Monday, September 24, 2012

'Best Western'? No, 'Worst Western'.

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Best Western hotel chain

Was planning on attending a small convention held at an Ottawa Best Western hotel this weekend. Found out what the cost for a single room was and, ensuring they still had some available, went out there. Arriving at the location, I walked up to the registration desk and again made sure rooms were available at the price, at which point I started taking out money from my pocket.

"Oh, no," said the clerk, "we don't take cash for room reservations."

I pointed out it wasn't a reservation, I was booking a room for immediate use.

"Oh, no," said the clerk, "it's new hotel policy not to accept cash for rooms, only credit cards."

I NEVER do credit. Too many people get burned with that (look at how the world economy nearly collapsed because of credit problems).

Went to someone I know on the convention committee. He didn't believe me. Fifteen minutes later he walked out of the hotel manager's office, aghast. The convention committee hadn't known.

Next year the convention will be elsewhere. Meanwhile, I turned around and left, not wanting to spend another minute in a place that treats (if that's the right word) its customers that way.

Avoid Best Western.

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  1. I worked in hotels for years and this is a standard practice industry wide. If you choose to pay cash upon checkout that is fine, but a cc is expected upon checkin. This protects the hotel against extra charges and room damage.