Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Location: Ontario, TORONTO
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: RONALD





Motor Movers Spain Destroyed My Car And Now Refuse To Fix The Damage

Location: Other, Malaga
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: Motor Movers Spain

In July of 2009 I contracted Motor Movers Spain to transport my prized PT Cruiser Cabriolet from Spain to the UK.

When their agent arrived on July 4th I filled in the necessay documentaion giving Motor Movers Spain the sole authority to transport my car to the UK. I was told upon collection that it would delivered to my UK address on the 12th of July. With assurances of a professonal service and guarantees of care I relinquished my Cruiser to Motor Movers Spain and arranged my flight back to the UK to ensure I would be at the delivery address when the car arrived.

The car did not arrive on Monday the 12th of July as Motor Movers assured on collection. I then contacted Motor Movers to find out what was causing the delay, they did'nt even have the courtesy to call and tell me that there would be a delay.

Motor Movers then informed me that the transport lorry was not in a roadworthy condition and would have to be repaired before I could have delivery. This work would cause a delay of approximately 7 days and I would have to hire alternative transport at my own expesne.

Not good and rather annoying. Not the, "high standards of customer service" they claim on their website and that they had led me to expect.

Another 7 days passed when I receive the call that my PT Cruiser Cabriolet is about to be delivered. Not from Motor Movers but from an unknown transporter who was asking me if I knew if there was a jet wash near by. Why I asked him my suspicions aroursed. Only to be informed that a little oil or something had leaked from another vehicle onto mine while on the transporter.

"Not onto the canvas roof" I asked.
"I dont know" came the reply. Obviously lying and I knew at that point something was seriously wrong with my car.

The transporter arrived and it was instantly obvious that it was substantially more than, "a little oil or something." With much apology the driver, Billy of BKW Transport, explained that he had been sub-contracted without my permission or knowledge to deliver the car by Motor Movers Spain.

I was absolutely gutted. The car was covered in not only corrosive fluid but also rust, metal debris and what looked like metal filings. All from the 15 year old heap that was parked above it on the transporter. The hood was saturated and the fluid had filed the passenger door, was rotting all the seals and had even melted the window wipers.

Luckily my brother was there when Motor Movers Spain's sub contractor dumped my Cruiser in the local High street and helped me move the car to my house. The boss of Motor Movers, John, would later claim that he had delivered my car, but I am sure you will agree dumped is a much more honest description for a vehicle in this condition.

Billy the driver then jumped into his cab saying that he would forward the insurance details as unfortunately he did'nt have them to hand. Most professional transporters would, I would have thought, had such information to hand. But not so with Motor Movers sub contracted driver.

I later contacted "John" at Motor Movers Spain requesting insurance details to allow me to have the damage assesed and corrected. I was shouted down and told by "John" of Motor Movers Spain that these things happen and that he was unable to give me the insurance details as, you geussed it, he did'nt have them to hand.

Only after I created a blog, with pictures of the damage did he provide insurance details. However that was nearly six months ago and my car continues to rot as there is a problem with the insurance and I am continually fobbed off.

Motor Movers Spain have refused to return calls and emails and prefer to ignore the damage, stress and inconvienence they have caused.

Look a the photographs of my car and ask yourself would you entrust your runaround, as Motor Movers Spain put it on their website, let alone Bentley, Ferrari or Porsche to a company that considers this an acceptable condition to deliver someones pride and joy. Dented, rubbers and seals corroded, tyres breaking up, saturated in corrosive fluids, covered in rust and metalic debris and scratched paintwork.

I would'nt let Motor Movers transport my boys old pedal cart let alone a prestiege motor.

Monday, November 23, 2009 Call Center "Customer Service" rep SUCKS

Location: Ontario,
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: DAWN

I just had a horrible experience with SoftMoc's ( call-center representative concerning an online order. I shopped online since I'm in the U.S., and though I had no problems with the ordering of my shoes, their call center representative, Dawn, was rude and incompetent when I called about a question regarding my refund. I bought two of the same pairs of shoes, and ended up returning one of them. When setting up the return, I called with the specific ticket/order number of the specific pair I wanted refunded (because that pair was purchased on a card that charged extra for foreign currency transactions). So, months later, when I called with my question about the amount of the credit, I was told first that they had no record of my return, and later after a call back from Dawn-the-"Customer Service" Rep, was told that they did refund my purchase, but they refunded the first, not the second of my orders, and refuned the OTHER credit card in question. I asked how this was possible, since I specifically called them and asked to return the second pair, and she said a bunch of nonsense about how they often choose to do that when multiple pairs of the same shoe are purchased. I told her that I was now short some money because of their action, and all she had to say was that they'd done their job and refunded my purchase. Granted the WRONG PURCHASE. and AGAINST MY INSTRUCITONS. AND ULTIMATELY COST ME MONEY (because they refunded a purchase on a card that did NOT charge extra for foreign currency purchases, and left me with a purchase on the credit card that did). And she didn't try to do anything to compensate me, or to even convey that this was a problem on their end, or that they were even sorry about it! After a few comments from her that conveyed, in both words and tone, that I needed to "get over" it, as SoftMoc had done everything they should've done, I told her that I didn't appreciate her attitude that somehow this was my cross to bear, and that by simply "refunding my purchase" they had nothing to apologize to me for. I was upset, yes, but I was telling her that my problem was more in principle than anything, since the amount in question wouldn't exactly ruin me finanically. All she had to say back was that I was yelling at her. I told her I was upset, and rightly so, but certainly not even in the vicinity of yelling. She said I WAS, and that "even her manager could hear me" yelling. Then I asked to speak with her manager, since I was getting nowhere with her. At that point, the manager was "not available" or even in the building, according to Dawn the "cutomer service" rep. I asked how her manager could be there to hear me supposedly "yell" but not to discuss this matter with (by this time, the matter was her rudeness, not necessarily even the refund mistake anymore). I called back three more times, and had the "luck" to reach Dawn each time. She refused to pass me to a supervisor and hung up on me each time too. Given the many shopping choices we all have in person and via the web, I would strongly recommend saving yourself any potential contact with a winner like Dawn and this company!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

irritated by

Location: Other, California
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By:

I recently "purchased" a wii game (band hero) from this website. i then received an email saying my purchased was cancelled (after they billed me). I called to see what the issue was informed the lady I spoke to stated any items over $150 had to be verified (if being shipped to different address). I supplied the compnay with all my information to confirm I was purchasing the item (total was $169) and that I wanted it shipped to another address (it was a christmas gift for my nephew in Illinois). The lady upgraded my shipping and stated it was verified.
THEN I received two more calls the next day stating if over $100 the order has to be cancelled and it is impossible to verify. NOWHERE on their website states this is an issue. I asked what I could do- check by phone, nope. The only way is to send them a check then they can send it to a different address. Not sure how THAT is more secure than a credit card that I must give ALL my information verbally over the phone to someone. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold and then the supervisor was "too busy" to talk to me. I am SLIGHTLY irritate

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Island American Eskimos is Completely Unethical Breeder

Location: Other, Portland, OR
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Robert Brown

I contact Robert Brown about buying one of his puppies and he sent me a questionnaire. After I completely filled out the questionnaire, I sent it in and awaited his response. I told him that I wasn't looking at breeding and that I was very knowledgable about American Eskimos. I mentioned I was in a relationship with a man and that's were everything went wrong. I liked his lines and his program but his response to me was completely uncalled for. Below is the email I received:


After careful review, I don't feel like you are ready to purchase one of my babies. I am a Christian and don't believe that homosexuality is acceptable for any reason. My eskies don't deserve to be placed in the home of a sodomite. Get right with God and maybe one day you can have my puppy. If you don't get right with God then you will burn in hell forever with all other sodomites.


Robert Brown"

That was copied directly out of my email. UNBELIEVABLE! What right does he have to judge me and tell me I'm going to hell because of my choice. Everyone should know about this bigot and he should be ashamed as a "Christian" of his hateful comments.

After 4 years, 47000km and 3 services, VW still cannot even FIND the cause of the screeching brakes.

Location: Other, Edenvale, South Africa
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Volkswagen South Africa

After 4 years, 47000km and 3 services, VW still cannot even FIND the cause of the screeching brakes. Their solution..."drive with the handbrake ON and then release the handbrake and the noise will go away" awesome German engineering for it's flagship vehicle !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing extra comes from www.cigarextras

Location: Other, online retailer USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: www.cigarextras is a retailer that sells humidors, etc. I ordered a humidor (supposedly A stock) and what I received was a nightmare. The humidor was obviously B stock (or worse) The lid wouldn't close, the finish was marred, and there was overspray everywhere. I knew after 3 seconds of looking at it, it was going to go back. They supposedly have a 7 day return policy, but first you contact the customer service through the phone number listed. The number's a hoax. There is never anyone who answers it. I tried emailing them and all I got was one rude reply. The reply said customer service has 72 hours to respond. Funny, by the time that email came in it had already been 120 hrs. Well, the seven days were eventually up and still no response from customer service "can you say SCAM." I never did get any other communications from this company. It was only then did I start doing my homework and looked at a myriad of complaints about this crooked company. Caveat Emptor: Buyer be ware-You've been warned.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Location: Other, UK and USA
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: TEXT121 CHAT

Well i stupidly applied to work for text121 company as i really needed the money and thought it would be ideal with having children to work from home. This involves sitting at a computer and answering texts from desperate people, mostly in a sexual manor. These desperate people think you are this lovely person at the end of a mobile phone who really likes them. You are even expected to answer tarot questions, people do not realise they are being answered by people who know nothing about tarot. Anyway you are given a target of 3000 texts per month, 2200 for the first month or they do not pay you - even if you do just 1 under. This company allows you to work for them, then just before the last day of earning, which is the last day of the month, they think of any reason to get rid of you so they dont have to pay you! They even had the cheek on the 31st of the month to block me from using the service and then to tell me they had teminated me from working for them and they would not be paying me as i must be thick! It had been my first month and i had completed over 2200 messages!
The bosses treat you like dirt and even swear at you and send you disgusting e-mails, they certainly wouldnt do this face to face! There are many people in the same position as myself who have been conned by this company also and it really needs to be looked into as it surely cannot be allowed?
Steer clear of working for these idiots unless you want to spend every day answering dirty messages and not being paid for any of them!