Thursday, December 11, 2008

What will you do if it happens to you @ Destiny BBT???

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Destiny BBT mv

Extracts from "COCKROACH special at DESTINY Tea and Cafe Lounge" Facebook Group:

Long story but I will try to keep it short and clear, high-lighted the important part. We did what we have to do and thinking if further action is needed.

Last night after dinner, me and 2 of my friends decided to chill @ Destiny as we didn't want any alcohol. We ordered some drinks snack, also bought a deck of cards for $2 and play. Half an hr later, 2 more friends arrived. It took us like 10 mins to get a waitress come by to take orders. 15mins later the drink arrived, 1 of the drink is a steaming Hot Chocolate.

The girl have a couple sips, and decided to add sugar in it. When she stirred the drink, 2 chocolate chunk floated up. And guess what, it's NOT chocolate chunk. It's NOT 1 but 2 Cockroaches in it. See pictures below.

To find out what happen next, join the group below and share it w/ your friends, let them know~!!!!!


  1. That's horrible! But I wonder, there's a new Destiny in the Richmond Hill Times Square area. Is it safe to say I shouldn't go?

  2. Destiny ended up closing down to renovate and advertised their grand opening July 19, 2009.. to celebrate they decided to give their customers 50% off the entire menu on their reopening day..

    this is where another horror begins.. we ordered 2 drinks from 2 different drink sections.. only to have the waitress tell me that both were not available..

    the wait staff were not available when we need them..

    then we proceeded to order snacks.. only to have them not available..

    when we got the bill.. only to find out that we were overcharged because they included something that we didn't order in our bill..

    when we got our change back.. only to find out that the change was wrong.. they had given us another table's bill and change.. =.=

    tell me.. what are the odds and probability of all these things going wrong within one visit?