Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jack Astor's A-hole manager, Robert Ross, at Mississauga

Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Restaurant mv md
Company: Jack Astor's
Annoyed By: Robert Ross, the A-hole manager

My friends and I were at Jack Astor's, Dundas and Winston Churchill location in Mississauga, last Friday for drinks. We were first served by a rude waitress who had left at around midnight, and another waitress took over her shift. When it was time to leave we got the bill and noticed that they had charged us an extra drink which we did not order, and a regular Long Island Ice-tea at Jack-It-Up price. We spoke with the waitress about the mistake, and she asked the manager to speak to us. After waiting for him for over 15 minutes, the A-hole came and told us that he called our first server at home (at 2am?!) as well as talked to the bartender and said the number appeared on the bill is correct. Here's the thing - the bill came out to be around $200, the extra drink plus the jack-it-up charge is only $10. A ten dollar difference to the bill is not that big of the problem. The problem is that the message the manager was sending us was basically saying "you guys are just trying to get a free drink". He basically said "yea, I called the server at home, and I talked to the bartender, they both remember serving you 6 long island ice teas" and just looked at us. We were trying to explain to him that we ordered only 5, and he kept saying the server and bartender remember giving us 6. Our 2nd witness was very nice and kept apologizing to us. Here's another thing that happened - we were filling out the customer comment cards, and we wanted to get the Manager's name. When we asked the waitress to get his attention, we waited for at least 20 minutes. We had to ask the waitress 2 more times, he finally came and we kindly asked for his name and business card. He came back with a business card and said "this is my boss's business card. If you have any problems he will be here tomorrow." We asked him again for his own business card, and he said he doesn't have one. We questioned him and said "you are the manager here, and you don't have a business card?" and he said repeatedly that if we have any problems we can contact his boss. We kept asking again and again, and he finally told us his name and came back with his own business card. Why did he refuse to give us his name and business card in the first place? We feel like he did not want to listen to what we have to say, and was not honest about his name and having a business card. So Robert Ross is the name to remember if you so happen to dine at this Jack Astor's location.


  1. It's interesting that you encountered a similar experience there. I was there with some friends and Robert seemed to be too occupied with a table of female customers to acknowledge our complaint regarding an ncorrect order. It must have been 25 minutes after we finished the wrong dish that he then decided to come over to our table. This fellow is asking for a big fat unemployment cheque in the near future.

  2. First of all you don't explain how the waitress was rude. Secondly, a drunk will never win when it comes to how many drinks were served. Thirdly, why didn't you just call the boss like the manager told you to do? Next, if the prices are too high, then go to a Pizza hut.

    The waitress probably wasn't rude, she was either busy, green, or you were being obnoxious drunks. Also, you either were to blasted to call the boss man or knew you were in the wrong. Last, aww too bad you had to wait. Places get busy, it's not a fast food joint. Managers and staff are busy and don't care to be bothered over 10$ you whiners are fighting over. Especially drunk ones. Pfft. There's two sides to every story pal.

  3. OMG you're arguing about 5% of the bill. If you've had 5 long islands I'm pretty sure your judgement will be impaired. You should have taken it at face value and undertipped, never to return

  4. To the first comment, if you thought Robert Ross to too preoccupied with the women to talk to you, then you would be very wrong... He is flaming, so not to say there wasn't a reason, but it definitely wasn't because there were ladies there.

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