Sunday, January 8, 2012

Business Banking

Location: Ontario, Guelph
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Teller

I own a business in Guelph, Ontario and opened my account for my business a few months ago. I was told I had to PAY for some pre-printed deposit slips (on top of the regular monthly fees) so ok I did. My business is mobile so I sometimes will go straight to the bank to deposit cheques before going back to the office where my deposit slips are.
When I get to the bank without a deposit slip the tellers will look at me like I have just asked them to prepare my taxes for last 10 years. Apparently typing in a series of 8-10 numbers and getting a slip to run through a printer is an extreme amount of work for them. Every month I wonder what I pay my fees for. As far as I am concerned I am paying the wages these "overburdened" tellers are collecting and if I do not have a deposit slip on me they should gladly print one up. If I ran my business with this OBVIOUS "I am doing you a favour" attitude I would have no business left in sight of a week.
Lighten up tellers and be happy you have a job. Provide me the service I am paying for and we will both be much better off

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