Monday, August 27, 2007

Have you ever received really bad customer service?

Have you ever received really bad customer service? Watch this video and see if you can relate to any of them. If you do, come share your stories with us !

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Best Buy Store - Eglinton and Warden - Scarborough

Location: Ontario, Scarborough
Industry: Retail
Company: Best Buy

I wanted to purchase a compact disc boom box. Asked three salesman if I could have a sample cd to hear the quality of the sound. One told me to go somelse in the right section, the second one told me they had no cd's to play, meanwhile the store has a cd section (strange), the third guy said was not his problem and could not help me.

Never again will I shop at this Best Buy, very poor service staff. Must say not all Best Buy stores are like this one!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

no tip no service!

Location: Other, Europe!
Industry: Restaurant

If you hate bad service don't ever come to Germany!


Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Retail
Company: Futureshop
So a few weeks ago, after about a year of research, I went to my local futureshop. the same futureshop I had been shopping at for over 10 years. the same futureshop I had even worked for at one point, for over a year!

anyway, I bought a desktop PC, took it home and realized that it had already been opened. So I took it back to futureshop and informed them of my situation. The manager assured me that even though it was opened, that it was still in perfect condition and then offered to give me a $10 credit for my troubles. So I took his offer, thanked him and made my way back home.

When I got home, I took the computer out of the box and set it up, but when i pressed power, the thing didn't work. After hours of troubleshooting, I decided it would be best to return the computer to get a new one.

so when I went back to return the computer, they checked to see if everything was in tact. I was informed by the service technician that I'd have to speak to a manager. when I asked why, he said that the computer was missing most of its components inside. I was shocked but willing to cooperate in this unfortunate situation.

the manager (named Nitesh) comes up to me, and without even asking me a question says "we are not going to take this back. you need to take this up with head office. please leave before you are escorted out". I was beyond livid at this point.

fast forward 3 days and HOURS of fighting with managers and even head office, I FINALLY get what I had paid for in the first place...a fully functioning computer. I'd get into what was said to me during those hours of fighting, but I do not want my blood pressure to rise to that level again. but to summarize, some of the managers I spoke with were idiots, plain and simple. "I don't have to answer that". "I don't want to deal with this"' were among the incompetent answers.

so after I get my computer, I finally get a chance to speak with the store manager (Jason) who was away during the whole fiasco. unlike the other managers, he actually had the decency to hear me out, but he kept smirking at me as though this was beneath him. When I asked him to take disciplinary action against Nitesh, he said what happens to Nitesh is 'none of my business' on and so forth.

I was actually amazed that such incompetent people were entrusted to manage a multi-million dollar business, such as a futureshop store.

so my advice to all of you, do NOT buy anything from Futureshop. if you want to get the perks of shopping at a big retail outlet like futureshop, please...go to Best Buy instead. yeah they own futureshop, but they are nothing like them.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with this situation. its been about a month yet I am still outraged.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Six nice reasons to use our services

Ok. We are not entirely sure whether people like our site. We think it's great. Some people may dislike it, some may be tired of it, some may think it's a brilliant idea (but never come back), some may think this is exactly what they need, some may like it, and some may like it a lot.

We have come up with six nice reasons to use our services:
  1. it's free (like ketchups at McDonald's)
  2. u appreciate good services even more
  3. it makes u healthy (by letting go ur anger)
  4. u help others
  5. u help yourself (as you help others)
  6. companies could learn a lesson (and improve)
We do hope you would try out our service, enjoy it and tell your friends, coworkers, parents, grandparents and their friends about us. And please help us improve by leaving us comments. We do look forward to your complaints =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

World Fine Cars my ass

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Automotive

My boyfriend and I went to buy a car at World Fine Cars. We had phoned them earlier in the week about a specific car, liked what we heard and put a deposit on it. We came in, test drove the car, got the whole schpeal from the greasy haired car salesman and talked numbers. When we had agreed, finally, signed the papers and were asking when we could pick it up....he informed us that the car was already sold, and that we were just the back-up in case the first deal went through. We were livid and told the guy to shove it you-know-where. We ended up buying the same type of car from the namebrand dealership and got wonderful service. But I can still see the smirk on that guy's face!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Total Auto mechanic Rip Off

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Automotive

I needed air Conditioning in my 96 GMC. The guyy there was so friendly and sure he could fix it. First he looked at it. $1800.00 for a whole new system or we could try a few things. To make a long story short..2 months and $700.00 later he says "it looks like we need to replace the whole thing.
I thought ya ok he's a good guy ...My Girlfriend says get a second opinion..I figure I know trucks she doesn't but something in my head says TRUST HER so I take it to her guy..he says , You see that little valve on the hose there? It's leaking..I have a used one you can heve , I'll have to charge you $50.00 dollars for labour...Also the stuff this guy is running through your system is twice as expensive and 1/2 as effective as the regular air condition gas that's standard in the industry....moral of the story, the new guy fixed it for fifty bucks and that was 1 month and a half ago ^ weeks and NO PROBLEMS it works like the arctic..
The second guy wants to still put in the whole new system......Ya RIGHT ya slime ball

Nivea Rep

Location: Quebec, I am in Toronto
Industry: Other

I bought a Nivea Product and wrote to the company and this Rep emailed me back and nowadays the norm seems to be that if you complain and give your address they at least send a coupon but this person sort of matter of factly said "oh sorry that is too bad" so I mailed it back to the company and addressed it to her (they are in quebec) and then nothing zip I heard nothing and then I emailed again asking if she received it and she said "no" oh brother I copied and pasted the exact address she gave me and I hand wrote her name on it so that was a lesson to me never to buy any of their products ever again

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kinko's at Yonge and Eglinton

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail

mv md
The fact that I know this lazy b**^tch by name says a lot, eh ? I own a small graphic design company but I do have a national brand company as a client. Needless to say, sometimes I am given a very tight deadline and need to print literally hours before delivery. It never fails, if Karen is working (even though I'll arrive with the files 12 hours in advance) there is always a 48 hour wait! If anyone else is working, they take my files and and inform me of when they'll be ready (usually about two hours). The woman simply refuses to work! I've even called ahead and talked to other kinko's workers when finishing the graphics and made sure there was not a que for the night shift, but upon arrival, Karen is always too busy! She's not even pleasant about offering her lame excuses, she just snarls at you and states that they don't have to accept work and if I've got a problem with it I should come back during the day. Needless to say, most of my last minute printing is done at the University location. I really should buy my own plotter...and bash her smug face in with it!

Karen .. Gah!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

ROGERS, the harassing freaks!

Location: Quebec, Laval
Industry: Telecom
Company: Rogersmv md

I keep getting calls from rogers every month same date... They will not give up, calling me home, on my cell, non stop. They call to ask if i paid my bill!!!! I tried to explain to them x times that i always pay my bills on time but the delay for the payment to come to them is up to 5 days i think... so they get it always a day or 2 late... I swear i have never felt so harassed in my whole life! I called up and asked, politely of course, to leave me the f*** alone...let's see if they call again next month!

Tim hortons. The cashier.

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Tim Hortons

I went to a drive through Tim Horton's today as usual for my coffee and muffin. When I got my coffee, I've noticed that there were coffee droplets around the rim of the cup. I asked the lady for a napkin and she gave me a cut eye as if I was wasting her time. First off, she should have wiped my coffee cup (so I won't get sticky hands afterwards) and I dont think asking for napkins is too much to ask for.

Hair in my burger

Location: Ontario, Downtown Toronto
Company: McDonaldsmv md

Well, first off the service at this particular McDonalds is extra slow [usually takes around 10mins it get my orders and i use to go alot] and their rude service I get from them does not help the situation at all.

Finally, one day I decided to get my regular egg mcmuffin meal, I went back to my office opened the wrapper and found a piece of hair stuck on the cheese. To make matters worse, it looked more like pubic hair. It was disgusting, so I went back and asked for a refund and the reaction I got from the cashier was the opposite of what I expected. She took the egg mcmuffin out of my hand and smirked, she went to the back and started laughing really hard with her co-workers and made me wait about 5 minutes for them to finish laughing. I was already really pissed off by them and when she came back to the front she didnt bother to apologize to me actually she never said a word to me and just gave me my money back.

At this point I've had enough of their rude service, I've tolerated them before but after this incident it pushed me over the edge. I ended up calling the Mcdonalds headquarters and filed a formal complaint, and the next thing I did was informing health canada and told them the whole situation. I'm not sure if what I did changed anything but I was glad I told someone that would somewhat care about what happened to me. And I've never had Mcdonalds since then and chose a healthier lifestyle.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad service from cheap ISP!!!

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Telecom

long story short, i signed up, hoping to get the basic service, and not care about customer support...bad idea, cuz turns out after 3 weeks, i still did not get any service, so DONT EVEN BOTHER TRYING!!! Tell your friends!!!

Your just not sick enough part II

Location: Quebec, Laval
Industry: Health

Wanted to add... bottom line is if you want results, you got to pay and quite a lot...not everyone can afford it... or wait til you cant even get out of bed anymore like me and they might, and I say might... consider hurrying up a litle bit.

Funny how sick you have to get to be taken seriously these days.

So let's all get together and put an end to that miserable health care system we are stuck with!!! Something can be done. Government need to wake the f.. up!

Your just not sick enough yet.

Location: Quebec, Laval
Industry: Health

I have been sick for more than 5 years now... Everyday is a struggle to make it to the next. Reflux, nausea, chronic sinusitis, really bad teeth issues, horrible pains in the stomach, no more menses for 2 years now(!!???hello??!!) loss of feeling in legs(numbness) stomach distention, lethargy and terrible mental state not to mention chronic insomnia and frequent trips to the bathroom, eating all the time but never get any energy out of it. I eat for 2, perhaps 3 ! And no I am not pregnant. I swear I probably went to 50 different doctors to get a diagnosis. I waited months for tests results always coming negative... I have been told it was all in my head, that it was my nerves... Yes, that is way too easy to say to someone who is indeed having a nevrosis from all the years of suffering with no answers! I had to do several researches on my own to find out about the only one possible diagnosis that would make so much sense...celiac disease, the most underdiagnosed disease by doctors. I went to see the doctor and had to litterally beg to get tested. I am waiting for my results now and beleive me it has been one hell of a journey. Dont give up! Push them to test you if you know something is wrong with you...

Living Hell - VODAFONE Call centre

Location: Other, London, UK
Industry: Telecom

If you, or ANYONE you know is thinking of signing a contract with vodafone, don't do it.

I was due for an upgrade for being a loyal customer, they were like 'ya ya, will give you a free new phone, good trrif, dont leave us~" I was like.. ok.... 2 weeks later, still didnt get teh fone, so I called up and asked, and little piece of shit was like 'um.. sorry mam, but I don think we would say we are giving you a new phone.. I mean, if we did, t would have arrived by now, but you said it hasnt so..." I was like WTF? you calling me a liar???? then she went and told me that there is no record of me calling the company and that the only thing that was done was changing my tarrif - OF COS they have to change my tarrif, thats the ONLY way to keep me paying them!!..

I was push around by like 4 of these vodafone scums, and this last one pulled the final straw when he asked me for my address (I was asked this for about 70 times in 30 hour), and I refuse, I said 'you don have to care, I only want to speak to your manager' he said, 'you are not being very helpful' I was like 'fuck you man' I thought I was calling customers service! Am I suppose to provide the service? are you kidding me?

Screw you vodafone. your call centre is a hell hole!

The nuts on the bus go...

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Transportation

Hey, Mr. Bus Driver Man! You're driving a bus which is full of people in rush-hour traffic in a major city. Put down the goddamn cellphone! I don't care how important the call is! Jesus Christ, don't they give you any training?!

(I was on the bus in question, so I have double the right to be pissed. Bus number and time were recorded, complaint has been filed.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roll up the rim ... to lose ...

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant md
Company: Tim Hortons

So today I purchased my 20th Tim Horton's coffee since the Roll Up The Rim event started for this year. So far, zero wins.... that's right, not even a muffin... nothing. I think I am the most unlucky person on the face of the earth because the probability of that happening is pretty damn low. How low, you ask?

P(r) = (n!/(r!(n-r)!))*(p^r)*(q^(n-r))
n = number of Roll Up The Rim attempts = 20
r = number of Roll Up The Rim wins = 0
p = probability of a win = 1/9
q = (1-p) = 8/9

So the probability of me losing in 20 tries is: 9.48%
unlucky? uh, yeah. You can use this to find out how lucky you are if you want.

Rogers ripped me off !!

Industry: Telecom
Location: Ontario, Toronto
Company: Rogers

I bought my very first phone and plan with Rogers on Sunday. I have been looking at fido and rogers for awhile now, and found the perfect plan for me with rogers. The Sales person made a mistake and typed my plan in wrong. It was definitely not the plan I was promised. So on the same day I called the rogers helpline. Since Sunday til Weds I have spoken to 5 different sales representatives on the helpline. None of them could fix my problem and give me the plan I was promised. I feel as if I have been ripped off! This is my first time signing a wireless phone contract and my experience has been shitty! I don't understand why I have to compromise the plan I had been promised just because one Sales Representative typed in the wrong plan!

I can't even cancel my plan or else I will be charged 20/month for my 36 month contract. This is the worst customer service I have EVER received! Please tell me who I should contact to get this plan fixed. The helpline can't seem to help me, and I've emailed the Alberta General Manager of Cellcom(where I bought my plan and phone) to voice my concern but he didn't reply.

Please help me I really need some advice!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear Rogers Cable ...

Industry: Telecom
Location: Ontario, Toronto
Company: Rogers

Dear Rogers Cable,

I can understand mistakes happen.. like when you disconnected our cable by accident when you were working next door. What I don't understand is why it is taking so much damn effort for us to get the problem resolved. When we called the first time, your phone guy told us he would get someone out ASAP to fix the problem.

It was really fabulous to call back today to check on the status of the guy coming to fix it and find out the first guy we spoke to never even put the work request into the system. It was even more fun when phone guy 2 promised you would have someone come out within 24 hours to fix it this time. The fun part being when we received a call from phone guy 2's manager not 10 minutes later telling us that you can't honor that promise he made and it shouldn't have been made in the first place.

You'll "get someone out" sometime. I'm not holding my breath. At least I had a pair of rabbit ears stashed away in my dresser to use.

The launch of ...

Do you hate Bad Services ? We do.

We all work hard for our money and expect good services. But these days,it's more like you consider yourself lucky if your cable guy turn up on time after the 5th call, or if you successfully change your cell phone plan after fighting with the "press 1 for enquiry ..." automated helpline, or if you got the refund you deserved after being directed to the 10th customer rep ...

Good services can warm our hearts but bad services are still all around us, and most of the time we just felt we couldn't do much about it, well, at lease we didn't feel anyone was listening! Hence this is how the idea came up - we want to create a community where you can share your frustration, anger and dissatisfaction due to bad service. You voice it, you let go, other people read it, they benefit from it, and who knows, if those guys read it, they might even improve !

You are invited to anonymously share your bad service experience here. Our service is free of charge, no sign-up or register required and you can simply complain about anything - as long as it is true.

This is how it works:

1. You receive bad services and want to tell the world about it
2. You post your stories through our "I want to complain" page
3. Your entry will be posted in this blog shortly
4. The rest of the world will read and comment on your stories

So if you hate bad service, please help this community grow by contributing your stories, commenting on people's, or simply keep coming back and read about people's bad service experience.

Ready to complain ?