Monday, November 24, 2008

Me no speaka Engrish!! Manager no here!

Location: Other, Pompano
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Every employee

Paid BR Courier to ship a box of Xmas presents from Florida to Brazil. Box arrived damaged, broken into, 1,000 dollars worth of gifts missing, resealed, told it was our fault that we didn't pay for the insurance. There was no insurance offered, mentioned, there wasn't even a place to add insurance on the shipping invoice. The box was delivered by a different company than the one we hired to deliver it. The sealing tape was in the name of the company who resealed the box. Analogy * If I gave a package to a UPS driver, would it seem right if FedEx delivered it to my destination*.....Called the 1-866 number, Maria, a very rude individual wouldn't give her last name, she said she didn't have a last name, we were referred to a different number to handle the issue, we were given an email address, we sent multiple messages, have not received one answer in one weeks time. The company is BR Courier/Brasil Box Courier their website is Everyone there does not care to help, doesn't speak English, or the manager isn't in. I am going all the way with this crew of thieves. **Note** They have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau, 7 complaints they did not respond to.

BR Courier - Pompano
569 E. Sample Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Phone: (954) 785 4982
Fax: (954) 979 0797

BR Courier - Boston
161 Kuniholm Dr. Building # 5
Holliston, MA 01746
Phone: (508) 429 1810
Fax: (508) 306 5530

BR Courier - New Jersey
501 Washington Ave.
Carlstadt, NJ 07072
Phone: (201) 933 0041
Fax: (201) 933 2891

Brasil Courier
Brasil Box Courier
6405 NW 36th St., Ste.228
Miami, FL 33166

Brasil Courier / Brasil Box Courier

Stay away from this company!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BMO Mosaik Management: time to replace

Location: Ontario, Brampton
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: BMO Mosaik Mastercard

I have had absolutely terrible experiences dealing with BMO Mosaik Mastercard. I have had no issues with the direct banking side of the business however. The issues have been the following: 1) very poor quality of interaction: I have had very unpleasant conversations with the phone reps at Mosaik. It is quite obvious that their quality is either not monitored, or it is very poorly managed. I have received inaccurate information, incomplete information, and I am rushed off my call each and every time that I call. It is really not a complicated equation: provide complete and accurate information, and I won't have to call back. 2) Extremely long wait times.... I am referring to wait times of up to 10 or 15 minutes. I have actually clocked one wait at close to 30 minutes. I have received the same excuse each and every time (that they are short staffed and hiring). Well, I can certainly understand why their employees are leaving.... I can also understand that when a customer has to call back 3 and 4 times to obtain accurate information, it really isn't shocking that their phone lines are jammed. Needless to say, I have taken by business elsewhere. It is clearly time to roll over the senior management in that organization.... especially since the issue seems to be focused in on the mosaik portion of the business.... pretty obvious.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Property Management Colorado IS WORTHLESS

Location: Other, Denver
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Two out of Three Managers

This is a Denver Metro based company, they claim to do Property Management I DISAGREE read on to see how terrible this company is!!!!

I am 26 years old and dumped my life savings into a duplex to have it rented, I was having trouble finding the time to show the place to renters that were interested. I had done business with Real Property Management prior with a place I had in Northglenn CO, they were unable to rent the place before I sold it and thus I was never able to actually figure out if they were a good company, no problems at that point. With my new place I needed help managing the overwhelming responce to each of the adds I put on I remembered using Real Property Management Colorado prior and did not have any reason not to use them again. They made me sign a contract, no problem I had to sign one before as well, but this time they made me pay about $450 in what they called advertising start up fees and such, I agreed after a while given the confidence they gave me that they get to a HUGE market as they claimed. I figured If I was getting huge responce just off of craigs list they would have the place rented in no time, they agreed. Over a month after hire they had not even shown the place, they claimed "they were not getting any responce as well as the responce they were recieving were unquallified" Greg Bachelor then asked to lower the rent, I explained that if we lower the rent anymore I could rent it to anyone, he said rent was softening and that we had to do it, I not happy about it agreed to lower rent, two more weeks and NO responce, at this point I took things into my own hands put an add on craigs list and one day later rented it to a family paying cash, they left only twenty days later and I realized I needed a management company, I tried AGAIN with real property management, with NO responce, still under contract I once again took things into my own hand and had the neighbor take on the responsiblities, with in a week and a half she had both units rented to qualified renters. At this point I called to let Real Property Management know that I was no longer in need of their service. They claimed that I had breached contract and that I owed them 3 months payment. They did nothing for me, never tried to rent the place, to my knowledge never showed the place, claimed that they showed it twice, which I was never told, and the "advertising" they were doing for my property was never seen, I tried personally to look up my own property and NEVER found it online, except my own postings. As I am sure you can understand I lost my cool when they asked for more money and told them I was going to take them to small claims court for not doing anything. Further reaserach of course proved that my potential winnings would at most be the bill they are going to send me, where as my losses if court does not agree with me is thier attourney fees, which I can not risk, I can not even afford what ever bill they decide to bill me. I feel very violated and decieved. I assume that they took from me one months rent, payment to start in their advertising and what ever they are planning to charge me. On the phone I told them that I should be asking for a refund but I undertand that based on the contract I would never get it, but when they they have the idea that I OWE them money for them doing nothing for me, and not only nothing but causing major financial instibility while I owed money for a vacent property was just too much. I ask for your assistance in this becaues I have exahasted my options, I spoke to two of the owners and neither will work with me at all. One even said that the reason why they can't void the ammout I owe them is because I am a male white property owner and because they would be seen as discriminating they could not help me. That is reverse discrimination I feel, whether that means anything I do not know, if I get nothing out of of this I at least want no one to have to go through this again. TERRIBLE EXPIERENCE, EXTREMELY COSTLY, WORTHLESS SERVICE. Please help me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awful customer service from Property Expo Realty, West Palm Beach, FL

Location: Other, West Palm Beach, FL
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Letty Sanchez

Letty (Leticia) Sanchez, the director at this company, lied several times about her client, and tried to cheat on the contract, putting in numbers that were pretty ridiculous, she probably thought we would not read the contract, didn't return our calls or emails for a week, and then attempted to impersonate a mailer daemon, pretending as if she didn't receive our emails, which I have proof of. Which tells me that she thinks we are stupid. I am disgusted and appauled at their customer service, and I don't believe that they deserve their part of the commission, I have never in my life spoken to such unprofessional people.

It took about 20 calls initiated by us to actually get our money sent to us. We even called the owner of the company, Edward Beaudouin, who never returned our call.

Letty Sanchez finally sent an email, that she was out of the country, didn't let her office know about anything that was going on before she left. It was not important for her to deliver the service that she was supposed to. meanwhile she held our moneys in the escrow account that we had to fight for to get.

All in all, this company should close their business down, because they sure don't know how to run it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

No wonder I can't sleep

Location: Ontario, Hamilton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Ultramatic Sleep Canada

High pressure sales guy in my house.Stayed 4 hours, played a stupid video, made fake calls to his office. We bought this " Cadillac " of beds. $4200.00 They delivered a cheap, hard, crappy hunk of junk that stopped working 2 days later.They say they don't give refunds. Policy. Stay clear of these bastards.

Bell Canada

Location: Ontario, Burlington
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Ma Bell

OK..So I dump my cable, cell phone etc, and bundle everything with Bell. A bit cheaper, I admit. Then, they HAD me. Every month my bill is a bit higer. I wanted to get rid of " call answer " cuz it is annoying, but was told if I did that, they would " unbundle " me and I would pay full price on everything. Plus, a service fee. Plus a fee to connect anything new. I hate these people. And I used to love them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

KFC's new Garbage Sandwiches Combo

Location: Other, Hong Kong
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: KFC

KFC server picked up sandwiches from garbage bin to serve customer ! And touching other food without washing her hands ....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jerks worth 0 dollars

Location: Other, Fremont, CA, USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The owner and the manager of Dollar country, Fremont, CA

I went into this dollar store with my kid and saw some beads that I thought would go well for an art project that also needed wicker baskets that I went looking for. My 2 yr old naturally was drawn to the beads and so was playing with it. Suddenly a guy comes up behind me and asks me if I wanted to buy it and I said yes wondering who he was and why he was asking me that. Probably the owner I thought ?! and moved on. Then I looked all around for my baskets and did not find them and so went upfront to ask for them and this lady at the counter said well I can give them to you if you are sure you will buy them. I suprised at this policy and requested to see the baskets cos I needed it to be a certain type. But she refused to get it out and was very rude about it. I was perplexed at her response and shrugged wondering what the matter was. Then I looked at my cart, saw the beads and decided that without the baskets I had no use for the beads and so put them out at the counter and said I dont need them. I still had other items like color books and markers that I needed to get. Suddenly all hell broke loose. The lady said that I shouldnt have said yes earlier to buying the beads and then refuse to buy later on. I was shocked. The guy, the owner apparently then comes to me and accuses me of using things in their store as toys for my kid with no intention of buying it. I tried to explain that I was misunderstood and there was a reason that I did not want to get the beads. After a few mins of altercation worth no mention, I even offered to buy the petty $1.25 worth beads. The lady was barking like a mad dog and asked me to get out and said.."theres the door". I could not believe I was at the receiving end of such rogue behavior for really no fault of mine. I was stumped wondering how mean people can be. First of all, the thing that my daughter touched and was accused of playing with had no damage. Secondly I saw their point and offered to buy it even. But they were petty and rude beyond words and asked me to get out. They are a shame on other service oriented businesses in the neighbourhood.