Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't use Quick Fix Appliances

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Quick fix Appliance

Don't be fooled by the testimonials these guys will take advantage of you if you don't watch out

Rude Rick!!!

Location: Other, MIAMI - USA
Industry: Automotive

Called on saturday,5975 NW 82nd Ave
Miami, FL 33166
(305) 592-1995 and asked for working hours... Rick said till 3PM
We drove for service... arrived at 2:40, were turn down for service...
later on KICKED OUT!!!
If they are not able to service their customer, why open at all?
VERY DISAPPOINTING for disrespect. Why say you are open to 3, customer drives for a TERRIBLE RECEPTION and service. Rick is rude and not polite! I sugest you take your TIRE business elsewhere!

Traped me and not the mice

Location: Other, Rockville, Maryland
Industry: Other

Noticed mice/mouse in my apartment, asked a fried who is retired to help me out. He contacted WOMAC in 131 Cogressional Lane Rockville, MD and asked for service. Once in th ehouse they did not do an inspection, as "I did not specifally asked for inspection" and I just told them that I have seen a mouse, don't know where it came from and needed help. they led my friend to beleave that he needed to py $473.00 for the service, initial service of $195.00 and 6 more services each for $48.00 and he paid in full. The service on the first attempt was so bad, very rude, not taking the shows off, telling us what need to be done and yet didn't do that, that I had to ask another person to help me with my pest issue. I called and asked for the reminder back, I did not want their service to continue and they said "It was not refundable", you have paid for the service, and we can not refund. They charged me 6x $48.00 for the service I do NOT want them to do and are not willing to refund me.
Do NOT use WOMACK unless you want to donate money to this company for NO service

when a nightmare becomes a reality

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Sumaru's Auto

Basically, I've been using Sumaru as a mechanic for years and without knowing, there was a new owner takeover. The new owner has no business knowledge, he is a knuckle head, and worst of all, he doesn't know how to fix cars... Lets just say he charged me for NOTHING and expected to get paid for it. Very literally speaking; he couldn't find out what was wrong, but he racked up a bill at around $700. And thought it was OK to forward that bill on to me.. Something is wrong with his morals too I'd say..

Also, there are other websites with more complaints about this place.

Made in China GARBAGE

Location: Ontario, Burlington
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Home Depot

Almost everything I have purchased from Home Depot has been scratched during transport due to shoddy packaging. The Chinese can make things cheaply enough, speaking of that, cheap fasteners that break, terrible instructions/drawings, shoddy finishing, poorly matching parts (fit), but they sure have no clue how to pack things for the long trip across the ocean, then the abusive truck drivers speeding over speed bumps (yes, I have witnessed that). Anyway, Home Depot has a product review feature on their website, low and behold, I have tried to review a 5.5 cubic foot Danby freezer FOUR TIMES NOW, they keep rejecting my review because they just want to sell more of them, mine was scratched out of the box and the compressor makes a subtle but annoying whine. Home Depot...if you don't want the truth about the garbage you are foisting on the Canadian consumer, then take down the review feature on your website. I for one have had enough of the garbage you sell and the little punk IT creep that keeps rejecting my reviews, I am paying off my Home Depot credit card and cutting it up. I might use you for the occasional MINOR piece of hardware (pay by cash) but that is it, no more Martha Stewart garbage, Danby, Haier, the list goes on. PICK UP THE PHONE ONCE IN A WHILE AND TALK TO YOUR CHINESE FACTORIES, not rocket science, or get a purchaser with a brain.

Macdonalds broke my tooth

Location: British Columbia, Kelowna
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: An object in their hamburger broke my tooth

I bit into a McDonalds hambuger recently and had my tooth broken. Whatever was in there was extremly hard and cracked my lower molar. This incident csot me $1200.00 to get repaired.

I compalined to MacDonalds but they denied all liability.

BEWARE OF FOREIGN OBJECTS in Macdonald hamburgers!!!