Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proud Shopper LOOK OUT

Location: Other, Salt Lake City
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Proud Shopper

I ordered some do-rags. The money come out of my bank the next day. A month later and nothing. I sent several e-mails to Ron, NO response. I called and get a machine that tells me the line is busy and hangs up. Unless you like your brain to bleed i would stay away.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Elite Heat Pumps, New Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick, Moncton
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Owner and Products

Stay away. Beware!!!! Cheap product. Elite buys them from the cheapest bidder in China, then re-sold as 'Elite' Heat Pumps. Warranty only for one year on labour. Owner does not give a 'CRAP' about customers.

Here's my story:

Purchased two heat pumps, 2 years ago. One pump for each floor. One works like a charm, the other is a lemon. It's been serviced 4 times, and we regularly have to re-set the breaker as it keeps tripping it. Right now, i have no air conditioning. I called for service. AGAIN. I politely (but aggressively) asked why... why! had they not replaced it from the beginning of our issues? This is obviously a lemon, it's crap. Keeps giving us problems (the heat got stuck on 'on mode' one month, and we didn't realize until we saw the inflated power bill that it was malfunctioning that month. Again.) Of course, the clerk (receptionist) can't do anything for me. Asked me if I'd like to speak to the owner. "SURE!" I say.

There was a brief delay... I was not put on hold. It almost seemed like the receptionist simply passed the phone to the owner. He picks up the phone and says: "If you say 'crap' once, i'm going to hang up on you!". - no hello, no 'how can i help you'. Nothing.

I burst out laughing! Then I say: "What... would you prefer I use other choice of words?" He says: "If you do, you'll be talking with yourself." I say: "Now, really!! isn't that a nice way to answer a customer's phone call!" He says: "You started it". I say: "you're the one who sells crap! I'm in need of 6 other heat pumps and you can be sure Elite Heat Pumps will NOT SEE A PENNY of it." He says 'fine then". I say "fine then." click. Click.

Selling cheap, crap products is one thing. Back this up with an idiotic owner and poor salesmanship, you've got a recipe for disaster. It's a wonder they are still in business.

When purchasing a Heat Pump for your home, please look for recognized brands: Lennox, Carrier, Westingouse, Mitsubishi, etc.... Do your homework, paying a little extra will be worth it in the end. Oh, and stay away from Elite Heat Pumps!

Do the world a favour and help companies like this into bankruptcy. Even if it means that I won't be able to get cheap Chinese parts for my units when they break again and that I'll probably have to spend another 10K to change to a better brand!

Dissatisfied to the max.


Parcels2Go don't go anywhere

Location: Other, London
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Parcels2Go

Here is the text from theLive Chat window.The only way that you can contact them!

Welcome to Someone shall be with you shortly.

You are now connected with Samantha

Sally: Hi can I speak to Josh please?

Samantha: Unfortunately Josh

Samantha: Is not available I am afraid Sally

Samantha: Am I able to help

Sally: He was suppossed to be updating me on my delievery today as I have been waiting for it for days. Can you check where it is for me pleas P2G9393180

Samantha: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?

Sally: Sure

Samantha: Ok we have sent a request last night but unfortunately awaiting an update from the courier I am afraid.

Sally: That is what happened on Wednesday night. Who is the courier, can't I call them?

Samantha: This is booked via Collect+

Samantha: And unfortunately we do not have an update

Samantha: As soon as we have this you will be contacted

Sally: Any idea when that will be?

Samantha: We should have an update within 24-48hours after we contacted them

Sally: I told them on Wednesday that I needed them by today, this is no good

Samantha: I do apologise

Samantha: As soon as we have a response from the courier we will contact the sender

Sally: It will be too late by then. Josh said they would be here today and that he would eep me updated. Someone needs to do more

Samantha: I do apologise but unfortunately until we have an update I cannot advise furthetr

Samantha: Further*

Sally: This is insane. I have been trying to get these since the 9th and nobody can help.This service clearly does not work. Can somebody call me please

Samantha: I understand but unfortunately we need to await an update from the courier

Sally: No good, what number can I call to complain?

Sally: I was promised last night by Josh so somebody needs to sort this out today

Samantha: Unfortunately as you are not the account holder.

Samantha: You will need to contact the account holder to make a complaint

Sally: I don't care, I want to make a complaint, what is the number or do you just want me to go to trading standards

Samantha: Our office number is 0871 330 8066

Samantha: But the phones team will advise you the same as myself

Sally: Can I speak to your boss then please

Sally: I could just post this straight to my twitter account and let the world know about the great service Parcel2Go offers

Samantha: My supervisor will advise you the same you need to contact the account holder as they are the customer with

Samantha: I will pass you to Sarah my supervisor

Please wait while I transfer the chat to Sarah.

You are now connected with Sarah

Sarah: Hi Sally

Sarah: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?

Sally: This is the last line from your tracking update. I have contacted you 4 times since then as has the person that is trying to send the item to me. We have both been told it would be delievered but it hasn't. 09/07/2012 09:09:00 Delivery attempted, we will reschedule Enroute

Sarah: I do apologize Sally but if you do wish to make a complaint re this servcie you would need to go though the sender as they are the account holder.

Sally: OK, 'll just add this whole chat window to my twitter and blog. I own an advertising agency in London, a big one!

Sarah: Im sorry you feel the need to do this Sally but you are not the account holder you would need to go though the person who booked the order with us.

Sally: The worst service I have ever had from any courier company ever. Not only can you not get the item delivered but you cannot find out where it is or give me a number that I can call them on or find out where it is yourself. Your tracking information is 4 days out of date and you cannot get a response by email in less that 24-48 hrs. Really stunningly bad service.

rip off

Location: Other, U.S.A.
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: The Proud Shopper-"Ron"

placed an order Feb.19,2012 and it said it can take up to 3 weeks to ship because shirts have to be printed-ok I got that,but I also ordered silk flags.I waited 3 weeks and no sign of my order or no word.I contacted proud shopper-Ron- was informed the flags got lost in shipment and he would ship that day. I got the shirts after a 2 month waiting period and me having to contact Ron every couple of weeks.After 2 1/2 months of waiting I told him to cancel the flags.gave him a week to refund my money and contacted him-He said I cancelled the order.I told him after 2 1/2 months of waiting and him refusing to send the flags and I wanted my money back or him ship the flags.Told me he would rather refund my money so I told him to do so.He then informed me that the flags were never available.That no one makes them any more.Isn't there some kind of law advertising stuff for sale you can't produce?? It's almost a month later and he still has not refunded my money.. PEOPLE TAKE A FOOL'S ADVICE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW--DO NOT ORDER ANY THING FROM THIS Place!!!