Monday, October 18, 2010


Location: Other, Ontario
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By:

The poor customer service and failure to respond is enough to discourage anyone from making a purchase through this company. They also charge extra for products where you can easily find elsewhere for a much inexpensive price. 

I recently placed an order with them and received a wrong item shipment that has not been settled despite previous customer complaints of wrong item listings.

Not only do they NOT honor customer concerns, they hang-up on customers and obviously place you on a "do not respond" list if you are a customer who is simply trying to contact them in regards to any issue in which ultimately they are responsible for reconciling without additional charges being made to shipment pick-up, prepaid postal as well as UPS or FedEx. They also only offer UPS shipping, but will not offer prepaid pick-up as most other companies do, for customer convenience.

Do NOT make purchases through and beware of their name on any third party website vendors such as Amazon. Again, they charge much more for products found elsewhere (probably to discourage customers as they clearly do not want to abide by customer courtesy correspondance), and will not respond to calls or emails for follow-up for prompt refunds.
Here is a list of other customer complaints like mine. (Scroll down past business info) and you will get a better idea of the many complaints towards's incompetent customer service.
If you are someone who has previously made a puchase with them and have had these issues, I would suggest sending a complaint (as many as possible from as many people) to let them know that this will not be tolerated. After that, I would cease any business with them period. There are so many other websites with lower prices for products and better arrangement for customer service concerns.
Also, feel free to file this and other complaints under the Better Business Bureau. The more you do this, the more businesses like these will be non-existent and strive for better customer service courtesy as the customers are the ones who keep the business thriving in the first place.
A little word to this business and others like it, "Don't bite the hand that feeds!" Enough said.
AVOID this seller.

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