Monday, November 19, 2012

Traped me and not the mice

Location: Other, Rockville, Maryland
Industry: Other

Noticed mice/mouse in my apartment, asked a fried who is retired to help me out. He contacted WOMAC in 131 Cogressional Lane Rockville, MD and asked for service. Once in th ehouse they did not do an inspection, as "I did not specifally asked for inspection" and I just told them that I have seen a mouse, don't know where it came from and needed help. they led my friend to beleave that he needed to py $473.00 for the service, initial service of $195.00 and 6 more services each for $48.00 and he paid in full. The service on the first attempt was so bad, very rude, not taking the shows off, telling us what need to be done and yet didn't do that, that I had to ask another person to help me with my pest issue. I called and asked for the reminder back, I did not want their service to continue and they said "It was not refundable", you have paid for the service, and we can not refund. They charged me 6x $48.00 for the service I do NOT want them to do and are not willing to refund me.
Do NOT use WOMACK unless you want to donate money to this company for NO service

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