Thursday, December 11, 2008

wrong name wrong victim

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: CIBC

CIBC kept callign my house, my cell phone, my parents home about defaulting payment to credit cards. they were rude to my parents on the phone, they treated them liek they were the parents of a criminal.

the kicker?

i dont have any CIBA accounts whatsoever. NOTHING. i called them repeatedly askign them why they keep calling me, apparently they confused me with someone who shares the same name.
we corrected this but i still ended up with these calls. not only that but they contact the credit bureau and this has resulted in affecting my credit history.
although they finally stopped calling, finally realized i share the same name as the person they are looking for (although different age, different SIN) they could not offer to do anything about the credit bureau charges. they offered me their services for premium account at no charge.
yeah right. definitely not going to bother with them

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