Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to have your money stolen then shop here.

Location: Other, Hartselle
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Proud Shopper aka

I ordered a flag from this so called online store.
After 18days I had not received the item.
I emailed to find out the status.
I emailed again 2 days later stating that I would need to dispute the charge since I had not reply and no item.

Within minutes the owner replied.I will edit the reply due to language.

Then, your order is cancelled. NO ONE gets merchandise after making a threat, a$$h0le!


This is the reply you get when stating that you need a refund our I will have to file with small claims.

F#$@ you, you whiney little bastard with more spare time than sense!!


Finally I was still not refunded and I gave him one more chance to do the right thing.

You stupid, simple-minded little mother@#$%er! Spin off and waste all the time and money you can, dipsh!t! All you will EVER be entitled to is your full refund. The court will laugh in your stupid face!


This is not an online store this is a simple scam site. The only thing the site offers is theft by deception.
You will not get your item or your money.

If you like to have your money stolen shop here.
Ronald G Hammon
806 Rhodes St NW
Hartselle, AL 35640-4437

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