Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unable to Get a Refund in over a month

Location: Other, online company
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Wedding Paper Divas

Over one month ago, I decided I was unsatisfied with the services and fees of wedding paper divas and made the decision to order my invite suite through another provider. I had already paid $117 for Save the Date cards and several additional $15 fees for color changes to my design Their "color specialists" were supposed to offer advice but were sorely inadequate at offering any advice, which prompted my decision to request a refund. I received an initial response to my email that the cost of the cards, but not the color consultation, would be refunded within 48 hours. After several weeks, I contacted Wedding Paper Divas again by email and received a response that there was a problem with the draft and I would receive an email within 48 hours containing a confirm number they would need to send a check. The email never came and the check never came. I contacted them AGAIN and again received a response that someone would get back to me with a confirm number, and that the check would be overnighted to arrive no later than yesterday (2/25). Yesterday came and went. No check, no contact from anyone at the company. I sent another message today and got no response and have no check in the mail today, either. It has now been over a month and I'm not getting any satisfaction from this company. I can't even get them to contact me! Think twice about dealing with wedding paper divas. I'm glad I didn't order my wedding invites from this company as they probably would not have arrived!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Niemen Marcus Downtown Dallas, Texas

Location: Other, Dallas, Texas USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Watching Me! Sorrounding Me!

Before I begin, please note I did speak with gentleman in the corporate office. However, my 87 year old great-grand mother closed our NM account today after decades of being a member. On 02.24.2009 at 1:24 pm I huffed my way out of NM downtown Dallas. My experience was awful! I entered the store and went to the fourth floor. I found a velour pant suit. Note: NO one greeted me or even made eye contact with me. I, for the most part was alone. After viewing the color selection a few times I made a selection when three associates walked up and surrounded me, 2 in front and 1 behind. Still, no one offered to help! No one even greeted me. I was assured, by the corporate office, that this was not due to my attire (I was dressed down)…was it due to my colored skin? I have never been followed around a store and made to feel so unwelcome! My intent was to vent and release my frustrations. However, my great-grand mother advised me to close our accounts, immediately.

Monday, February 23, 2009

very bad customer service

Location: Other, long beach,ca
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: yolanda

was very rude,cursed at us,didn't want to hear anything that you had to say. thinks that her merchandise is 100% good. purchased a set of tires (Hercules-series). tires mad the car drive fish tail. car was driving as if you were driving drunk. two different tires companies and they both said to go back to where you got the tires and have them replaced and the problem would go away. it took an act of congress to get them changed. yolanda is not a people person. does not know how to run a business or should i say,does not have business ettiquite--i know some instructors that can go to her job and teach her a few things or two. don't go there.

this location is called Ochoa's Tires in Long Beach,CA. it is on cherry ave.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't Buy at PetCareRx!

Location: Other, West Chester
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: multiple charges

I thought it would be convinent to use PetCareRx to order flea/tick and heartguard medication for my dog. While placing the initial order was simple, because of a complication I decided to cancel the heartguard order.

I called once, was told my order was cancelled and that the refund would show up in my bank account within two business days. After two business days had passed and no money had been credited to my account, I called PetCareRx again. I was told the order had NOT been cancelled but that is surely was this time and that I would receive my money back within two business days.

In two days I checked my bank account only to find that PetCareRx had charged a SECOND charge to my account. I called immediately and the representative I spoke with informed me that there was "a glich in the system" and that a second order of the flea/tick medication had been shipped to me, hence the second charge. I asked that the money be credited to my account and I was informed that this was not how the worked. Only once I had returned the second shipment would I receive my money back.

I asked that the money be put back into my account as it was their error not mine, but the representative refused saying this was not how they did business. Very frustrating!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TD Canada "Trust"?

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: TD Canada Trust

These past two weeks have been quite a hassle. My boyfriend and I went to TD Bank to get a money order so that we could pay our rent. Everything went smoothly, and everything was good. That was until my boyfriend misplaced the money order, and then this is when the problems started piling onto eachother.

We went back to the bank, and told them the problem. The man behind the desk was less than helpful. He told me that there was nothing that he could do, and only one person could help me, who was conveniently not at the bank at the time. He took all my information and told me that an investigation would have to go into this. He said that there should be positive outcome and that he/and or manager would update me frequently. He also said that I can call at any time. Yeah, right.

The manager called me once in the two weeks. I called back and left a message on her voicemail and did not receive a phone call back. I called again, and she was not in again and did not call me back. After calling the bank quite a few more times trying to find out who exactly could help me, and when, I finally got an answer.

And then something else happened... Both of my cards had been cancelled while I was away for 3 days a few hours away. My boyfriends was also cancelled. We called their "Easy-Line" on the back of the debit card, and they could not do anything for us at all. They said that we'd have to go into a branch. But of course, it was a stat holiday that day, and we would not be anywhere close to a bank for another day. The banks "Easy-Line" telephone service representative apparently could not re-activate my card and I was without money for three days. What use are these representatives if they cannot do anything? Why are they not given some kind of authority to do these things? What are they being paid for!? So, because we apparently used our cards in a "suspicious" place, they deny me access to my funds? That is MY hard earned money. How dare they not give me a warning and cancel my card. I needed money in those three days, and I was told on the phone to go renew my card, and of course, as I said, it was conveniently on a stat holiday.

Then I finally went into the bank one morning and met the original girl that I was told was the only one that could replace money orders, even though there was apparently two other managers that could do it. One of which we found out was non-existant, meaning, there was no one who worked there with the name the lady on the phone gave me. Great!

So, to sum things up, I had a less than helpful representative at the bank who basically told me that there was nothing that he could do, and that he hoped that no one would cash our missing money order. He did NOT offer a stop payment on it because, as the manager said to me when I went in the get another one, they "wanted to see how it was going to turn out". The bank was waiting to see what was going to turn out with my $819 dollars! They finally put a stop payment on it, but apparently we are still responsible for the money order. So there is a $819 money order floating around in Toronto, and apparently a stop payment does nothing because we are still responsible for it! HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? Why does the stop payment not do anything? Why can't they cancel it? Why do I have to be responsible for the FIRST money order?

Then I had the lady on the phone give make believe managers just to cover her a** because she did NOT know what she was talking about, and all this just for a money order. And then when I asked the manager about the card being cancelled and the denial of my funds all she could say was that it was used in a place with suspicious acitvity. How can they do that? Deny me my own money?

In the end I can definately say that I am changing banks. I am also going to write a formal complaint at the terrible customer service I received from TD Bank in Toronto. will steal you money

Location: Other, Brighton, England
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Customer Service

I bought two download sessions for self improvement from . The name of the company behind the website is Uncommon Knowledge Ltd. After picking the sessions and cliked on the purchase button the screen went blank. I was suppossed to receive an email with instructions to dowload the sessions and never did. The purchase was charged to my credit card.I have been sending e-mails and calling customer service for the links to download the sessions or a refund with no results.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simple fix completely botched

Location: Ontario, Newmarket
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Jim

Simple story, I purchased a new pontiac g3 and one month later I picked up a nail in the front tire ,being a Saturday afternoon I drove to the dealer in Newmarket to have it patched,unfortunately the dealer could only perform oil changes on Saturdays they instead referred me to Newmarket tires and mags,upon arrival Jim the service advisor said they would not plug the tire but would patch it from the inside which sounded reasonable to me,two hours later I was on my way home.The next day ,Sunday I was on the highway and the vibration from the front end was disconcerning to say the least,it was obvious the balance was off so on Monday I drove over after work to have them try again,Jim had them rebalance the tire and the installer confirmed the balance was off.On my way home I took the car on the highway balance was good but car was pulling to the left,so I soaped the tire myself and found the tire was leaking at the patch,back again I went and the installer pulled the tire and found the job performed on Saturday was so poorly done he wanted the name of the original repairman,Jim said it didn't matter.On the way home balance was off again so I ended up rotating the tires back to front myself and this cured most of the vibration but it wasn't like before I took the car to Newmarket tire and mags. I thought I will give them one more chance so I took the wheel off myself and asked Jim to check the balance one last time ,instead of being apologetic Jim said that the problems is with the car and they would not do anything else.I ended up taking the car to the dealer where the found the balance was off and they rectified the situation.
G Bell
Sharon Ont

Friday, February 13, 2009

BMW Town & Country

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: The service manager

Dear customer service,

Monday February 9th I booked a warranty oil/service for my 2006 E90 330i. I also had complaints of dead pixels on my stereo and loose weather stripping on my rear window.

My car was in service for 3 days with the excuse that the first stereo that was ordered was defective, ok this happens.

The next day I was contacted and asked if I had ever removed my stereo myself because there was a broken connector from my antenna that was causing the problem. I obviously replied no and that I would not have the first idea of how to do so. The car was set to stay over another night because of this.

Finally the next day I was told the car was ready and that they had to replace the whole cable from the stereo to the fin. I really didn't see why this would d be necessary unless the technician that was replacing my stereo in the first place had damaged the cable himself. On top of that they did a complimentary wash but completely left the bottom of my rear bumper dirty (not a big deal just a little thing that shows their attention to detail).

Now comes my major complaint:

I picked up my car and was quite happy to notice that the new stereo had "shiny buttons" joking, as apposed to the flat black knobs on my original stereo. It was dark and I didn't notice the new found scratches on my aluminum molding all over my center console between the seats.

Upon noticing this the next morning on my way to work with my girlfriend, I decided to pull into the dealership as I drive right passed it on my way to work.

I am a busy and relied upon person as my girlfriend is as well so I hoped to make haste and just let them know that I was not happy with what had happened. My service advisor got the service manager Rohan for me to inspect the vehicle. I must say the conversation started well but quickly became very condescending on his part as he see this all the time from customers and that he could assure me that his "best" technician worked on my car ( which I find hard to believe as they had my car for three days to replace a stereo). He also looked me in the eyes as we were both in my car and told me that he would replace this but that HE WAS 100% SURE THAT HIS GUYS DIDN'T DO THIS!. I was appalled as he had just indirectly told me that I was lying about hits.

*Let me get something clear, my girlfriend and I are repeat buyers not leasers. We had traded our 2004 300xi in for our current car because we wanted something more sporty. We pay a lot of money for our car and it is not "mommy's car".*

Now I was being very understanding and even asked Rohan if we could possibly get these scratches buffed out as it would be easier for everybody. His cocky reply was this is not something that can be buffed out. I agreed to the replacement of the part. He then turned around told my service advisor Andrew Mak ( who is very helpful)

that they would be replacing the part and he went back to his office.

I stood in the car hanger for a couple of minutes, and was not getting over what he had said to me. I walked into the service area and he came out of his office. I stated that I would like to make a point and with apologies, I did not yell but I told Rohan that I didn't appreciate being called a liar. Rohan proceeded to say that he did not call me a liar. I then said well sir you did indirectly call me a liar as you looked me in the eyes and in an unfriendly tone told me that your guys did not do that to my car 100%. I then said thank you for you service but I am not an idiot.

I was infuriated... I the left and drove my girlfriend to work, almost reaching my place of work I still could not get over what had happened.

I called BWM Town & Country and asked for Rohan, with a very appealing customer service that seemed almost vindictive he answered. I identified myself and apologized for the outburst that I caused in his service area. I then told him that I was still angry at what he said to me and that I would be expressing my concerns with BMW Canada and then hung up.

Within 30 seconds I received a call from my service advisor which whom the poor guy had the duty to call back and angry customer. He opened the call with how I was doing. I replied, I'm sorry Andrew but you must know how I feel and I have let Rohan know this. I then apologized to Andrew about the last time we met and that I appreciated his help. He told me that the part would be in Tuesday after the upcoming holiday and they would service my car Wednesday and that I would be provided a car. This is fine.

As you can probably see due to my grammar that I am still quite upset but I do not want to be treated as an outcast when I deal with Town & Country for anything, I don't want to feel uncomfortable when I visit the dealership.

I want to feel as welcomed as I was when I was confronted by a sales rep when I walked in to the dealership the first time.

Please help me with my dilemma I am open to gratuities as this has made a simple problem turn into a very unsatisfied customer.

With respect and understanding,

Mr. Kenneth Charlton

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Location: Other, Cibolo, TX
Industry: Education
Annoyed By:

I ordered a book from this company through on Jan8. I received two emails saying that the seller agreed to send the book by Jan12 with estimated arrival date Jan16-30. I didn't receive the book until Feb, already more than 4 weeks into class!!! I emailed the seller twice before I got any kind of response, all I asked was if I should order another because I was coming up on midterms! When I finally received the book it had already been through hell and back... the packaging was torn everywhere and taped with stickers. The seller could have put about 5minutes worth of effort to get a little bigger packaging!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sumaru's Auto

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Owner

Sumaru's had my vehicle for more than three weeks. The owner didn't tell me what was wrong with it although I kept phoning him to ask. In the end, he simply returned the vehicle still not running along with a bill for nearly $1000. I am completely dissatisfied with his shop and will never use it again.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Never again, you Wicked Witch of Wyoming!

Location: Other, Gillette Wyoming, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Gloria Peterson/ DBA Shelter West

I contracted with Shelter West to sell my Mobile Home. Gloria failed to contact me back for 2 weeks after she received a down payment/earnest money for my home. THEN, she left town in the middle of the deal and didn't bother to tell me she would be out of town and the buyers would just have to wait. The buyers backed out of the sale after signing a binding contract. The contract states if the buyer defaults on the contract, any down payment is to be split between the seller and the company. Shelter West owes me $500.00 and has refused to pay me. The buyer put a stop payment on his check because of the shabby dealings of this realtor. DO NOT USE SHELTER WEST IN GILLETTE, WY. PLEASE, DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH GLORIA PETERSON. SHE IS A LIAR, THIEF AND CON ARTIST.