Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tim Hortons

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Tim Hortons

I bought two coffees at the McCowan rd/ Hwy 7, Markham Ontario location. After we drove away and tasted the coffees..they were burnt and undrinkable!!! We drove back through the drive-thru, the server asked :Did you really buy these here?"
First off, yes, but second, so what if we didn't./.. the cup says TIm Hortons...buddy gave us new coffees but was very we were asking for gold. I was so mad I walked in and spoke with the manager, apologetic, but didn't really seen to care. Well, that's my last TImmie's burnt coffee...ever! I'm going back to COuntry Style....Tim Hortons no longer needs the business, thus really doesnt care about customers...while Country Style really will bend over backwards to make sure you have the perfect cuppa!!!


  1. Yea... Tim Hortons are starting to make too much money that they couldnt care less. BUT, I still love timmies, best coffee in the world. Seriously, way better than StarBucks, both the coffee and the WAIT for the coffee.

  2. Tim Hortons is terrible. Disgusting coffee, even more disgusting customer service.
    Starbucks isn't the best, but until there's no Peet's (San Francisco) here in Toronto, I'll have to drink Starbucks everyday.

  3. Get a fucking life both of you