Monday, November 19, 2012

when a nightmare becomes a reality

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Sumaru's Auto

Basically, I've been using Sumaru as a mechanic for years and without knowing, there was a new owner takeover. The new owner has no business knowledge, he is a knuckle head, and worst of all, he doesn't know how to fix cars... Lets just say he charged me for NOTHING and expected to get paid for it. Very literally speaking; he couldn't find out what was wrong, but he racked up a bill at around $700. And thought it was OK to forward that bill on to me.. Something is wrong with his morals too I'd say..

Also, there are other websites with more complaints about this place.

1 comment:

  1. I have been using Sumarus for a long time as well, but I found the new owner to be quite knowledgable and fair. Because I live in the west end, I tried a couple of other shops out for convenience when I was having a problem with my car, none of them were able to find the problem, when I went to Sumaru's, he was able to find the problem and actually charged me very little to fix it, in fact he charged me less than the shops that were unable to fix it! I will be definitely be going there from now on, and I recommend my friends and family to go there as well.