Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad attitude, poor service

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail

I went into Shoe Warehouse in Portage Place to find a pair of running shoes. The sales help is friendly but no one really gets anything for you unless it's in the back, which I understand completely as it is a discount store. But once I find my shoes , I look for a place to sit down and they direct me to this wee tiny bench in the middle of the aisle. I cannot express this with any less frustration than this- no sooner do I sit down to try on my shoes do all kinds of customers and staff try to get by and guess what? Me and my try on shoes and my own shoes and my bag and parcels are all in the way. What a way to arrange a store. Pathetic. Pile on that the fact that the shoes were in the wrong box (I got what I thought were 8's and they were actually 7.5) so I told the retail person and she sort of shrugged but didn't offer to find me my 8s! I couldn't have gotten out fast enough. I never want to go back and I will never buy anything there either.

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