Friday, November 30, 2007

Western Digital Drives - Watch out for slow access times

Location: Other, Everywhere
Industry: Technology

Recently bought a new SATAII WD 500gb drive (WD5000AAKS) from a large Canadian reseller. I ran HD Tune to check out the drive when I got it, and found that while throughput was very good, access time was absurdly poor (19ms). Most people get 13.x ms with these drives. So I sent an email off the WD to ask what might be going wrong, and after a week, still haven't received a reply.

I did ask around in various forums if anyone else has experienced this, and got a bunch of replies from people who've bought this drive in the past couple weeks and found the same thing. Some of us are speculating that WD has done some cost cutting measure on the drives causing the poor access times. One person did manage to get a WD tech on the phone, and they pretty much say they don't discuss "performance issues" but offered to RMA the drives for refurbs!

So, if you're looking for a high performance drive, don't go for any WD drives that have been on the market long enough to avoid any new reviews. I suspect they, like many other computer hardware manufacturers, are putting out a decent product long enough to get good reviews on hardware sites, then cost cutting shortly after.

What especially ticks me off is they're lack of response after a week, when they say they'll respond in one day, three days at the most. They're hiding something.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't go to Staples to ship Purolator

Location: British Columbia, Victoria
Industry: Retail
Company: Staples the Business Depot

Took a package to Staples to have shipped to Vancouver. First, they obviously don't have people trained to actually do the work they need to do for doing Purolator shipping. The girl behind the desk had to ask what forms to use, then she just hands them to me and tells me to fill them out. Like I have a clue? She walks away. I fill them out as best I can, then she tells me just to leave the forms and package there. I ask if she needs to know the account number for the person paying for the shipping. "Oh yeah, just write it anywhere". I do then have to ask which slip is my receipt, she goes and asks. Comes back and I get my receipt. Does she then take the box off the counter and put it away? No. It's just left there for anyone to walk off with. I do a bit of shopping (maybe twenty minutes) and look back to see my package still sitting there, right by the door. I walk over, grab the package, tell her I've changed my mind, and walk out. Took it directly to the Purolator office where I was treated with a bit of professionalism.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love Timmies, BUT...

Location: Ontario, Brantford
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Tim Hortons

Lately I think the Tim Horton's employees see me coming and decide to bug me- on purpose.

It started at a location on Highway 24 on the way up to Cambridge. It's a fairly new location and there are many students working there (which is great- I'm a student too). I walk in and there's no customers, so I walk right up to order. There are two employees standing there counting cups or something, there's one employee mopping, and some more in the back. I stand there a good two minutes before they even say anything to me. I was so angry, I almost walked out. It's not like they didn't see me or anything, they just ignored me.

The second time was this weekend. It was actually the same Tim Horton's location as above. My boyfriend and I ordered sandwiches at the drive-thru. I ordered an egg salad sandwich toasted on whole wheat with no lettuce. So I get my sandwich- it's not toasted, it's not cut in half and it has tomatoes on it. There's not even supposed to be tomato on the egg salad! My boyfriend's sandwich was perfect, just like he ordered and cut in half.

The third incident was this morning. I ran into the Tim Horton's on Fairview in the Zehr's plaza and there are two older women at the cash register talking about something. Just their own business. There's no line up and I just stand in front of them for about 30 seconds while they finish their conversation. I order a steeped tea, pay and leave. After letting my drink cool for a while, I open it up and realise they gave me coffee.

Okay, i understand that these are all just mistakes, but they could be avoided if these people had been doing their jobs. Their main job is to serve people. I know that they are NOT supposed to be counting cups or chatting instead of serving customers.
It just makes me so angry that these easily avoidable mistakes keep happening. There's just no excuse for it anymore.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nervous Much?!

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
Industry: Restaurant

I ordered a small pita and the woman making my pita must've been new as her hands were just a shaking as she made my pita. The pita began ripping, and hey, I know this happens time to time and a lil rip here or there will be workable, but this pita was shredded! But she just kept on fidling with it trying to roll it up!! Finally I asked her to put it in a new pita. She did so, still very shakey... took some twisting and turning, but eventually it worked--but only 75% of my pita innings were still there!! Wrapped it up to go, I paid... and it certainly wasn't the best pita I had!

Canon loses my "L" lens not only doesn't tell me, but wouldn't even talk to me

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Technology

I my wide zoom "L" lens to Canon's repair facility in Calgary to let them have a look at it. Called to confirm they got it a week later (they did), was told they were "very busy" but would get back to me in a few days.

A month passed and I got no call. Called them, no one available, left a voice message. No reply after a couple days. Called again, got the receptionist, still no one available, left another message. Repeated this daily for over a week before I started getting angry with the receptionist for not putting me through to a real person ("you have NO ONE that can tell me about my repair???").
After an additional two weeks of this, wrote a Fax to the President of Canon Canada. Within the day, the Calgary repair facility called and left a message that they'd "escalate your repair". A week after that, got another call (left on my machine) that they'd lost the lens. So, bascially, they lost my thousand dollar "L" lens, decided not to tell me, refuse to speak with me in the hope I'd just go away.

I finally got a refund, but not for what I could actually buy a replacement for, nor any compensation for the BS they put me through. This lens, btw, was under warranty.

"The customer is never right!"

Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Montana's Cookhouse
After coming from a late event, my family and I decided to go for some good food at Montana's Cookhouse in Mississauga at Courtney Park. We have gone to this location since it opened and thought to be pretty loyal customers. The past year, they have disappointed us more and more, but we thought we would go back because the food is usually pretty good.

We got into the restaurant and weren't even greeted. We stood there like idiots for about five minutes. Then, somebody finally seated us (8:00pm). Because we were really hungry, we all knew what we were going to order in the car, so we closed the menu right away and waited for our server. I waived my hand at the hostess and asked, "Hi, would you be able to get a server for me?". She immediately responded, "I'm not your server". The server came, greeted us politely, and wrote our order down (At this point, I could tell that this server was a trainee because they usually memorize our orders). At 8:15, our drinks were brought to the table. We sat and talked, and as my mother just finished saying "I'm getting hungry, where's our food?", I looked at the clock only to realize it was 8:45pm. I looked for anybody who worked there just to ask the status of my meal.

Here's where it gets interesting. I found the Manager on Duty and asked "Hi, I was just wondering if you could just check the status of my food.". And he said, "Sir, it won't be ready because you just sat down". I replied, "Uhmm, no, I got here at 8:00. We ordered at 8:05.". He said, "No, you didn't. You just sat down five minutes ago". I said "Excuse me, I was here at 8:00. Do not try to second guess me. All I want is to know that my food is coming. Why is it that people who have arrived here after my family have their food first?". He said, "Ok sir, I will check for you. But just know that I think you sat down only a few minutes ago". - HE IS A MANAGER! WHY ALL THE TALKING? It seems like his philosophy of the customer service business is, "The customer is never right".

He returned only to tell me that my order was only submitted five minutes ago. At this point, I was ready to pay for the drinks and leave. He assured me that it was coming soon. In ten minutes, our order was out. He came to our table and said, "Thanks for your cooperation" - might I add, it was extremely condescending.

Our original server came by and apologized. She was extremely sincere so I said, "It's ok, thank-you for your sincerity. You're doing a good job". She was the only sincere personnel we encountered since we arrived.

I'm not trying to say, "Don't eat at Montana's!". But I have been in the customer service industry for 5 years. I have also been in the hospitality industry for 3 years, plus 1 year of chef school. And what I learned was, even if the customer is wrong, you have to treat them like they are right. And moreover, "The customer IS always right". If you want business, this should be your prayer.

My family and I have NOT returned to ANY Montana's since and we don't plan to ever go back.


Location: , Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Retail md mv
Company: Futureshop

I went to Futureshop this week and they have moved to the Dundas and Yonge area and I thought they would change their way of treating their customers. Unfortunately it changed for the worst...
I was going to buy a package of computer and as a customer I decide to ask for a discount/better deal... Their manager said "do you think we are charity here?"

What bugs me there is...
1, Trying to sell their credit card to me
2, Trying to sell their stupid warranty
3, Trying to sell their stupid service for making a recovery disc which should have been in the package deal
4, Trying to sell me a not as good computer said a Quad processor computer is not necessary

They think they are giving great deal ... may be so but I dont think they are cheapest. I can find other stores up at Scarborough / Markham that sells cheaper and better products. SO if you are planning to go there, just BE CAREFUL with their sales' attitude.

Mind you that it is natural to ask for a lower price because I know they were lying about their cost prices vs selling prices. I was going to buy the package but the manager's attitude just didnt cut it. They are not flea markets yes but they sure are dealing with their customers like they were not paying alot of money, in my case 1600 for that package! They would not be in business if they dont make money.( Even their CDs/DVDs make a profit of at least $10 each)
If I were the manager I would not use that kind of tone to my customers and I would just say sorry it is not possible to give a discount for that little margin return. It would be so much better. Dont you think? Customers like me will only test their ability to be a real good customer care sales and not just giving them money for what they are selling.
I was so serious about buying the package that my credit card was out of my pocket at the time. When I heard him saying to me "this is not what you call" I was like what do you mean "charity" I am paying $1600 and you are telling me it is charity?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Easy my @$$

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Other
Company: Staples the Business Depot

Tonight I had one of the worst possible customer service experiences while shopping at Staples.

It started at the Lawrence & Dufferin store #15. I was looking for an Avery Sign kit. It took them about 20 minutes to figure out what I wanted. When they finally did they said they were sold out and only carry it by special
order. They would determine if there was another store that had it. They told me the store at Keele & St. Clair had 3 in stock. They gave me a piece of paper with the SKU number. I purchased the other items I came for and
immediatly went to the other store. Check out time: 7:44. Time spent waiting around for answers in store 30-40 minutes.

I went immediatly to St. Claire & Keele store #86. We were back to square. They didn't know about the other store confirming stock or what I was looking for. Providing the SKU # did very little to help find the item.
Eventually they found where it was supposed to be. There was one kit on the shelf in yellow and it was damaged. The sku # we had was for white. The
sales person kept running off to try to determine where the item could be. While waiting I had the further annoyance of two different sales people try
to sell me credit cards. Eventully they determined there were none in stock and we were out of luck. I found some alternative solutions. I went to the cashier to pay. I was told the register was closed as the cashier pulled out her cash drawer.

The store manager was dealing with another customer as I was paying. I explained the situation to the manager and asked if he could provide a 5% discount something for my inconvenience. His final story was that the first
store called down and was told the item was out of stock. It was the other stores fault for sending us down. Check out time 8:45.

90 minutes, 2 stores, 1 cranky 3 year old, 1 tired mom.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No delivery

Location: Quebec, Gatineau
Industry: Other

I paid $90.00 to have a temporary gargage shipped to me. Purolator never even attempted a delivery; they simply left a message on my phone machine, saying that I had to go to their depot (which is far away) with a truck to pick it up because it weighed 190 lbs. and they would not deliver it.

I am disabled, and unable to pick it up. That's why I was having it delivered. Purolator then mucked me around terribly, playing phone avoidance.

And to top it off, the company I bought it from tells me that I cannot return it.

BEST BUY WOODBRIDGE OUTRAGE - Manager throws customers keys into garbage

Location: Ontario, Woodbridge
Industry: Retail mv
Company: Best Buy

I hope this is the right forum, and that someone can help me out, or point me into the right direction.

- A few week ago at BB location (Woodbridge [Hwy 7 and 400]), I parked my car, had my keys in my hand, and an item to return. As I left Customer Service, I was distracted by one of their flyer, so I stood there for a minute or two, and reviews the different sales.

As I walked away to look at a new mouse and keyboard at the back of the store.
I was in and out in 15 minutes, walking out, I quickly glanced to my left at the Security booth, and saw the Security Officer, Manager, and a Sales Rep at the counter. Just then the Security Officer gave the Manager a bunch of keys, on the same instance (said Manager) drop it into the large garbage bin (I did not hear any spoken words).
I decided to check for my car keys, and it wasn't there. In the same instance the Security Officer asked if it was my keys, I reply "possibly", and he reached in and pulled out MY BUNCH OF KEYS.

I took down the Managers name, left the store to compose myself, then went back in, and spoke to another Manager (different from the CULPRIT). He apologized, and agreed to the following:
- There is a store policy for lost/returned items - and this instance protocols were not followed.
- He took my contact information, and noted that he will have someone call me back.
- Advised that because he is a Manager, and on the same hierarchal scale as the other Manager, he could not do anything about it (reprimand), other than take notes, document it, and have a Higher Being (General Manager), call me back.
- Three weeks have past, and I have not received a phone call.

1 - MY FAULT, I should have been more responsible with my keys.
2 - Why wasn't the lost/returned item properly documented, and kept in a safe place, in the case I was to return, knowing well that it was at this location that I misplaced my keys?
3 - Is this how a Manager, under professional conduct, acts in front of other subordinate employee's (Security Officer, Sales Rep).
4 - Is this how Best Buy shows a commitment to their customers?

I'm sure other will scrutinize me for forgetting my keys. I'll take fault to it, none the less it was a mistake, why wasn't protocols followed?

Your questions, and comments, and are welcome

--NOTE: This issue originally happened Jun 21st, 2005 to RedFlag Deals
UPDATE: Nobody followed up or called me about this issue

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1&1 Internet has no Customer Service

Location: Other, Chesterbrorok
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Billing Department

I will make this as short as possible. Details can be found on

Cousin signed up with them using my credit card on a one time basis. Cousin left the country. Hosting Plan auto-renewed. I emailed/called them to cancel. They refused because I am ONLY the card holder, not the account holder. Followed their instruction to cancel by fax, but they didn't. A week later after several conversations finally the account was cancelled. 1&1 promised to severe all ties to my credit card. (I was leaving the country) They charged me more because the account stayed active in the week of negotiation.

30 days later, I am in Japan now, they charged my credit card one more time. I emailed them and they said there was never a termination of the domain names. Emailed several times and they stopped responding to me all together. It was only for $5.86 dollars, but the fear of them holding my credit card information is a scary thought.

Disputing the amount with my credit card may lead to collection agency harassment. The last message sent to 1&1 Internet was over 1 week ago and hasn't been replied.

TigerDirect online order - Customer service

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Retail

Ordered an PDA phone from 4 days later, received an email about UPS had dropped the package at front door. I searched around and did not find it. I called UPS Canada customer service and they needed to followed up with the driver on details. UPS asked me to called TigerDirect to file a 'lost' claim.

So I spoke with a lady (TigerDirect) and she started question me why I did not stay at home for the delivery. She said there was email sent out from the company which mentioned about where the shipment was. Once it said in 'Ontario', I should stay at home and wait. It is my fault in this case.

I then asked why there is no signature required on a $400+ product. She said there is BUT I was too cheap that did not 'select' that option so it is my fault - again.
I demanded that there is NO place for 'signature' option and walk thru the online process with her. She found out that she made a mistake but did not say sorry about it.

A new shipment will be resent to me when I request to pickup from store - the answer is NO. Then I explained to her, I cannot stay at home and wait for the product and want to cancel the order - the answer is NO.

I wanted to add 'signature' option on my order - ... of course - NO. This was a replacement order and everything needs to stay the same.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't buy fish from Wal-Mart

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail md
Company: Walmart

Wal-Mart has a bad customer service. Went there to buy a few pleco fish for my tank so it can eat up all the algae on the window side. The pleco cost about $2.87 each. Some other place sells it for $5.49.

So I went to ask for assistance and see if there are any staff that can help me out. I went to the toy section and asked the person who was in control of the department and asked that I need assistance for the pet department. So he called the PA system for assistance at the pet section. Waited for 20 minutes and no one came. Called again, and waited for another 20 minutes but no one came.

I got pissed and left. Can't believe this was the lame thing. So I went to another pet store and bought the bigger pleco for $10.

Btw, this happened to STC and Markville mall too. So basically, I went to STC first and no one helped me out so I went to Markville mall but still no one helped me out.