Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simple fix completely botched

Location: Ontario, Newmarket
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Jim

Simple story, I purchased a new pontiac g3 and one month later I picked up a nail in the front tire ,being a Saturday afternoon I drove to the dealer in Newmarket to have it patched,unfortunately the dealer could only perform oil changes on Saturdays they instead referred me to Newmarket tires and mags,upon arrival Jim the service advisor said they would not plug the tire but would patch it from the inside which sounded reasonable to me,two hours later I was on my way home.The next day ,Sunday I was on the highway and the vibration from the front end was disconcerning to say the least,it was obvious the balance was off so on Monday I drove over after work to have them try again,Jim had them rebalance the tire and the installer confirmed the balance was off.On my way home I took the car on the highway balance was good but car was pulling to the left,so I soaped the tire myself and found the tire was leaking at the patch,back again I went and the installer pulled the tire and found the job performed on Saturday was so poorly done he wanted the name of the original repairman,Jim said it didn't matter.On the way home balance was off again so I ended up rotating the tires back to front myself and this cured most of the vibration but it wasn't like before I took the car to Newmarket tire and mags. I thought I will give them one more chance so I took the wheel off myself and asked Jim to check the balance one last time ,instead of being apologetic Jim said that the problems is with the car and they would not do anything else.I ended up taking the car to the dealer where the found the balance was off and they rectified the situation.
G Bell
Sharon Ont

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