Monday, November 3, 2008

Jerks worth 0 dollars

Location: Other, Fremont, CA, USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The owner and the manager of Dollar country, Fremont, CA

I went into this dollar store with my kid and saw some beads that I thought would go well for an art project that also needed wicker baskets that I went looking for. My 2 yr old naturally was drawn to the beads and so was playing with it. Suddenly a guy comes up behind me and asks me if I wanted to buy it and I said yes wondering who he was and why he was asking me that. Probably the owner I thought ?! and moved on. Then I looked all around for my baskets and did not find them and so went upfront to ask for them and this lady at the counter said well I can give them to you if you are sure you will buy them. I suprised at this policy and requested to see the baskets cos I needed it to be a certain type. But she refused to get it out and was very rude about it. I was perplexed at her response and shrugged wondering what the matter was. Then I looked at my cart, saw the beads and decided that without the baskets I had no use for the beads and so put them out at the counter and said I dont need them. I still had other items like color books and markers that I needed to get. Suddenly all hell broke loose. The lady said that I shouldnt have said yes earlier to buying the beads and then refuse to buy later on. I was shocked. The guy, the owner apparently then comes to me and accuses me of using things in their store as toys for my kid with no intention of buying it. I tried to explain that I was misunderstood and there was a reason that I did not want to get the beads. After a few mins of altercation worth no mention, I even offered to buy the petty $1.25 worth beads. The lady was barking like a mad dog and asked me to get out and said.."theres the door". I could not believe I was at the receiving end of such rogue behavior for really no fault of mine. I was stumped wondering how mean people can be. First of all, the thing that my daughter touched and was accused of playing with had no damage. Secondly I saw their point and offered to buy it even. But they were petty and rude beyond words and asked me to get out. They are a shame on other service oriented businesses in the neighbourhood.

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