Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The birthday gift

Location: Other, Santa Cruz, California
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Sales persons

Yesterday I went into the local Best Buy in Capitola, California with the intention of purchasing an Ipod and Ipod port. I was prepared to spend around 200.00 for her gift. She loves music but has been without a player of any kind since the fire. So, after after waiting 20 minutes at the MP3 section of the store, I search for a sales person. The first one I asked rushed off stating that she was busy. So I look around again and find what I thought would be a helpful sales person and may have been if we weren't interrupted by another sales person that took him away. I did get enough information from this person to determine that the price of the songs from the Itune store would be cost prohibitive. So, I go over to the Sirus radio which is in the Audio car department...waiting....waiting...searching...
I realize that I am developing a crane neck syndrome, and I am not the only who one who is...waiting...waiting...So, I go up to the front door to where the manager of the store is sitting but apparently does he not have a clue about how his store is functioning. I ask for assistance from a sales person. The sales person, (the same one who was taken away earlier) explains the system, and more importantly, the cost. I decide on a boom box. Rather than wait again, I search on my own. In a tucked away corner I select from a very limited selection...I long for the days for more than one tech store in this county.

$50 for nothing

Location: British Columbia, Richmond
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By:

Ordered batteries for laptop and camera. Used their search and descriptions to ensure I ordered the correct ones. Upon arrival the camera batteries were clearly too big. The laptop battery didn't charge. Contacted tech support, live chat, and email for laptop battery, and got no response. Search the internet for possible solutions and some worked, it started charging, but now wouldn't hold a charge. Spent days jumping through hoops to return the product. I was interested in exchange, but instead they gave the money back. Minus 15% stocking fee. They stated that it was my fault that I got the wrong product. So with paying to ship the product to me, and shipping back to them and the 15% stocking fee I spent $50 for nothing.