Friday, February 13, 2009

BMW Town & Country

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: The service manager

Dear customer service,

Monday February 9th I booked a warranty oil/service for my 2006 E90 330i. I also had complaints of dead pixels on my stereo and loose weather stripping on my rear window.

My car was in service for 3 days with the excuse that the first stereo that was ordered was defective, ok this happens.

The next day I was contacted and asked if I had ever removed my stereo myself because there was a broken connector from my antenna that was causing the problem. I obviously replied no and that I would not have the first idea of how to do so. The car was set to stay over another night because of this.

Finally the next day I was told the car was ready and that they had to replace the whole cable from the stereo to the fin. I really didn't see why this would d be necessary unless the technician that was replacing my stereo in the first place had damaged the cable himself. On top of that they did a complimentary wash but completely left the bottom of my rear bumper dirty (not a big deal just a little thing that shows their attention to detail).

Now comes my major complaint:

I picked up my car and was quite happy to notice that the new stereo had "shiny buttons" joking, as apposed to the flat black knobs on my original stereo. It was dark and I didn't notice the new found scratches on my aluminum molding all over my center console between the seats.

Upon noticing this the next morning on my way to work with my girlfriend, I decided to pull into the dealership as I drive right passed it on my way to work.

I am a busy and relied upon person as my girlfriend is as well so I hoped to make haste and just let them know that I was not happy with what had happened. My service advisor got the service manager Rohan for me to inspect the vehicle. I must say the conversation started well but quickly became very condescending on his part as he see this all the time from customers and that he could assure me that his "best" technician worked on my car ( which I find hard to believe as they had my car for three days to replace a stereo). He also looked me in the eyes as we were both in my car and told me that he would replace this but that HE WAS 100% SURE THAT HIS GUYS DIDN'T DO THIS!. I was appalled as he had just indirectly told me that I was lying about hits.

*Let me get something clear, my girlfriend and I are repeat buyers not leasers. We had traded our 2004 300xi in for our current car because we wanted something more sporty. We pay a lot of money for our car and it is not "mommy's car".*

Now I was being very understanding and even asked Rohan if we could possibly get these scratches buffed out as it would be easier for everybody. His cocky reply was this is not something that can be buffed out. I agreed to the replacement of the part. He then turned around told my service advisor Andrew Mak ( who is very helpful)

that they would be replacing the part and he went back to his office.

I stood in the car hanger for a couple of minutes, and was not getting over what he had said to me. I walked into the service area and he came out of his office. I stated that I would like to make a point and with apologies, I did not yell but I told Rohan that I didn't appreciate being called a liar. Rohan proceeded to say that he did not call me a liar. I then said well sir you did indirectly call me a liar as you looked me in the eyes and in an unfriendly tone told me that your guys did not do that to my car 100%. I then said thank you for you service but I am not an idiot.

I was infuriated... I the left and drove my girlfriend to work, almost reaching my place of work I still could not get over what had happened.

I called BWM Town & Country and asked for Rohan, with a very appealing customer service that seemed almost vindictive he answered. I identified myself and apologized for the outburst that I caused in his service area. I then told him that I was still angry at what he said to me and that I would be expressing my concerns with BMW Canada and then hung up.

Within 30 seconds I received a call from my service advisor which whom the poor guy had the duty to call back and angry customer. He opened the call with how I was doing. I replied, I'm sorry Andrew but you must know how I feel and I have let Rohan know this. I then apologized to Andrew about the last time we met and that I appreciated his help. He told me that the part would be in Tuesday after the upcoming holiday and they would service my car Wednesday and that I would be provided a car. This is fine.

As you can probably see due to my grammar that I am still quite upset but I do not want to be treated as an outcast when I deal with Town & Country for anything, I don't want to feel uncomfortable when I visit the dealership.

I want to feel as welcomed as I was when I was confronted by a sales rep when I walked in to the dealership the first time.

Please help me with my dilemma I am open to gratuities as this has made a simple problem turn into a very unsatisfied customer.

With respect and understanding,

Mr. Kenneth Charlton

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