Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting for MTS to get me a phone case.........for 10 months.

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Telecom

Back in October 2007 I went to an MTS phone center to get a cell phone case for my older phone. Sure the guy said, no problem, I'll call you when it comes in. Two months go by and I go back. Oops, one of the women there said, give me your name and number again and I'll call you when it comes in. Three months go by......of course they say they'll order it again...yada yada. Two months later, no phone case. Then I go to another MTS location across town and explain what happened. The guy there says, "They just don't care at that location." Then he makes a phone call and tells me,"I'll have one her for you tomorrow"!!!! Joy of joys!!!..........Long story short, after two more trips to the second MTS location, I still have no case for my old, tried and true cell phone. Promises, promises MTS. What a bunch of half-mile slackers. If I ran my business the way they do, I'd be out of business. The sad thing is it's not only one person who promised me they would get the job done. I talked to six seperate sales people at two locations who all said they could get it done for me. What a bunch of crap.

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