Sunday, November 25, 2007

Canon loses my "L" lens not only doesn't tell me, but wouldn't even talk to me

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Technology

I my wide zoom "L" lens to Canon's repair facility in Calgary to let them have a look at it. Called to confirm they got it a week later (they did), was told they were "very busy" but would get back to me in a few days.

A month passed and I got no call. Called them, no one available, left a voice message. No reply after a couple days. Called again, got the receptionist, still no one available, left another message. Repeated this daily for over a week before I started getting angry with the receptionist for not putting me through to a real person ("you have NO ONE that can tell me about my repair???").
After an additional two weeks of this, wrote a Fax to the President of Canon Canada. Within the day, the Calgary repair facility called and left a message that they'd "escalate your repair". A week after that, got another call (left on my machine) that they'd lost the lens. So, bascially, they lost my thousand dollar "L" lens, decided not to tell me, refuse to speak with me in the hope I'd just go away.

I finally got a refund, but not for what I could actually buy a replacement for, nor any compensation for the BS they put me through. This lens, btw, was under warranty.

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  1. I find that if you threaten them with legal action, they will respond almost instantly. Fax/Email a letter to both Canon Canada HQ and the repair center, as well as leave verbal messages that you are going to take them to court if you do not recieve it back replaced/repaird within 1 week.