Saturday, August 25, 2007


Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Retail
Company: Futureshop
So a few weeks ago, after about a year of research, I went to my local futureshop. the same futureshop I had been shopping at for over 10 years. the same futureshop I had even worked for at one point, for over a year!

anyway, I bought a desktop PC, took it home and realized that it had already been opened. So I took it back to futureshop and informed them of my situation. The manager assured me that even though it was opened, that it was still in perfect condition and then offered to give me a $10 credit for my troubles. So I took his offer, thanked him and made my way back home.

When I got home, I took the computer out of the box and set it up, but when i pressed power, the thing didn't work. After hours of troubleshooting, I decided it would be best to return the computer to get a new one.

so when I went back to return the computer, they checked to see if everything was in tact. I was informed by the service technician that I'd have to speak to a manager. when I asked why, he said that the computer was missing most of its components inside. I was shocked but willing to cooperate in this unfortunate situation.

the manager (named Nitesh) comes up to me, and without even asking me a question says "we are not going to take this back. you need to take this up with head office. please leave before you are escorted out". I was beyond livid at this point.

fast forward 3 days and HOURS of fighting with managers and even head office, I FINALLY get what I had paid for in the first place...a fully functioning computer. I'd get into what was said to me during those hours of fighting, but I do not want my blood pressure to rise to that level again. but to summarize, some of the managers I spoke with were idiots, plain and simple. "I don't have to answer that". "I don't want to deal with this"' were among the incompetent answers.

so after I get my computer, I finally get a chance to speak with the store manager (Jason) who was away during the whole fiasco. unlike the other managers, he actually had the decency to hear me out, but he kept smirking at me as though this was beneath him. When I asked him to take disciplinary action against Nitesh, he said what happens to Nitesh is 'none of my business' on and so forth.

I was actually amazed that such incompetent people were entrusted to manage a multi-million dollar business, such as a futureshop store.

so my advice to all of you, do NOT buy anything from Futureshop. if you want to get the perks of shopping at a big retail outlet like futureshop, please...go to Best Buy instead. yeah they own futureshop, but they are nothing like them.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with this situation. its been about a month yet I am still outraged.


  1. I've seen a documentary from CBC (or something) where they did undercover stuff with Futureshop and I don't remember exactly what happened but the overall message was also not to buy from Futureshop.

  2. Kevin Layden is CEO. He is a great guy and will take care of you. Try emailing him.

  3. That's the thing with FutureShop is that most of the time they don't check their returned items. Someone probably purchased that system before you, ripped out the motherboard, hard drive, etc. and just took it back for a refund, and they never opened it up to check it. Always check the box before buying and make sure it is a sealed item and hasn't been opened! And NEVER buy any open-box items.

  4. "but he kept smirking at me as though this was beneath him."

    That's nasty. The whole situation seems infuriating. Seriously. I would be livid too. And a month later, I would still be livid. I am livid for you.

  5. I sure hear these sort of stories regarding Future Shop a lot. Customers getting home and finding parts missing or whole items replaced with garbage and then the condescending attitude when you take it back.