Thursday, August 28, 2008

Useless Waitress - Holiday Inn/The Slip Lounge & Patio, Kingston

Location: Ontario, Kingston
Industry: Restaurant
4 of us were in Kingston, showing our out-of-town company the sights and thought the Slip would be a great place for lunch because they have a waterfront patio. It was a first time there for all of us and definately the last time!

We ordered our drinks - 2 ppl got a large orange juice and 2 of us got a large Coke. When the drinks come, the waitress spills 1 orange juice and one coke over 2 over us! We jump up, the waitress stands there for a minute, then takes off...we're left wet and sticky!
Finally another waitress comes out with a rag to wipe the table, we had to ask for some towels and napkins to clean ourselves up. She was clearly annoyed and gave us attitude as if we had done this. When our waitress finally reappreared, she brought our drinks, gave us a half-assed apology and said "wow, I've never done that before" and wandered off again. When she finally took our meal orders we waited a good 25 mintues for our club sandwiches to come out. The meal was nothing to write home about and no checking in from the waitress while we were eating, no drink refillls--nothing. As we finished our meal, out waitress was serving drinks to another table and guess what happened....YEP, you guessed it, she spilled their drinks on them too!! A table of elderly people too! When we left, we didn't tip, there was no reason to (rude staff, they didn't offer to at least take our drinks off the bill, they didn't refill drinks during the meal and the service was slow). We paid cash and left it on the folder with the bill on the table as the waitress picked it up, she dropped all the money and change all over the floor!! Unbeliveable! I don't recommend them!

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