Thursday, January 26, 2012


Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Head Office

I am writing because I recently experienced the powerlessness of being a consumer. I recently went to Soft Moc and bought their weather protectant spray. On the bottle it states it is good for all fabrics. Just to be sure, I asked the clerk who agreed it can be used on every kind of shoe. On the bottle, it says to test spray on an inconspicuous area. I followed the directions, waited a couple of hours (the recommended time on the bottle) and checked the shoes. No stains. So I sprayed my $110 shoes and now they are ruined! They were black shoes and now they have white spots everywhere - on the fabric, as well as the rubber soles. When I returned to the Billings Bridge location, I brought along my ruined shoes and explained to him I wanted $110 so I could replace my shoes. The clerk seemed annoyed with my problem, just shrugged and said there was nothing he could do about it. Because I bought the shoes at a different store, there was no remedy for my problem, or so they said.

When I called head office, the woman on the other end was extremely rude. She stated this was store policy and I was just going to have to "deal with it." I asked to speak to someone in management and she said they were going to say the same thing to me. I insisted and finally got through to someone higher up. This woman said she would be sending me a cheque for $13.19 for the cost of the spray itself, in the mail, but there was nothing they could do about my ruined shoes because they weren't purchased at Soft Moc. After 3 days of calling management, they offered me a $25 gift card for my $110 shoes.

When you sell a product and it's defective, how is that the consumers fault? The company should be responsible for its failures, not the customer. I sent them pictures of my shoes, and I even offered to send them in the mail - at my expense - if they simply gave me my $110. They declined. You would think, at the very least, the company would want my ruined shoes so they could test them and see what is wrong with thier spray. Was it a bad batch of spray? Or does their spray simply ruin shoes from quality locations? Either way, this is unethical business practice, and I figured this is the only way I can hold them accountable.

In the end, I turned down their $25 gift card because I cannot shop there in good conscience. Now this company is continuing to sell it's spray without taking my ruined shoes and looking into the problem. How many more consumers will be duped into buying this product, only to find that it has ruined their footwear?

Customer Service needs improvement

Location: British Columbia, Surrey
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: ADP Distributors Inc

This company does not listen the Customer. Why do I have to hold for 15 minutes? Why can't the receptionist help? Why do they have a soft spoken, stutterer in a noisy room? -- WAKE up; customer service starts at the receptionist.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: E Z Eye Care Ltd

My contact lense was torn and for emergency purpose I went to this store to get a pair of contacts. The owner asked what brand I was wearing. I told her the brand name but she didn't have them in stock. So she suggested me to purchase another brand. I agreed because I need them immediately otherwise I could not see. I have never purchased the brand she suggested and so I didnt know the retail price for it. She told me 3 pairs for 70 dollars. I google and found out that same brand only cost 30 dollars retail. I went back to her the next day and I told her they dont fit me right. She said come back next week and I will exchange 2 pairs of contacts of your brand. Next week I went to pick them up, she said she gave me 1.5 pair of contact lenses (not in a box, just indivudial lenses in a case) and said I only have 3 right now. Come back again and I will give you the other one. I looked at the case and it said "not for individual sale" and they are expired. I told her I am not going to take these. The owner said she will order them and she asked me to go back in 2 to 3 weeks.

As of today, I still havent got my lenses and I am writing this because I do not want anyone to fall into her trap. The owner is totally a dishonest business person.

E Z Eye Care Ltd @ 200 Wellington Street West, Toronto ON M5V3C7. Never go to this store. They are scam artist.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Business Banking

Location: Ontario, Guelph
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Teller

I own a business in Guelph, Ontario and opened my account for my business a few months ago. I was told I had to PAY for some pre-printed deposit slips (on top of the regular monthly fees) so ok I did. My business is mobile so I sometimes will go straight to the bank to deposit cheques before going back to the office where my deposit slips are.
When I get to the bank without a deposit slip the tellers will look at me like I have just asked them to prepare my taxes for last 10 years. Apparently typing in a series of 8-10 numbers and getting a slip to run through a printer is an extreme amount of work for them. Every month I wonder what I pay my fees for. As far as I am concerned I am paying the wages these "overburdened" tellers are collecting and if I do not have a deposit slip on me they should gladly print one up. If I ran my business with this OBVIOUS "I am doing you a favour" attitude I would have no business left in sight of a week.
Lighten up tellers and be happy you have a job. Provide me the service I am paying for and we will both be much better off

Walmart = defective

Location: Ontario, Brampton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Walmart

Never buy B.U.M. Equipment shoes or Dr. Scholl's shoes at Walmart, Walmart has let the Chinese factories slip on their quality control. The B.U.M. shoes were defective right out of the box, lack of material in the heel area of one shoe, the Dr. Scholl's loafers failed only a month in to light use, the bottom of the soul split almost completely in half, meaning the chemical compound of the rubber used for them was purposely 'lightened' of certain chemicals or was messed up by an incompetent worker. Either way, I hold Walmart responsible, all they do is get cheap garbage in their stores to keep the prices down. If you want quality or something that will last, don't buy it at Walmart. Target is coming, let's hope they are better. I now buy most of my clothes and shoes at Mark's, they come mostly from China too but at least Mark's forces quality from their suppliers.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Standing up to bad service

Location: Quebec, montreal
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Banker

I've belong to this bank for years and so I brought my friend with me so she could open up her account there. We had just moved into our new apartment earlier that day. We went into this mans office (the door stayed open)

Banker: ok so whats your address?

Me: 56 Tucker apt #3, Montreal, Qc

Banker: ok whats your postal code?

Me: Oh I'm sorry I we don't know it yet, we just moved.

Banker: (condescending) So you don't know your postal code?

Me: (still politely) No, we just moved, is it necessary?. Can you look it up?

Banker: (condescending) Soooo, you don't know where you live?

Me: (getting stern) We know where we live, we just don't know the postal code!

Banker: (condescending) You don't know you postal code?

Me: (at this point I stud up from the chair and was yelling) What are you stupid! How many times do I have to tell you we don't know our postal code WE JUST MOVED! (As I slammed my fist on his desk and was yelling in his face)

Banker: Get out of my office!!

Me: NO! I'll get out when I'm damn well ready to! (I sat back down and very very slowly put my papers back in my purse wile staring at him)


So the next day my mom who also goes to that same bank comes up to me and asked me what happened at the bank. I said "nothing". My mother then went on to say "well I donno what you did but when I went to the bank today all the tellers ran up to me and said " I love your daughter!" " LOL turns out the banker I dealt with was an ass to everyone there but no one has had the balls to say anything.

(Don't take crap from people! Stand up when somethings not right)