Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nervous Much?!

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
Industry: Restaurant

I ordered a small pita and the woman making my pita must've been new as her hands were just a shaking as she made my pita. The pita began ripping, and hey, I know this happens time to time and a lil rip here or there will be workable, but this pita was shredded! But she just kept on fidling with it trying to roll it up!! Finally I asked her to put it in a new pita. She did so, still very shakey... took some twisting and turning, but eventually it worked--but only 75% of my pita innings were still there!! Wrapped it up to go, I paid... and it certainly wasn't the best pita I had!


  1. Take it easy. As you said she must be new and at least she's willing to put it in a new one for you.

    Could have been worst =)

  2. I didn't know Pita's were in the "Automotive" industry.

  3. That's not even that bad, she was just new.You've never made any mistakes working a new job? Please!