Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing extra comes from www.cigarextras

Location: Other, online retailer USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: www.cigarextras

www.cigarextras.com is a retailer that sells humidors, etc. I ordered a humidor (supposedly A stock) and what I received was a nightmare. The humidor was obviously B stock (or worse) The lid wouldn't close, the finish was marred, and there was overspray everywhere. I knew after 3 seconds of looking at it, it was going to go back. They supposedly have a 7 day return policy, but first you contact the customer service through the phone number listed. The number's a hoax. There is never anyone who answers it. I tried emailing them and all I got was one rude reply. The reply said customer service has 72 hours to respond. Funny, by the time that email came in it had already been 120 hrs. Well, the seven days were eventually up and still no response from customer service "can you say SCAM." I never did get any other communications from this company. It was only then did I start doing my homework and looked at a myriad of complaints about this crooked company. Caveat Emptor: Buyer be ware-You've been warned.

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