Thursday, December 11, 2008

lies, lies, and patronizing behaviour

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: ROGERS

i was moving so i called rogers to cancel my internet. rogers told me (very kindly) that they could transfer my account to my new apartment and this would save on activation fees etc. i all needed to do was wait for the cable guy to stretch a cable. no more info. was needed. FANTASTIC.
my first bill arrives i pay it
this continues until aug when i noticed my bills keep increasing... strange this isnt a phone plan... is it not fixed? maybe it was the late fee from the previous month because i paid online and the processing days made the payment late...
my bill is almost 200 something... at the same time i get a check from rogers giving me back 77.
mid sept my internet gets cut. i assume it was because i had been downloading too much and the extra costs were because of bandwidth... and now they cut me perhaps i was downloading too much?
anyhow i call rogers to cancel my internet.

turns out, according to rogers i had not paid my bill since april and the amount was culmulative of the summer and they cut my internet not because of download or usage but because overdue payments.

wait a second. so where has my money been going all these months? p.s. as each month the amoutn rises, me stupid enough to assume it's due to over usageon bandwidth paid willingly.
not to mention they were giving me such attitude, liek i was the dumbest person on earth.

the prob:
it turns out that rogers did not transfer my account as promised, they created a new account and closed the old one. HOWEVER this means the account on the invoice is different. I have prepaid authorization. Nobody told me I would have to change account numbers, not to mention this affected my credit. AT no fault of mine! had i known i needed a new accoutn number i would of just cancelled and gotten a new account.
anyways the rogers rep. told me that i had been paying to a closed account and they could NOT transfer to money to my new account and i cannot close my new account until it is paid for. i was not going to give more money to rogers until i got my money back from the closed account. they told me i would have to physically go to a bank branch and an investigation of 2 weeks would take place.
what about my credit? oh and did i mention they were going to charge me an extra 75 dollars to reinstate my internet account that was cut due to poor paymnets ALTHOUGH I HAD PAYING - just to the wrong account.
the next day i called back, a much nicer and more helpful rep. ended up transferring my credit to the new account, offered to give me a months free internet for all the hassle i endured.
they dont train their reps. they only tell them to keep customers, keep their money, dont offer any help.
im glad im moving to a more tech. advanced country where there is no monopoly on such things.

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