Friday, October 29, 2010

You are FINED for Number Porting

Location: Ontario, Oakville
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Bell

Strange the way it is... No matter how you go. Bell charges you disconnection fees for number porting by other carrier. If you ask Bell to cancell, you will definitely not get that number and your number will be gone before its ported. Bell dont take advance notice from the other provided you are trying to switch to.
Very annoying!!! even when you are in no contractual obligations.
I would never ever go with Bell. Enough of my loyalty shown to them over the past 10 years

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sympatico!!! I have got to get a better server!!

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Sympatico

I have to watch my language? When I'm talking about

I'd go to videotron today if I didn't have such a good package deal, but OTOH, is it a good package if a chunk of it is next to useless?

The latest: When I first joined up, years ago, I was given free personal web space. I connected to it with Ipswitch FTP and got support for it when I ran into trouble the first time I used it. Then I let the site go fallow for 3-4 years. Now I try to use it, and can't! I can connect, I can see the site, but cannot make any changes. I call support--they WON'T help me, claiming that the web space was just a freebie. What do they mean, I don't pay for it?! It was part of the package when I signed up for sympatico! 

These people are utterly useless! I can never get anyone who can help me with anything!

ITS (Industrial Staffing Solutions)

Location: Ontario, GTA
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: ITS (Industrial Staffing Solutions)

I worked for Tyco, who's warehouse is run by DB Schenker and is staffed with temps by ITS. I put in a good 3 1/2 months work for them and they jerked me around for my last week of pay. Not only are they rude, they are cheap, spiteful and incompetent. DON'T WORK FOR THEM, THEY PAY LOUSY AND WILL JERK YOU AROUND!

Cenex C Store serving rotten food

Location: Alberta, Browns Valley
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: the manager

Browns Valley MN , tiny town, Fresh Subs made while you wait. Fresh is not quite the word I would use. Manager made my sub with rotten roast beef and moldy cheese! When I refused to pay for sub Manager got in my face and said your lucky I made you the sub in the first place, my deli worker didnt show up today and this took extra time out of my busy day! Dont return to my store until your prepared to pay for this sub first.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Location: Other, Ontario
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By:

The poor customer service and failure to respond is enough to discourage anyone from making a purchase through this company. They also charge extra for products where you can easily find elsewhere for a much inexpensive price. 

I recently placed an order with them and received a wrong item shipment that has not been settled despite previous customer complaints of wrong item listings.

Not only do they NOT honor customer concerns, they hang-up on customers and obviously place you on a "do not respond" list if you are a customer who is simply trying to contact them in regards to any issue in which ultimately they are responsible for reconciling without additional charges being made to shipment pick-up, prepaid postal as well as UPS or FedEx. They also only offer UPS shipping, but will not offer prepaid pick-up as most other companies do, for customer convenience.

Do NOT make purchases through and beware of their name on any third party website vendors such as Amazon. Again, they charge much more for products found elsewhere (probably to discourage customers as they clearly do not want to abide by customer courtesy correspondance), and will not respond to calls or emails for follow-up for prompt refunds.
Here is a list of other customer complaints like mine. (Scroll down past business info) and you will get a better idea of the many complaints towards's incompetent customer service.
If you are someone who has previously made a puchase with them and have had these issues, I would suggest sending a complaint (as many as possible from as many people) to let them know that this will not be tolerated. After that, I would cease any business with them period. There are so many other websites with lower prices for products and better arrangement for customer service concerns.
Also, feel free to file this and other complaints under the Better Business Bureau. The more you do this, the more businesses like these will be non-existent and strive for better customer service courtesy as the customers are the ones who keep the business thriving in the first place.
A little word to this business and others like it, "Don't bite the hand that feeds!" Enough said.
AVOID this seller.

Teacher Supply Store Gouges Teachers so they can make a profit

Location: British Columbia, Kelowna
Industry: Education
Annoyed By: Cornerstone Learning Resources Ltd in Kelowna BC

My original email to the company questioning why their prices were so high compared to Chapters bookstore:
As a teacher who purchases her own resources from her paycheck and does not get reimbursed from the school, I am curious how come a "teacher store" is so much more expensive than Chapters for the same items.
I selected approximately 40 books and found all but maybe 6 were cheaper at Chapters.
Each book at your store was marked up anywhere from $1 to $13+ depending on the item. The half a dozen that I did find at your store were simply unavailable at Chapters but I can only assume it they had been, they would have been cheaper.
Why is this? Why do you mark up your products so much that it appears you are gouging your clientele? Do you realize that most teachers purchase materials for learning from their personal funds and do not get any kind of refund from the school or from income tax?
Needless to say I found it very disappointing. As much as I would like to shop locally, I can't afford to.
L. Thompson

My reply from the store (rather than taking any kind of customer service stance like apologizing for frustration or offering a coupon, instead I get excuses and an insult):
Hello Ms. Thompson,
Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I am one of the two owners of Cornerstone Learning Resources.
I appreciate your concerns, as I understand that as a teacher, you are required to purchase many of the resources you use out of your own pocket.
We have been operating since April 2005, and about three years ago we had to make an important decision: either compete for the lowest price and reduce our services, OR continue to offer the same services, and pass on the real cost of these services through product sales. We decided on the latter. You see, the cost to provide the specialty resources that you do not see at Chapters is much greater than the other resources. That is because many of these resources are ordered directly from the publisher, from whom just a handful of items are purchased, creating an increased cost in handling the product (receiving, labelling, ordering), and increased shipping costs, which many times exceed 30% of the product cost.
In addition, there is cost involved in finding these specialty products. We have clients ask us for resources to meet specific learning outcomes, and specific classroom and/or an individual child's needs, and we provide at no charge, the time necessary to research and find appropriate products.
So, we are not Chapters, and we do not intend to be. I understand that due to your limited budget, you may need to find the best prices, and that is OK. And for the other products that Chapters does not carry, I do hope you will visit us.
As for your comment on "gouging" our customers, I would hazard a guess that my take home pay is roughly around 20% of yours, hour per hour.
I hope this helps to explain things for you, and please do not hesitate to contact me at 250-xxx-xxxx
Thanks again.

So after being thoroughly disgusted my reply is as follows:
"I would hazard a guess that my take home pay is roughly around 20% of yours, hour per hour."
First of all your comment is insulting. Second of all it's ignorant. It tells me you don't have any idea just how many hours I personally work in a week versus how much I make. The school day may only be five hours long, but I work an additional 3-6 hrs per day that aren't on the books--including 10-12 hrs each weekend.
You think your take home pay is roughly 20% of mine? I'd be willing to bet that you make more than $2.68 per hour--which is exactly what I make if I counted all the hours I work. So based on your comments, no I won't be coming to visit for the things Chapters doesn't carry and will make sure that the rest of my colleagues taking home less than $3 per hour know about our conversation as well.

golden valley in newman california has terrible service

Location: Other, newman
Industry: Health
Annoyed By: "fredecks"

i don't understand how this person is employed. i asked her to change my appointment date and she had an attitude and made faces at me. she was so unprofessional. people like this should be fired move out of the way and make room for nicer people who deserve to get their pay check.