Monday, March 10, 2014

Fwd: Most temp agencies are pure IDIOTS!

Location: Ontario, Burlington
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Advantage Group (Alternative Human Resources)

Took a MINIMUM WAGE 'assignment', it was supposed to be "long-term", was LAID OFF after 3 days, then they stole income tax money from my measly 3 days pays (the inc tax deduction was supposed to be ZERO, they took $28.37) so I threatened to go to the CRA, they promptly paid it back to me not wanting an audit. Fast forward 10 months later, I need my Record Of Employment (ROE) to file for EI, I have to FIGHT them for it, not only do they get the hours amount wrong, they put QUIT, all this time one lousy ROE is holding up my EI, so they correct the hours amount but it still says "quit", if I had of "quit" they would have gave me the ROE 10 months ago when I asked for it since they weren't offering me more work after the LAY OFF. So now EI has the 'corrected' hours ROE but it still says "quit", so now EI holds up my claim for WEEKS while they investigate why the ROE says quit and NOT laid off. Bottom line, this 'agency' (term used loosely, VERY loosely) is a bunch of thieving, lying incompetent BOOBS! Stay away, stay very far away, if you have to use an agency, use some big names like Randstad or AppleOne, the hole in the wall backwater agencies are clueless, they want you to stay their slave, never ending cycle of spotty minimum wage work, they consider you "quit" when you finally had enough of their $#1+ and want off their pathetic 'payroll'.