Sunday, August 31, 2008

BEST Buy Owns Futureshop

Location: British Columbia, Nanaimo
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Both future shop and best buy

After getting Garbage service at Futureshop I then decided screw this I will try the new Best Buy, here In Nanamio BC , after speaking with the sales rep I later found out that Best Buy Bought out fiture shop, I looked at the sales rep and said sorry, but I cant buy from here, Same company same service , Before going to the store I tried to call yet all I kept recieving was a recorded message, that someone would call me back, well sorry but to be thats BS service for a big Corporation.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Purolator is terrible

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Purolator courier

For the second time in two months I have purchased an item from Ontario. The shipper uses Purolater. Not only does it sit in the Edmonton warehouse for three days, I have to drive for an hour to get it because they can't seem to get it on a truck.
The second incident just happened. This small package doesn't get an attempt at my address, just a phone call from the local business that they use as a depot. Their hours make it impossible for me to pick up the package without taking time from work. Trying to redirect the package doesn't work. Two days pass, no package. Phone and get an explanation that the person on the other end of the phone didn't fill out the paperwork correctly. Like I was going to catch that over the phone! I can't understand why a package can be within 50 km and it takes a week and I have to make a number of phone calls to retrieve it. Purolater is pretty much useless as a carrier. Nothing but frustration. An e-mail to them gets a reply to promising to look into the matter. No word after over a month later. If you have the time use them, if you don't try hard to find someone else.


Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: THE WAITER

Not to long ago, my husband and myself dined at this very restaurant. Baton Rouge. Now, this particular eatery is supposed to charm and relax you as well as feed and satisfy our culinary senses , it being such a pricey place....ha!!!!! The waiter engaged with us in conversation and I mentioned the garlic bread being rich...well! He quickly snatched the bread out of my husbands hand and commented (under his breath) and that was that!!!!!!! Wow! And how much did we spend? And for what? I wonder if there is anyone out there who has any complaints for this assembly line restaurant.

Cell phone nightmare

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Rogers - Capilano Mall

My son bought a phone 3 months ago and the next day, the screen was broken. Of course, it was his fault... We called Rogers and told us they would replace the phone no problem. So, we bring it back and the story is completely different. They will fix it if we pay for it. So we do, $80. 3 months later, he still doesn't have his phone. The store is lying to us about the whereabout of this phone. And, they are supposed to let him use a "lender" phone but do you think they actually have one in stock for him to use? Of course not. My son is only 16 and he paid for that phone with his own money. I can't believe the bad service we are getting from Rogers. Unfortunately, I am stucked in a contract but next time, FORGET ROGERS!!!

Don't hire this company!!!!

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Action Flooring

If you need flooring, don't get this company!!!! They don't respect appointment!!! These guys were supposed to install flooring in my house YESTERDAY (Thursday) at 8:00 am and I just went to check on them (it is Friday 4:00 pm) and they have barely started. The worst is that I have booked my truck,and my people, because I am moving TOMORROW. I called the company and do you think they care???? Absolutely not!!! So again, DON"T HIRE THESE GUYS!!!!

i3 Solution

Location: Other, Texas
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: John Edwards (Vice Presidents)

I signed up for i3 solution. They basically had me sign a contract to pay them over 1200$. Soon I made the first payment, 30 days later when I wanted to see the work, they couldnt show me what they were working on. Then I wanted to cancel my service due to their false service. The sales guy terry william ( very professional liar) transfer my file to the vice president. And this guy been threating to take me to court for rest of the balance even they didn't do a single thing with my file. Its a very new company and they are scaming money from people saying that they can fix people's credit. Which is not true at all.

TTC website sucks

Location: Ontario, TO-RANT-O!!!!
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: TTC Lack of Information

Why can't the new TTC site be as efficient as google maps or any map site for that matter? You should be able to put in your starting address or postal code and your destination address or postal code and the public transportation website should tell you how to get there by TTC. Right now, I would have to look at stationary maps and guess which buses are in the area that I am to visit, never before actually having been there. Did you ever try to take a Lawrence bus and you've never been to Toronto before, I bet you wouldn't know where to start. How is a newcomer to Toronto to know that there isn't any buses coming from Chester station or that CastleFrank subway station is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. How is anyone to know that you can't travel south of Wellesley on Parliament street after 10pm on a WEEKDAY. One would get to CastleFrank station and discover that they are f*****! TTC are you listening? Please improve your site!

Ice Condos, Precise ParkLink and Lanterra Developments suck

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Precise ParkLink mv

Lanterra Developments hires Precise ParkLink to manage a parking lot on their property at 16 York Street. They enjoy both the daily parking income as well as the monthly parking revenue. They then permit special events at the lot reducing the number of spots that should have been reserved the parkers.

I am one of those monthly parking permit holders. I cannot cancel my monthly parking without 30 days notice, yet they can block off and restrict us parkers from 1/3 of the parking lot without any notice. There is no guarantee that there will be open spots yet we pay $190 for the priviledge to park there. Messages for people at Parklink including to the President, Peter Groccia are never returned. There is no care for customer service at Precise ParkLink.

The sales staff and managment at Ice Condos are the most rudest people I have ever had to converse with. They just suck.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lazy or incompetent TNT driver, take your pick

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: TNT shipping

A overseas friend had sent me a parcel under a tight deadline. Not wishing to risk normal mail, she sent it by courier. I wasn't happy about that because there is generally no option to have the parcel delivered in the evening or on weekends when the customer can be expected to actually be home to receive it. So I reluctantly took a couple of days holiday from work so I could sit at home to wait for it to arrive.

Late afternoon the first day, a friend dropped by and, when I mentioned the thing about a delivery, he commented he's seen a UPS driver putting up a notice in the entrance of the condo building where I live. Knowing what that usually meant, I was very irritated as I went downstairs to look at it and it turned out to be for someone else.

The TNT (another shipping company) sticker next to it wasn't, however.

Right on the sticker was the comment that they hadn't been able to deliver and I'd have to call a number to get information.

I called ... and reached someone in Texas. Asking them why I was talking to someone in Texas about a shipping problem between Brasil and Canada got me nowhere. But they did eventually give me a local number to try.

The local number offered to try delivering again the next day, but given the screwup the first day I opted to go to the warehouse - inconveniently located at the other end of the city, of course - where I had the evening shift manager come to the counter with the parcel and had her confirm that both my home number and 'enterphone' number were prominently listed along with the complete address - so why wasn't I contacted by the driver?

They couldn't answer.

People at my office theorized that the driver figured there was probably no one home in the middle of the day and was too lazy to even try either number, just in case he was wrong.

Remind me again why we pay couriers more than the regular post office ... when they don't even TRY to deliver?

Dodge Viper

Location: Ontario, Cambridge
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Sales Manager

Back in 1993, when I was 25ish, I went to my local Dodge dealer to look at the new Viper that they had sitting in the showroom. I walked in and my jaw dropped! It was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. I was looking at it for some time when a salesmen came over and asked if he could help me. I asked him how much the car was, and he smiled and said he would check with the Sales Manager. A few minutes later I was called into the Sales Managers office. He shook my hand and asked me to have a seat as other salesmen walked into the room quietly behind me. He leaned back in his chair and said " So you want to know how much the Viper is eh?" I gave a simple answer "yes".
He leaned forward in his chair and crossed his hands on the desk and said " So how would you afford a car like this?" At that moment I heard snickering behind me from the peanut gallery, and the Sales Manager had this big stupid grin on his face. I smiled and said " Well I have a good job and I could trade in my Corvette ZR-1 I have sitting outside!" I got up and walked out and went to my close friend at the Chevy dealer and told him what had happened. Later that week he found me a brand new 2004 Dodge Viper in Niagra falls and I took it to the Dodge dealer for service. I was treated like a king there ever since! I had heard through the grapevine that the owner of the dealership found out about what his sales Manager said to me and reamed him out!


Location: Ontario, Cambridge
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Cashier

I went to Rona to buy new lights for the house in November. I had a cart FULL of lights about $1000.00 worth so I walked up to the first cashier. It was not busy at all and there were 4 other girls standing around waiting for customers to pay. I said hello to the girl behind the counter and she just ignored me, which was fine by me since there is no requirement to do so. She started scanning in the lights when the other girls came over to put "paid" stickers on the boxes to help her out. This is where the problem started! No word of a lie this is what she said out loud to the other girls " Why are you doing that?" The girls looked puzzled, and she replied " You don't even know if his card will go through! Your gonna take the stickers off if it doesn't because i'm not! "
Now any normal person would be really offended by that and would ask for the manager or walk out and leave the lights behind in the cart ( which is what I should have done) But I was like a deer in the headlights and was so shocked ( even the other 4 girls gasped ) that I paid and walked away only to get angry on the drive home! I went home a told my wife and she got mad and I called the manager of the store. He apologized for her and I never heard back from them or went back ever since.

Bad attitude, poor service

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail

I went into Shoe Warehouse in Portage Place to find a pair of running shoes. The sales help is friendly but no one really gets anything for you unless it's in the back, which I understand completely as it is a discount store. But once I find my shoes , I look for a place to sit down and they direct me to this wee tiny bench in the middle of the aisle. I cannot express this with any less frustration than this- no sooner do I sit down to try on my shoes do all kinds of customers and staff try to get by and guess what? Me and my try on shoes and my own shoes and my bag and parcels are all in the way. What a way to arrange a store. Pathetic. Pile on that the fact that the shoes were in the wrong box (I got what I thought were 8's and they were actually 7.5) so I told the retail person and she sort of shrugged but didn't offer to find me my 8s! I couldn't have gotten out fast enough. I never want to go back and I will never buy anything there either.

Useless Waitress - Holiday Inn/The Slip Lounge & Patio, Kingston

Location: Ontario, Kingston
Industry: Restaurant
4 of us were in Kingston, showing our out-of-town company the sights and thought the Slip would be a great place for lunch because they have a waterfront patio. It was a first time there for all of us and definately the last time!

We ordered our drinks - 2 ppl got a large orange juice and 2 of us got a large Coke. When the drinks come, the waitress spills 1 orange juice and one coke over 2 over us! We jump up, the waitress stands there for a minute, then takes off...we're left wet and sticky!
Finally another waitress comes out with a rag to wipe the table, we had to ask for some towels and napkins to clean ourselves up. She was clearly annoyed and gave us attitude as if we had done this. When our waitress finally reappreared, she brought our drinks, gave us a half-assed apology and said "wow, I've never done that before" and wandered off again. When she finally took our meal orders we waited a good 25 mintues for our club sandwiches to come out. The meal was nothing to write home about and no checking in from the waitress while we were eating, no drink refillls--nothing. As we finished our meal, out waitress was serving drinks to another table and guess what happened....YEP, you guessed it, she spilled their drinks on them too!! A table of elderly people too! When we left, we didn't tip, there was no reason to (rude staff, they didn't offer to at least take our drinks off the bill, they didn't refill drinks during the meal and the service was slow). We paid cash and left it on the folder with the bill on the table as the waitress picked it up, she dropped all the money and change all over the floor!! Unbeliveable! I don't recommend them!

Auctioneer refused to pay

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Other mv

May 2, I had an evaluator from IEGOR Auction House, in Montreal, game to pick up a painting I wanted to sell at auction. By accident, the evaluator brushed his shoulder, past two valuable Chinese snuff bottles, breaking them. He admitted it was his fault, in writing, and his company had them evaluated. I spoke to my insurance company, and I do not have, "fine arts" coverage. I received their evaluaton, $1600. and have sent them countless invoices, not a word. I have a letter, with the employee in question ADMITTING, HIS FAULT, but the owner of the Company, St. Hippolyte, refused to reimburse me is it is a Total writeoff. is known not to value their clients, when it is time to pay, but are very nice, when they want you to submit your pieces for value. Before I take them to court, let's see if someone out there can help. I cannot believe how rude they have been to me, a senior, with a fixed income.

Waiting for MTS to get me a phone case.........for 10 months.

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Telecom

Back in October 2007 I went to an MTS phone center to get a cell phone case for my older phone. Sure the guy said, no problem, I'll call you when it comes in. Two months go by and I go back. Oops, one of the women there said, give me your name and number again and I'll call you when it comes in. Three months go by......of course they say they'll order it again...yada yada. Two months later, no phone case. Then I go to another MTS location across town and explain what happened. The guy there says, "They just don't care at that location." Then he makes a phone call and tells me,"I'll have one her for you tomorrow"!!!! Joy of joys!!!..........Long story short, after two more trips to the second MTS location, I still have no case for my old, tried and true cell phone. Promises, promises MTS. What a bunch of half-mile slackers. If I ran my business the way they do, I'd be out of business. The sad thing is it's not only one person who promised me they would get the job done. I talked to six seperate sales people at two locations who all said they could get it done for me. What a bunch of crap.

Wanted to buy a mini van but told to wait....

Location: Ontario, Guelph
Industry: Retail

We were shopping for a Dodge minivan three years ago and went into a dealer in Guelph...the sales lady said we could wait in the customer seating area as she was with another customer.....well after 45 minutes of waiting, we just walked out of the dealership.

My point here is that these sales people are so caught up in getting in personally sales commission themselves, that they lost the sale completely by not having another sales person assist us.

We did see a few of other sales persons just sitting at their respectives sales desk not doing anything.

I did voice my complaint out loud so all could here before we left and they were kind of taken a back by it. I guess they are not used to Canadians as a whole complaining...we're supoosed to just sit back and take it! Well not me!

We ended up going to a Dodge dealer in Waterloo were we got a super deal on the minivan (with great service) we wanted.

After three years of ownership...the van has been excellent and we are very pleased with our purchase.

So even on 'big ticket items'...this is a good example that you can sometimes not get good service!

I have a whole 'hockey sock full' more stories that I plan on posting in the future.

Kitchener, Ontario

Primus Canada's "ISP is always right" policy

Location: Ontario, Waterloo
Industry: Telecom

I had Voice-over-IP phone service with Vonage and home phone service with Bell as well as Highspeed internet service with Rogers.

I ordered a Primus Canada Home bundle that would consolidate all those services in one on April 23rd, 2008 and paid a $250 deposit. The process requires Primus to port my phone numbers from those other services to their service so I could stop paying them.

For OVER 2 months, I called repeatedly to request that Primus Canada finally make good on the transfer so I would be able to stop paying Vonage and Bell for the Home and VoIP phone services.

They NEVER ended up making good on it. They repeatedly pushed the date over. Throughout the WHOLE time, I was being BILLED for the services I NEVER received.

I was finally fed up early July and sent them an email canceling my services. ALL of them. I subsequently called and asked ALL my services be canceled and I was told them would be.

1 week after I called to cancel ALL my services, I noticed that they had JUST hooked up my home phone service. Meaning that they had FINALLY activated the service AND ported the number from Bell Canada AFTER I called to cancel all my services.

I called again today (July 29) and requested for the 4th time that ALL MY SERVICES be canceled and I was told that they would not be able to do that for a month and that I would be billed and charged a cancellation fee.

This is ridiculous. I am NOT required to pay for a service they independently activated WELL after I CANCELED my account due to repeated delays in them taking action on my account.

The Better Business Bureau is useless


Location: Quebec, Laval
Industry: Retail

Had a service contract for our oil furnace. Was quoted ``around $100.``for a part,, and had forgotten about it , when all a sudden , after 2 years, they came to ``service the furnace``, installed the part (which we no longer wanted) and charged $600. (We refused to pay, and we get monthly statements since , despite numerous attempts to negociate.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Misleading Sale Price

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail

I was happy to find Marcelle products on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart.
a Sale Price sign directly below the SHEER TINT MOISTURISER said 'SHEER TINT $7.99'.
I decided to purchase two of this item. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed I had been charged $13.99 each. Thinking that it was a computer error I went back to the store to have the store refund my money and re-do the transaction at the sale price.

The clerk was "new" and didn't know how to do that so she called the manager. The manager informed me there was no mistake and that the item I had purchased was NOT on sale. I then replied,"then I would like to purchase the product that IS on sale"

After waiting several minutes while the "new" clerk tried to track down the sale product, I was finally told they didn't have any.The manager couldn't even tell me what it was but that it was probably discontinued. I argued that their sale price sign was misleading and unfair to the customers but all she could say was that I could return the original purchase for a refund - which I did.

My happiness at finding one of my favorite products on sale had turned into a frustrating waste of time. I took my refund and left the store...still shaking my head.

Red Star on Jasper Ave

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Blonde waitress

My fiancee, 2 friends and I walked into Red Star and it was very quiet, only about 10-12 people. We waited about 15 minutes when she finally came over. We ordered 3 Stella's and a Guiness. She returned with 4 Stella's. Neil didn't say anything and drank his beer. About 40 minutes later, I went UP to the bar and asked her if we could order more drinks.....She came over, took our order (3 Stella's and 1 Guiness) and returned yet AGAIN with 4 Stella's. Once again Neil didn't say anything, just drank his beer. Easier to keep quiet about things right?? 20 or so minutes later I had to go UP to the bar and ask for our bill. It was paid by credit card. We exited Red Star with Neil behind when the waitress stopped him and asked "Was there something wrong with service? You didn't tip" Neil say's "Um, yes, you didn't get our drink order right and despite there being very FEW people in the place, you ignored us almost entirely" She then retorts with "Well, im the only person working right now" Neil just wanting to be out of there, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Toonie and leaves. We have been to the Red Star a few times and EVREY SINGLE TIME have had really bad service. We refuse to go back despite it's excellent Jerk Chicken.

Last time I ever shop here

Location: Alberta, St. Albert
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The Source by Circuit City (Radio Shack)

Never, Never, Never buy anything from this store unless you are absolutely positive you will not return it (which, really, who ever is?).
I recently went through a flood in my basement, and needed to set up my home office upstairs in my dining room (stressful enough). I went to The Source in St. Albert, Alberta, and bought what I thought I needed for cables to hook up my computer. Turns out I was wrong (Hey, I'm only human) and went to return it two days later. Wow, they accused me of lending it out to all my friends to use first before I returned it! They made me feel so guilty for wanting to return it, and all in front of other customers! I stood in front of them in silence, waiting for their answer, and they finally said in a disgusted voice that they would give me back my money. Mind you, that was after I had to tell them the whole story about my flood and why I needed it in the first place and everything else.
My sister has an even more unbelievable story about the Source store in Penticton, BC that happened a few years ago, so I should have known better than to go there in the first place. NEVER AGAIN!!!


Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant

I was out to dinner with my friends from British Columbia we went to OPM. I love their food and normally have no problems but this one day...

It took the server 20 mins to ask for our drinks, the it took another 20 mins after we got our drinks to order our food then it took another 30 mins to get our food then once we were done and hadn't touched our food it took another 30 mins just to get the bill. I already had my credit card out and ready to go but it took you another 30 mins just to take my payment. Above all I had to ask another server to get you TEN TIMES. I shouldn't have to ask you to take my payment.

If i come there again and get this service I will not ask to pay I will just walk out.

*** @titude

Location: Other, Johannesburg
Industry: Other

We went 4 a site meeting as we're planning a dinner after our wedding had already taken place. We were quoted at R5k venue hire & R270/person for the meal. This was 4 +-40 flowers were 2 b discussed later. During discussions the staff members attitude wasn't accommodating as we felt it should have been. We wait 4 quote, no quote comes I call back asking 4 the quote. I get told I'm supposed 2 have sent the info 4 the quote thru um.. what was the meeting 4? Quote comes, venue hire R10k y because they heard wedding. We send an email asking questions to clarify quote, return email seems arrogant and irritated. I return email stating such. I receive a call 2 apologise and quote is corrected. Owner calls 2 discuss flowers with fiancé. Her ***@titude is dismissive, I ask for a call 2 explain same Owner calls & displays same dismissive arrogant we don't want you ***@titude, I put the phone down. Points 2 remember cant do ur own flowers std quote = R15k Normal venue hire R5k Wedding = R10k oh & entire hotel must be booked out! u pay 10% gratuity on accomadation! Non resident guests aren't permitted 2 visit guests?Beware u will get ***@titude if the request ***@ the venue isn't in their ops manual!

Crappy Tire service

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Automotive

My ten-year-old Honda was working well, save for having developed an unfortunate tendency to stall out.

I took it to the Canadian Tire outlet on Kent St in Ottawa and had it looked at. I wanted to discuss the problem with the mechanics, but was told by the guy at the front desk that he'd take the details and pass them on. Mere customers weren't supposed to go deal with the repair staff, for insurance reasons I was told.

Came by a couple of days later to pick up the car and it worked well ... until it stalled a few days later.

Unhappy, I brought it back and they apologized but it was an intermittent problem and being a tech myself, I know how difficult it can be to sort those out. The next day they tell me now they have it right.

Except they didn't as it stalled out again.

Determined to see them get it right, I brought it back and complained quite vehemently, this time getting to speak to one of the mechanics.

A couple of days later I was informed it had stalled while hooked up to the diagnostics gear and so they knew EXACTLY what the cause was.

Great. Came by, paid the final bill, and drove off ... until the car stalled a block away.

I had them tow it back (they wanted to charge for this and I got them to get me the district manager on the phone and explained the situation to him and made sure he understood what he could do with that idea) and then had the district manager cancel the previous bill and fix the real problem at no further charge.

The car worked fine after that, but I never set foot in a Canadian Tire since, either that one (which closed its doors a couple of years later) or any other.

Going nowhere fast

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Transportation

Short of the plane being hijacked, I have a hard time imagining things going worse than they did on my trip from Ottawa to Sao Paulo earlier this year.

Guaranteed a seat on the flight by a travel agent near my office, I arrive at the airport weeks later to find the 7 pm Air Canada flight I'm scheduled on is overbooked. I can't get on. I point out I've got a connecting flight at 9:45 pm in Toronto, so I can't just sit here. Don't worry, the Air Canada desk tells me, there's another flight at 8 pm.

Except it, too was overbooked.

Visions of the trip coming to a crashing halt were interrupted by some official-looking sort coming up and telling us there's a flight leaving for Toronto in a few minutes at the other end of the terminal, and it should have space. Run-run-run-run ... only to learn it, too, was overbooked after all. As I was leaving the gate area, the guy at the desk called out to me to confirm I was the one who had a connecting to Sao Paulo? Yes. There's a flight back at the other end (where I'd left from) and they should have a seat for me.


Of course, there was no seat available.

Fortunately, someone who didn't need to actually be in Toronto until the next morning, arranged to have their ticket swapped for mine by Air Canada such that I could have their seat and they'd leave later (which for, thanks).

Arrived in Toronto with only fifteen minutes to catch the connecting flight, but there was no hurry - it was half an hour late arriving. We boarded and the plane pulled away from the gate, only to sit there, and sit there ... until, about half an hour later, the intercom came on and the Captain informed us there was a problem with the hydraulics and he was in communication with the tower to see if it could be resolved internally. An hour later he came back on to say it couldn't, so mechanics were coming to see if they could fix it from outside. A couple of hours later, no they couldn't and we had to file back into the terminal where, at 3am were informed there were no flights available. We'd have to wait until the morning.

Air Canada did offer hotel rooms for people, but since we didn't know when the flight was going to be, most stayed in the terminal. $3300 shelled out (economy class, yet) so I could sleep on the airport floor. Oh, and I spent almost an hour trying to get change with which to call my friend in Sao Paulo, waking her up to inform her I wasn't going to be there on time. The people at Toronto International don't seem to think having either a change machine, or a telephone card selling machine available would be a good idea. The latter can only be had in a business ... which is closed overnight.

At 9:30 am we got on, but the snowstorm, which an evening departure would have avoided, had arrived, so we had to wait another hour-and-a-half for the plane to be de-iced.

All of this to say the first day of a very expensive trip was shot as we arrived twelve-and-a-half hours later than scheduled thanks to Air Canada not doing adequate preventive maintenance on its aircraft.

It gets worse. As the Air Canada flight leaving Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo for Canada ten days later left the gate, it suddenly stopped and we sat there, and sat there. And it was getting hot in the plane. Even Brasilians were complaining. Then came the intercom starting up and the Captain apologizing for the delay, but there was a problem with the secondary power, and some systems, such as air conditioning weren't working. Stuck in a tin can, in a tropical country, during the summer ... and no air conditioning. *sigh*

Definitely the WORST trip I've ever been on, and most of the fault lying at the feet of Air Canada's screwups.

Southbank Dodge - Ottawa - THEIVES!

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Automotive

Last month I noticed somehing funny with my brakes. I made an appointment at Southbank Dodge. I have never been there before and wish any other new customers luck. I had an appointment at 7:30am. Upon arriving, I go to the service desk (because thats what you do!) There was no one there, I stood there for about 3 minutes until the janitor asked if I needed help and directed me to the "customer service rep" out in the garage. They have a small desk in the middle of the garage area and there are ppl standing around, staff and customers and there is clearly no order or organization to this. Finally a rep serves me, asks if I have been there before, when I tell him no, I thought he was going to crush the mouse in his hand. He is VERY ANNOYED that he has to enter me into the system. When all is said and done, he tells me he'll call me at work with an estimate.

When I get the call, he tells me I need new brakes & rotars all around and that it was going to cost $1200.00. I told him I couldn't afford that at the moment and that I will be back to pick my car up at noon. He tries to scare me into giving them the business by saying my car is un-driveable. Knowing that it wasn't, I again said I would be there at noon to pick it up.

In the meantime, I called around to a few other places, got some quotes and all were between $500-$700. I called Southbank Dodge back and asked why it was so much. He calls me back and says, and I quote "ok, ok, we'll do it for $800" I asked why they were able to drop the price so much so fast and why they didn't quote me $800 the first time...I told him he was admitting to ripping me off! I told him no way was I giving him one cent. He then says "well, we're not just some garage you know?" I told him I don't care who they are, they are dishonest and untrustworthy.

When I went to pick my car up, I was spoken to like a dog and went to get my car, I couldn't find it, walked around the lot like an idiot for 5 minutes until I finally saw a manager, gave him my keys and told him to find my car.

The next day I took the Jeep elsewhere, had new brakes put on for $600, received amazing customer service and quality work.


Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Retail mv

A few weeks ago, I was in the market for a new computer. I headed off to the nearby Future Shop, expecting, as usual, poor customer service, but thought I would check out what they had anyway. Turns out, they actually had a computer I was interested in at a reasonable price. Now, try to get an employee to help! They were all too busy putting cd's into this sound system, blasting the music and dancing around! Can you beleive it!? There were about 6 of them dancing and joking around. I waited around the computer for about 10 minutes, even made eye contact with a couple of them but no one came over to help. Needless to say, I went to Best Buy and bought my computer there- paid a little more for it, but at least I received customer service. The South Keys Future Shop is by far the worst one in Ottawa. It seems like more of a social hangout for the young, unprofessional, stuck up "staff". I have taken my regular business elsewhere for good.

Sears: from 'swear by' to 'swear at'.

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Retail

Went with my mother to the Sears at Carlingwood in Ottawa to purchase a dishwasher and fridge each. She also wanted a new stove. First question, though, was to inquire as to whether they delivered/installed in the evening or weekends as I work for a living and didn't relish needing to take a day off to be home when they came with the items. Sure, they said. Would Wednesday evening next week be OK?

Over $3000 of combined purchases later, we left the store. I dropped her off at her home and was just walking into my place when the phone rang. It was her saying Sears had just called saying they couldn't deliver evenings. I called them the next morning and expressed my ... displeasure at this. They said they'd get back to me. They did and stated that, OK, it would be delivered the evening in question.

Early the next week, I received a call from them saying that they would indeed deliver on Wednesday, but that they couldn't install the dishwasher that evening (hook it up to the plumbing.)

Next morning I called the assistant manager for the store and complained loudly about this. He said he'd call back. He did. Would 6 pm Thursday for delivery and installation do?

OK it would do.

Come 7 am Thursday, I get a call at work from a VERY upset mother who explained that the idiots at Sears had just tried to deliver everything. They'd apologized for being late, but they don't deliver at 6 am, only start at 7 am. Apparently they hadn't bothered to check whether the "6 am" delivery time might have been a mistake somewhere along the line. Mother canceled our order right then and there.

We went to Corbeil a few days later, bought equivalent items, and had those delivered on time on a Saturday.

Sears used to be very reliable for delivery and service, but that was many years ago before they farmed it out to an outside moving firm that could care less. Now? They're a mess and have lost our business.

Snotty employees @ Future Shop

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail

I made the mistake of walking into Future Shop to look for a digital camera. I stood at the Camera counter for about 15 minutes examining a demo model while two employees sat there talking about how much alcohol they planned to consume later that evening (theres a smart topic to discuss in front of customers). I finally asked one of them for assistance and they looked at me like I was being such a bother to them! They weren't able to answer any of my questions and then when I wanted to purchase the camera they informed me that they were out of stock. They didn't know when or even if they would be getting more in. So what good are the employees at Future Shop? They have little or no product knowledge and the professionalism of an eight year old child! After this experience I will not shop at Future Shop or Best Buy since they are owned by the same company!

unbelievable but true

Location: Quebec, vaudreuil
Industry: Retail

I bought 60 cedar trees @ $29.99 each only to discover 2 days after they were delivered that they were marked down to $19.99 at another Home Depot (and soon thereafter marked down at every local Montreal area store). I went back for a refund for the difference ($600.00!) and after avoiding coming face to face with me for the longest time by sending his flunky back and forth to deal with me, the store manager finally came out of his hole (because I refused to leave without speaking to him personally) and refused me a refund by lying and contradicting himself. It would take more space than is available here to relay the entire experience, but as an example, when I asked him if I would have to bring the plants back myself to get a full refund so I could go and get them at the other Home Depot store, he had the nerve to tell me that even with a receipt I would only get back a refund for the lowest price (19.99) - what kind of moron would even begin to suggest that????! My husband, by the way, was witness to the entire episode.

Seeing that I was wasting my time with this man, I went home and called the company. First person I spoke to said what I experienced was disgusting and that he was sure I'd get my money back once I spoke to his superiors, but I then went through 3 more "customer service" agents and the highest one on the totem pole ended by offering me a small gift certificate based on the store manager's (ignorant) behaviour but still refused to refund my $600.00 (nor did she say this man would be reprimanded in any way for his behavior)! WOW!!!

Well, sitting down with pen in hand to write Head Office was a complete waste of time because after waiting forever for a response - they basically told me to kiss their grits because they stood by their moronic store manager, believed and supported his lies (even with the proof right in front of their eyes who was telling the truth) and they would not be issuing me one penny of a refund (by this point any retailer with half an ounce of brain mass at head office would've done some major damage control before a consumer scorned like myself would've discovered this site and started tapping away on my keyboard as I am now (BTW - thanks guys, for this immensely useful tool for consumers who have consistently been pooped on by big businesses who think they are untouchable. This is long overdue - so keep up the good work).

In closing, my message is loud and clear when it comes to Home Depot: BUYER BEWARE!!!!

President's Choice Financial Mastercard

Location: Alberta, edmonton
Industry: Finance

I was told by Brian, an employee, in March, that my 0.97% balance transfer rate would be good until July 15, 2008

On my June statement I got dinged $17.73 interest (19+%) because the company says the 0.97 % expired in May.

I've called them on at least three different days, documenting who I talked to, at what time, on what date. I gave them Brian's employee number, the date and time of the call and the confirmation number he gave me of the 0.97%.

Yesterday I was on the phone with five different employees for 38 minutes. The prior two phone calls in June were at least 16 minutes total.

My take home pay is about $18-$20/hour. If I'd known it would've taken so long to get this resolved, I wouldn't have bothered because it hasn't been cost effective - but then my cranky-old-woman-before-her-time-self whines "But it's the PRINCIPLE of it!"

Yesterday, I told them they had 10 days to rectify the problem or I'm cancelling my account, which has a zero balance. Why would I use a service which has no service?

Can't you see I am talking here.....

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail

What is it with the youth in the workforce these days. About a month ago I had gone into LaSenza Girl to purchase my niece a birthday present. I quickly found a cute outfit that I knew she would like and I proceeded to the cash register to pay for the items. Every employee in the store looked to be under the age of 20 (if they were even that). While I was standing in line (which consisted of only me), waiting for one of the 2 girls behind the counter to see that I was there so that I could pay for my items I began looking at the shelves that they have conveniently placed right out at the counter to see what they had. After about 3 minutes of standing there, one of the girls looked up and says to me 'are you ready?'.... There was no did you find everything you were looking for? Would you like a gift receipt? nothing, just your total is have a nice day, come again, nothing. I remember the days when you walked into a store and you were approached by staff as soon as you walked in if there was anything they could help you with. Now-a-days it just seems like you are bothering these people.

round peg/square hole!!

Location: British Columbia, Courtenay
Industry: Retail

Bought a hottub and while they were installing they broke the skimmer cover for my pool - they quickly said that they would replace the standard cover - for months, they repeatedly said it was on order or backordered (the only thing backordered was their b.s.) - after 8 months of this, I was going to get one from any of a hundred on-line sites but instead forwarded the resources to Dalron - I even drew them pictures - finally got a call from a clerk there and she said that I should have got her involved earlier since she makes things happen and there would be someone by in the next few days with the new cover - all correspondence with these incompetents was for a square cover and they were provided with the model no. and the dimensions after taking it all down themselves - a couple of days later, a guy shows up with a round cover for a square hole - a week later, they got it right - it shouldn't be quicker to have a baby than to get a basic pool supply item from a pool supply company - no apologies - I have been told that this is the level of service you can expect from these folks in many regards (they would make comments about each other when I called to complain - "he is a little slow")

My new fridge

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Retail

I had a leaking fridge and because we are seniors on a fixed income, a few scratches didn't bother us. So we went to the Sears Liquidation Outlet on June 15. Delivery was June 17. Fridge didn't work. Technician arrived June 19 and agreed. I took photos and went back to get a replacement. Delivery scheduled for June 23. Husband rushed to ER to be shocked back to life June 21. No delivery June 23. Holiday June 24. On June 25, wrong fridge delivered. Ours was still in the store. Two amateurs brought it, parked on the wrong street, rolled it on its own wheels to the house. More damage. July 25 replacement parts arrived but I had to beg them to install because they argued the parts were cosmetic only. Bryna Gartenberg

False low price guarantee

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Tourism

I recently booked a hotel room (in the U.S.) through Orbitz based on their best price guarantee and was charged $184.00 for two nights. When I checked out of the hotel, the hotel bill showed a total cost of $144.00.

When I contacted Orbitz (three different times) about the $40.00 overcharge, they said that at the time of booking that was the best price, and that I would not get a refund. Their logic was that if the price had gone up, they wouldn't have charged me more, so I should be happy (which is absurd as once you have paid in full, the price is cannot go up) . They never could rationalize their best price money back guarantee.

Needless to say, I will never use Orbitz again, and strongly suggest that everyone avoid them. Their guarantees are worthless. Their are many more booking agencies that honour their commitments.

Best Buy No Commission policy = Bad Service

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Technology

We went to Best Buy to purchase a MP3 player, our decision was made on model and make, we just wanted the player of our choice. We get to Best Buy and stand around for at least 10 to 15 minutes in front of the locked display. We noticed 4 sale rep talking to each other in the next isle. We approached one of them and asked if he could get the MP3 from the locked display, he replied yes in a minute, he needed to get the key. So we walk back to the locked display and waited. 10 minutes later I noticed this sale rep helping someone else and wondering what happened with the mysterious key. I approached another sale rep and was told he would get the key right way. Another 5 minutes went by and no sale rep were around anymore....

We left the store, before leaving I explained the story to the manager who replied "I'm sorry" and didn't offer anything to make us stay or correct the problem.

The no sale commission policy doesn't help Best Buy, unless you like shopping or browsing with no one asking you to help you, then Best Buy is the place. Good luck getting an item locked away.


Location: Quebec, DORVAL
Industry: Other



Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Retail

This is a HEADS UP for all honest hard working consumers. Depanneurs normally charge us twice the price for most items that we could buy at a supermarket. I don't have a problem with that but I have run across a depanneur who routinely tries to short-change his customers!! He totally over-charges for almost every item and then has the nerve to try and give you the wrong change!! I am a tolerant person and I have nothing against immigrants, but these immigrants who own the Depanneur 7 Jours at 5814 Decarie make my blood boil!! We let you into our country and then you try to rip off native born Canadians and then you complain when you encounter racism. FYI Stay away from this Depanneur! There is another just one block away. It is also owned by immigrants but at least they are honest. Do yourself a favor and don't let them pick your pockets!! Cheers

The worst!

Location: Quebec, Montrteal
Industry: Telecom

I can belive that 4 times i called to solve a billing issue and 4 times I was disconected after spending at least 10 min. with each "customer service representative". With this company is not possible to be polite and effective.

WORST Service Ever on a Soon-To-Be Bride's Stagette Night - Yianni's on Whyte

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant
md mv
Being a bridesmaid and planning the stagette, I had made reservations for about 15 people at one of the best Greek restaurants in town. Myself, the soon-to-be bride, and a couple other people were running late for the reservation, but some people in our party had already shown up. When we arrived, the hostess informed us that we were late, walked to the bottom of the staircase leading up to where our table was, pointed, and said "you're up there". Our server then rarely came back to check on us, but I have to admit, the food was great. After a night of partying on the town, I return home to find my message light blinking.
One of the bride's friends didn't pay her share and since my phone number was put down for the reservation, they had called me. I let them know that we would figure it out and then pay them the next morning (since by now they were closing and we wouldn't have gotten there in time since it was past 2am). The girl informed me that if we didn't pay, she would send the police to my house and charge me. The girls never did pay their portion (since even though the bride promised to talk with them, she didn't because she somehow blamed it on her wedding party that we hadn't paid enough for her share) and since I had to work the next day, my sister had to go down and put the $96 onto her credit card, and the hostess even gave her the third degree when she went there, stating that we shouldn't have invited people we didn't know to the stagette...though they were good friends of the bride. They then told her "that will teach you" with their manager standing right beside them SAYING NOTHING AT ALL. Even though the food at this restaurant is amazing, I will NEVER go back since some stupid 18 year old bimbos run the joint and the managers couldn't give a s**t about customer issues.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Media Exposure of on !!!


See ... We told you we work hard to spread your stories on bad services ...

Today we got a call from CanWest News Service, asking if we could provide some input for their new story =) (They found us through the group from facebook)

It is regarding a survey showing that Canadian consumers are so ticked off about bad customer service that 86 per cent of them have dropped their items and walked out of a store without buying anything because the wait was too long.

You can read the full story here

Keep reading till the end and pass it along !

The story ran today in the, Edmonton Journal, Nanaimo Daily News, Montreal Gazette, Winnipeg Free Press and Alberni Valley Times. And also, was being invited for Radio Interview for "Adler On-Line" show on AM640 and "Jeff Allan" show on 570NEWS ! =)

Got something to complain ? Make your voice heard now !

Imperial Parking

Location: Saskatchewan, Regina
Industry: Transport
Annoyed By: The Receptionist
On August 5 I parked my car in my stall of a lot that I had been renting in for 9 years. The price had just been raised, starting August 1. As I was parking, a man came up to me and said that I couldn't park there, that they were upgrading the lot. I asked 'so where should I park' and he said to park in the next lot ($25 less than the lot I park in)
I parked there, and I called Impark and asked about the construction, and why no body had let us know in advance, and they said that they didn't know, they didn't own the lot and the owners had started the construction without letting them know. Impark did not know how long it would take, or why some renters were notified of the construction and some were not. I asked for a reduction in the parking fee, since I was parking in a cheaper lot, and they said to get a reduction I would have to give up my stall, and park in another lot..????? duh. So far, it is the 25 of August and they are still not done, and I just got my invoice in the mail for next month's parking, at the full rate. I must say that where I park, in Regina, there are not other lots that are not owned/operated by Impark. They have all their parkers over a barrell, and they know it and don't give a hoot about how inconvienient or how much a person has to pay to park downtown. Makes me really mad!!! And I am only one of 50 people who are mad and park in that lot, not to mention the people we displace by parking in the next lot... who are ticketed for parking in the next lot to them!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The worst Telus story EVER

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Telecom

I moved to Edmonton with my BF in March, his roomie was movinng to Vancouver and had a contract for internet with Telus, she would be charged $450 to cancel, paid us $200 to take the account over, we needed it anyways so we did.

We got phone added too, to our new address, and was told they would send out a tech in a few days. 4 appointments were made with the tech, as they never showed up. Finally they tell us they couldnt get us internet because they didnt have an open port in our area, and because they couldnt get us service, they would be charging us $450 cancellation fee unless we found some address to move our service to until they had an open port. Get this...we were to call them every single day to see if there was a port open yet, if we didnt do this, we would be charged the cancel fee.

I freaked, at this point we had lived 3 weeks without phone OR internet, and demanded they cancel our account at no charge because it was THEM who could not live up to the contract agreement because they could not provide us service, and I was prepared to go to small claims court, they didn't have a f**king leg to stand on. AMAZING we had phone and internet the next day.

We get a call "you dont have any features on your account including long distance" so yeah, we set up a sweet LD bundle and 6 calling features, was to be set up in a few days. NEVER came, no features, and a fat $200 bill for LD fees that were supposed to be bundled.

So again I call, also because we have yet to get a paper bill, as each time I call they still have the old address on file and are sending the bills there, I swear i changed it around 7 times with them, and still they keep sending the bill to the old place. They tell me that during their last software updat our account somehow got frozen and they oculd not make any changes to it...HUH? how is that my problem? and they promise to credit my account to cover the LD overcharges. Guess what?? that never happened.

So we decide to switch our phone to Shaw, screw Telus, yeah we have to keep the net for now, but at least we wont be getting $200 phone bills. Telus refused to release our number to Shaw because our account was still frozen, so I call the CRTC and log a formal complaint. It gets escilated to Telus complaint and legal department and alas 3 days later we get our number released to Shaw.

GET THIS....a week after we get Shaw phone I wake up to no internet. I call Telus and get told they canceled our internet and charged us the $450 fee because Shaw phone wont work with Telus internet (Shaw tech told me otherwise). So I call the lady at the complaint branch who gave me her direct line and she is apologetic, the Telus rep OUTRIGHT lied, because that isnt true. There was no order to shut off our internet, it was just an error, and they turn it back on, and not to worry, we eont be charged the cancellation fee.

Guess what?? finally a paper bill shows up! and guess what?? we owe them $650...yup the cancellation fee is still on there PLUS a reactivation this point I am delirious with rage, how the hell can these people treat anyone like this? I called the complaint lady AGAIN she tells me outright that she is surprised I haven't gotten a lawyer by now, and that this is one of the worst cases she has handled. And finally this month everything seems in order...and you wont beleive this, my phone rings today, a Telus rep is asking me why we switched to Shaw....I started laughing hysterically into the phone because at this point it's all I have, and hung up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shiki Sushi head waitress blows

Location: British Columbia, Victoria
Industry: Restaurant

She is rude, snappy, she will push you if you are in her way, and I will not return to that restaurant because of her. She is an example of THE WORST server possible.

ALDO Sales Reps Suck

Location: British Columbia, Victoria
Industry: Retail

Several times I have gone to their stores at different locations and had nothing but snotty little girls give me attitude when I ask for a shoe size. No smiles, no thank you, nothing.
What is ALDO thinking? This is brutal service and there seems to be no measure of quality across this chain.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Canadian Tire Auto Ripoff

Location: Ontario, Scarborough
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Canadian Tire

A while back, my car broke down in the drive through at was a 96 Cavalier.
I didn't know of any mechanics in the area, thus got it towed ro Candian Tire at St.Clair/Kingston Rd.

They charged me over $100 to do a diognostic and called me a few hourse later to tell me my engine had completely blown and I needed a new one, which would cost about $5000. I could get a refirbished one for about $3000. I was dumbfounded...but there was more. The rep said " Even though your car is toast, the Mechanic really liked it and would like to offer you a couple of grand for it, are you interested?"
Are you kidding me?

I refused. Got my car towed to a private mechanic who found the timing chain had broke and damaged some cylinders.
It cost me $2000 all in and it was back to normal within a few days.
Stay away from the scammers at Canadian Tire!!!

The Tulip

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed by: Old Blonde Chick w/scragly hair

Went ther for breakfast and the service was non-existant. Took 25 minutes to take out order and when it arrived my medium steak was well done and very grisly and when we finnished our meals we waited for the bill for another 20 minutes (at which time we received our 1st and only refill).
If you go at night try to get the young latin man, he is friendly, he pays attention and he is quick.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Med Bar & Grill

Location: Quebec, Montreal/blvd. St Laurent
Industry: Restaurant

Tipped 16% before tax on a round of cocktails - worked out to be over $2 per cocktail and inside the 15-25% before tax bracket.

She TOLD me she would keep my change, although we were due $5. I said, no, I've calculated this pre-tax - your TIP is actually right. She turned around and yells to her colleague, "HA! 5 BUCKS!"

We left, stunned. Now I'm more confident with tipping, I should have ripped her head off then and there, got my money back AND asked to speak to a manager.

Only in Montreal....

Arrogant tart.

Druxy's Eaton Center

Location: Ontario, Downtown Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Meat lady

SHE may be in a routine with asking what meats/bread/sauce you want, but it was our first time there...

In a super busy food court, lunch time, Wednesday, she waves her hands and goes "HELLLOOO?" when we didn't hear her mumble, "mustard....? ..... mustard?....."

I say back, "Oh, we didn't hear you!" and she just sighs and plonks the sandwich on the plate.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Telus long distance

Location: British Columbia, Kamloops
Industry: Telecom
Company: Telus
I decided to cancel my long distance with Telus and move it to Primus because it would save me this big amount of money. Instead of paying $0.18 a minute to call my sister it would only be $0.11 and I could call whenever I wanted instead of having to wait till after 6pm.

So I had service with Primus for about a month and got one bill. Then I get the typical call from Telus about why did you leave blah blah blah we'll give you this if you come back. So I said no thanks I like what I have I'm not switching back.

Next thing I know I don't get another Primus bill, I get instead a nice thick Telus bill because when I had said no thank you to Telus the ass just switched me back anyway!

So I had kept calling like I was with Primus when unknown to me I had been switched back after saying no. So to get to the bottom of this I Telus and ask them what the hell is going on and they told me it was probably because I hadn't paid my bill on time and that thos "other" phone companies like to do that. So I call Primus to ask them why they would do that when I paid my bill right away and was told that the note on the account said Telus had contacted them and advised them I had decided to go back to them and to cancel my account.

Mad? That does not even describ where I was at that point. I told the Primus operator that that was very wrong and I had never said that I had actually told them I wanted to stay with Primus. So they turned my long distance back on with them, and off to the wonderful land of Telus I went.

I called Telus and raised hell there about what the hell did they think they were doing when someone says no thank you it means NO! I DON'T WANT YOUR CRAP! I want my account credited I'm not paying my phone bill you can kiss my ass! So off to a supervisor I went and he credited my account in total of get this $324.40 for what I would have saved with Primus! He tells me to take that off my bill and just pay the remainder. So I did.

If only it ended there. Next I get a disconnection notice in the mail for the amount that they owe me! I call their wonderful customer service yet again and tell them that I am credited that amound of money and why are they cutting my phone off. The girl on the phone tells me that I have to pay the full amount on the account and they will just credit it back to me on the next bill. My next question then was WTF is a credit then? You owe me over $300 but you want me to pay it to you so you can pay it back to me? Does this make sense to you? Back to a supervisor I got (starting to love Telus oh yes!). I tell the supervisor what is going on and that if they cut off my phone I'll sue them lol why not sue? ha ha ha Pain and suffering ya know wink wink Finally though with this last call things all worked out, but never an appology like oh sorry we screwed up, nope just what ever we took up that much of your life to make you deal with our crap.

Gotta love that Telus!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Some silly waitress

Long story short, She spilled my chocolate milk and I saw her wipe my glass with her sleeve. YUK!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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Friday, August 1, 2008

I was sure a Tip was a gratuity for Good service??!

Location: Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed by: Irratated Sushi Boy!! Kitchener

The Food at Ye's All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and Japanese Restaurant is Awsome!!!

What is not awsome is there service, it is to say the least borderline apathetic! Order sheets picked up from the table in a snatching motion(like why are you people here?) and food tossed at the table in a similar fashion without barely looking.... half the time it belongs to another table and we have to call the servers back to say "I think this belongs to someone else?!" at which point they grab it back... making faces, and take it somewhere else?! Then only part of what we did order arrives .... and we wait.... and we wait... then the rest arrives tossed at the table, no apology for delay..... I say again the Food itself is awsome and the Chef's are to be comended for a stellar job! BUT they need to train their servers on how to properly serve a table in a restaurant!! And this is the part that really frosts my windows.... they automatically charge everyone a 10% service charge on the bill!!! I thought this was illegal? and to top it off... they have a tip jar by the cash register!!!! The nerve. I am also going to put a bug in the ear of the taxman... as I am quite sure they are not declaring that extra income that they are charging people!?