in affecting my credit history.
although they finally stopped calling, finally realized i share the same name as the person they are looking for (although different age, different SIN) they could not offer to do anything about the credit bureau charges. they offered me their services for premium account at no charge.
yeah right. definitely not going to bother with them

lies, lies, and patronizing behaviour

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: ROGERS

i was moving so i called rogers to cancel my internet. rogers told me (very kindly) that they could transfer my account to my new apartment and this would save on activation fees etc. i all needed to do was wait for the cable guy to stretch a cable. no more info. was needed. FANTASTIC.
my first bill arrives i pay it
this continues until aug when i noticed my bills keep increasing... strange this isnt a phone plan... is it not fixed? maybe it was the late fee from the previous month because i paid online and the processing days made the payment late...
my bill is almost 200 something... at the same time i get a check from rogers giving me back 77.
mid sept my internet gets cut. i assume it was because i had been downloading too much and the extra costs were because of bandwidth... and now they cut me perhaps i was downloading too much?
anyhow i call rogers to cancel my internet.

turns out, according to rogers i had not paid my bill since april and the amount was culmulative of the summer and they cut my internet not because of download or usage but because overdue payments.

wait a second. so where has my money been going all these months? p.s. as each month the amoutn rises, me stupid enough to assume it's due to over usageon bandwidth paid willingly.
not to mention they were giving me such attitude, liek i was the dumbest person on earth.

the prob:
it turns out that rogers did not transfer my account as promised, they created a new account and closed the old one. HOWEVER this means the account on the invoice is different. I have prepaid authorization. Nobody told me I would have to change account numbers, not to mention this affected my credit. AT no fault of mine! had i known i needed a new accoutn number i would of just cancelled and gotten a new account.
anyways the rogers rep. told me that i had been paying to a closed account and they could NOT transfer to money to my new account and i cannot close my new account until it is paid for. i was not going to give more money to rogers until i got my money back from the closed account. they told me i would have to physically go to a bank branch and an investigation of 2 weeks would take place.
what about my credit? oh and did i mention they were going to charge me an extra 75 dollars to reinstate my internet account that was cut due to poor paymnets ALTHOUGH I HAD PAYING - just to the wrong account.
the next day i called back, a much nicer and more helpful rep. ended up transferring my credit to the new account, offered to give me a months free internet for all the hassle i endured.
they dont train their reps. they only tell them to keep customers, keep their money, dont offer any help.
im glad im moving to a more tech. advanced country where there is no monopoly on such things.

What will you do if it happens to you @ Destiny BBT???

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Destiny BBT mv

Extracts from "COCKROACH special at DESTINY Tea and Cafe Lounge" Facebook Group:

Long story but I will try to keep it short and clear, high-lighted the important part. We did what we have to do and thinking if further action is needed.

Last night after dinner, me and 2 of my friends decided to chill @ Destiny as we didn't want any alcohol. We ordered some drinks snack, also bought a deck of cards for $2 and play. Half an hr later, 2 more friends arrived. It took us like 10 mins to get a waitress come by to take orders. 15mins later the drink arrived, 1 of the drink is a steaming Hot Chocolate.

The girl have a couple sips, and decided to add sugar in it. When she stirred the drink, 2 chocolate chunk floated up. And guess what, it's NOT chocolate chunk. It's NOT 1 but 2 Cockroaches in it. See pictures below.

To find out what happen next, join the group below and share it w/ your friends, let them know~!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The store owner offered to come to my work, make a STINK and swear in front of my employees!

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Canadian Tire Owner - Cameron md mv

Updates on Dec 11, 2008: Please find the voice message from Cameron below:

I was at the Canadian Tire at 7650 Markham Road in Markham Ontario. I went to the self-checkout to pay for 3 sets of 2-way radios (a work purchase). The customer service rep took my receipt and wanted me to pull out my wallet and show her my credit card. I asked why and was told that she had to confirm the last 4 digits of my credit card with the number on the receipt (keep in mind my self-check terminal was the second-closest terminal to her terminal). I told her I wouldn't give her my card unless she showed me the POLICY that documented such actions or if she showed me her credit card. She explained she had to do it for all purchases over $200. I asked to speak to a manager who could provide me with a copy of the policy. An assistant manager was not able to provide me with a copy of the policy. Again, I said either I leave or someone shows me the policy or their credit card. Side note: I once had my debit card compromised and I vowed to take every step to avoid such an upleasant and violating experience to ever occur again. A manager came and was very confrontational. We were both creating a "scene" and I absolutely refused to provide my credit card without seeing a copy of the policy.

The manager explained that any order over $100 was subject to this policy. I asked again to be presented with the policy since there was now confusion on the dollar amount - is it $100 or $200??
The manager then told me that the policy was from the corporate office - A LIE !I retrieved my receipt with the corporate number and left.

The next day I called corporate office to document the situation and ask for their policy regarding credit cards and self-checkouts. I was told that it was up to the individual franchise operated stores to decide policies like that. They said they would contact the store in question. Later that day I received a voicemail from the owner (Cameron) who at first was polite to say that the policy comes from my credit card company (that makes 3 different possible entities responsible for a policy which no one can reproduce for my review!). I then received another voicemail from Cameron saying that he didn't appreciate the "scene" that I caused in his store and that my behaviour in his store was unacceptable - that I had been, "demanding this - and demanding that...". He suggested that perhaps he "should come over to my place of business and make a stink and swear in front of my employees" but to his credit, he did tell me to have a nice day. At no point did he say he did his homework and review video footage of the event in question. There is obviously my version of the events which will contrast with the version of the staff - but someone is always watching you and I have nothing to hide.

When you shop at Canadian Tire be prepared to be treated as a petty thief, the lowest common denominator. And whatever you do, don't ask them to back up their in-store policies. Who knows what you might be threatened it to cliche at a time like this to say, CAVEAT EMPTOR ? And remember folks, in the words of Cameron: "behave yourself!"

Whether you agree with me or not, Email me at:
If there is somewhere that I can post the audio clip of Cameron's message, please let me know!

Last question: in this time of economic uncertainty, how are retailers so confident that they feel they can speak to customers so abusively?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visit the world through the service department

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Media
Annoyed By: Readers Digest

Not once, not twice, but three times they sent moher books she hadn't asked for. She pawned off the first set as a gift, but told them to stop after the second set arrived. No go. She just got a third. So I tried calling to make them see the light. Hah! No direct line listed on their awful site. There is a 800 number, but it got me someone ... in Mexico?! To deal with a problem with a company in Montreal? So I hunted and looked around for a direct line and finally scrounged one up to the head office in Montreal, Canada. And, somewhere along their useless phone system, managed to get transferred to Manilla. Yes, Imelda, the shoes, that 'Manilla'.

I'll be trying again, if only for the pleasure of informing them their lousy service has just cost them TWO subscribers, instead of just one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Geraldos at La Salle Could Really Care Less

Location: Ontario, Burlington
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Geraldos at La Salle

Great Venue...but they know it...and they don't really care if they screw you around.
My main beef (besides making you pay in full before the reception and dictating how your reception will go on the day of) was that we rented linens from another company (Geraldos doesn't have much selection).

The next day we came to pick them up only to find ourselves rushed to the kitchen, given two garbage bags full of stuff and told that they're busy with another business conference.
Later, we'd find out that Geraldos didn't include 13 of our 16 linens. I had to phone them a few times before anyone would actually give a crap and was then told that its really not their problem and they really don't care if I'm unhappy with how they've treated us post wedding.
Long story short - it was a beautiful wedding - but watch your money and your rentals because they won't.