Monday, September 24, 2012

FIDO dont seem to care if you complain

Location: British Columbia, Vancouver
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: FIDO

Hi anyone who cares to listen. In a nutshell, my wife and I are having some issues with FIDO regarding the pre ordering of the iphone 5. Basically my wife gets an error on the web site when trying to order although it worked fine for me. I'm an IT guy by trade so I figure that he account need resolving. No fuss you would think. After two phone calls to FIDO. Each one taking 30 mins to be picked up, we got nowhere. We were told that there is no manual procedure for pre ordering the phone, it has to be done via the website (Again, as an IT guy I am thinking hmmmnnnn really).

So as my wife cannot order the new phone I have cancelled my phone order and we have both ordered via Telus.

However I felt Justified to complain so I wrote this email.

My Complaint
"I wanted to let you at Fido aware that its fairly likely that myself and my wife will cancel our accounts at Fido.
We both have had iphones for the last three years on $100 plans. Therefore we are worth $7,500 to Fido over a three year period which we have both just completed.
We have been happy with the service up to know. However I have reserved my iphone 5 and my wife gets an error message when trying to access that page.
She has tried numerous times to accomplish this. She has talked to customer support (waiting 30 mins for Fido to answer) to be told to try again the next day.
The next day she tried again and unsurprisingly this did not work. She rang Fido once more (this time the waiting was less, only 18 mins this time). Once again she was told to try again. At which point she was demanded to speak to a supervisor who was eventually unable to help.
All we want to do is pre order her iphone. It seems that Fido have no manual way for a customer to pre order a phone other than a web site that is not working.
This is just too much
We will try once more tomorrow, morning. However if she cannot order her phone we will go to Telus. Telus are guaranteeing delivery on 5th October. The plan is much less that Fido.
I want my phone and my wifes phone to be handles by the same company.
If Fido are not capable then I will find another company who are.
Please let me know what you plan to do about this. However, if after lunchtime tomorrow then we will have moved over to your cometitor."

So as you see I sent a polite email without too much angst which is I think the way to go. Bu the way when you post a complaint email to FIDO they tell you that they will respond in 24 hours.

So 4 days later I recieved an email. I see this reply as a message to all customers that FIDO do not care. I would guess that somebody did not in fact read my complaint. Anyway have a look for yourself and see what you think.

For my part Telus is the way to go as I cannot be a customer of an organization like this.

The Reply
Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us the opportunity to assist you. My name is Chloe.

Rest assured that we sincerely regret these unusual waiting times.

Our current promotions and the launch of new phones and services are primarily responsible for many of the requests we are currently receiving. As a result, we have also received an increased volume of e-mails, which explains this delay in responding to your message.

I am sorry to learn that you are considering cancelling your Fido service. However, I cannot fulfill this type of request when it is received via e-mail. f you want further assistance regarding the possibilities Fido may have to assist you I invite you to contact Fido's Customer Relations group. You may reach us at:

- 1 888 481-3436 (FIDO) from any phone in Canada or the U.S.
- 1 514 925-4590 from outside Canada and the U.S. (we accept collect calls)

Representatives are available weekdays from 8 AM to 9 PM and weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM.
The termination of your Fido service is effective 30 days following your termination request.
If you are subscribed to a Fido Agreement and choose to interrupt the term, an early termination fee may apply.

Thank you for your understanding.

Theiving, lying restaurant

Location: Quebec, Hull
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Cafe Jean Sebastien Bar

Used to love this place (49 Saint Jacques in downtown Hull) but not any more, not since they changed ownership/management over a year ago. Subjective things such as lower quality menu are one thing, but not getting stiffed when came time to pay.

We tried to pay with one of their gift certificates, but, in spite of the amount on the certificate being several dollars more than what was on the bill, they refused to give us change, saying they never did (lie, the place used to) and that this was the industry standard (again, major lie.)

You have been warned. Pity, used to be such a great place ...

'Best Western'? No, 'Worst Western'.

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Best Western hotel chain

Was planning on attending a small convention held at an Ottawa Best Western hotel this weekend. Found out what the cost for a single room was and, ensuring they still had some available, went out there. Arriving at the location, I walked up to the registration desk and again made sure rooms were available at the price, at which point I started taking out money from my pocket.

"Oh, no," said the clerk, "we don't take cash for room reservations."

I pointed out it wasn't a reservation, I was booking a room for immediate use.

"Oh, no," said the clerk, "it's new hotel policy not to accept cash for rooms, only credit cards."

I NEVER do credit. Too many people get burned with that (look at how the world economy nearly collapsed because of credit problems).

Went to someone I know on the convention committee. He didn't believe me. Fifteen minutes later he walked out of the hotel manager's office, aghast. The convention committee hadn't known.

Next year the convention will be elsewhere. Meanwhile, I turned around and left, not wanting to spend another minute in a place that treats (if that's the right word) its customers that way.

Avoid Best Western.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to have your money stolen then shop here.

Location: Other, Hartselle
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Proud Shopper aka

I ordered a flag from this so called online store.
After 18days I had not received the item.
I emailed to find out the status.
I emailed again 2 days later stating that I would need to dispute the charge since I had not reply and no item.

Within minutes the owner replied.I will edit the reply due to language.

Then, your order is cancelled. NO ONE gets merchandise after making a threat, a$$h0le!


This is the reply you get when stating that you need a refund our I will have to file with small claims.

F#$@ you, you whiney little bastard with more spare time than sense!!


Finally I was still not refunded and I gave him one more chance to do the right thing.

You stupid, simple-minded little mother@#$%er! Spin off and waste all the time and money you can, dipsh!t! All you will EVER be entitled to is your full refund. The court will laugh in your stupid face!


This is not an online store this is a simple scam site. The only thing the site offers is theft by deception.
You will not get your item or your money.

If you like to have your money stolen shop here.
Ronald G Hammon
806 Rhodes St NW
Hartselle, AL 35640-4437

We will close your account with us cause we do not want to be a backup vendor.

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Michael (Owner of Aerial Equipement Parts)

On September 10 2012 i sent an email to Aerial Equipement Parts asking them if we can open a credit a credit account with them, until now we have had an account but payable by credit card only. Here is their response:

You do not have an open account. You can order online with a visa, mastercard, or discover.



So we asked if we can open a credit account, which he then told us the following:



I am sorry but placing 1-2 orders per year does not qualify for open terms. Where are you currently purchasing all of your parts?


Our answer to this email was as follows:


Hi, i am saddened to hear that we do not qualify to purchase from your company and receive an invoice for what we purchase, happily we are currently purchasing all of our parts (approximately $500,000.00 from JLG, Skyjack and Genie combined) from companies that offer good companies like ours open credit after a credit verification and/or several purchases. Since purchasing by credit card is not always freezable, not many companies enjoy using a credit card for purchasing parts for resale. Thank you, but we will take our business elsewhere since you are not the only aerial parts supplier available.


Michael from Aerial Equipment Parts the sent me an email stating that he would close out our account, I called him back and told him that we do not wish that he close our account, i ask that he keep that account open since we may need to purchase parts from time to time. The next thing he told me shocked me. He actually told me that he did not want our business, he said " We do not want to be a BACKUP VENDOR" so he was closing our account. Imagine being told by an owner of a company, "buy all your parts from me or nothing at all" Unbelievable, it's like walking in Walmart and being told "sorry we do not want your business since you also shop at Target.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LazyBoy Furniture Gallery Richmond BC

Location: British Columbia, Richmond
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: All of them !

This is the shoddiest run store I have ever encountered
I bought a sofa bed on May 20th and told it would take 8 weeks to arrive !!! I agreed to this thinking that was nuts. So here we are on Sept 4th and it has just arrived along with a coffee table I bought which looks Horrible it full of holes !!!!! so of course as usual I phoned them to no avail the stupid woman who helped me of course is not in (never is) leave a message they say ya right she has only answered me once and I have phoned on several occasions. the 8 weeks turned into 3 months and no one spoke me I have gone into the store and they are all sitting on their computers and they sorta glance up and decide I guess if you can afford thier overpriced crap sooooo guess what no one approaced me gee go figure this is the worst Customer service I have ever seen in my life once they got my 3 thousand of course you hear nothing I would not ever recommend this store if your life depended on it !!!!!! and it's still not over !!!! grrrrrr yes I am angry and annoyed Don't ever go here !