Friday, March 27, 2009

Erin Mills Town Center LONDON CLEANERS

Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The manager/owner

Problem: they ruined my skirt

Response: they told me to blame the store I bought but not them even they worn out all the black paint on my buttons! Very cool eh
What a service!

If you were a manager or an owner of a cleaner, and you explained to your customer saying "I did not know that" for what you have ruined his/her brand new $78 + tax skirt, while not even have the customer requested for any compensation. I think your business will not stay long. People judge! Service for people is judged!

Recommendation: Since I was not thinking about any financial compensation at all int he first place, a good follow up service was all that I expected and they didn't let me know in advance at all (no call and even did not notify me when I picked it up and I did not notice it until I got home). The call I got from him the next day I dropped it off again in hope for a response, trust me, very simple to conclude:

- the factory did not let him know so he is not responsible for that

- he lied. He was saying this never happened to him in the last 20 years but later he said he also told other customers whose buttons worn off should go back to the manufacturer but not going after HIM



Your Total Garment "CARE" Centre

Monday, March 16, 2009

Customer Service told me to "Call a Lawyer!"

Location: Ontario, Lindsay
Industry: Government
Annoyed By: Hydro One

I recently opened my own business and of course am responsible for paying the Hydro for my store.

My first hydro bill was $81.00 - exactly what I expected it to be. I did not change anything about the way I was running my store - I was still using the same exact equipment, for the same length of time, etc.

Well, in December, Hydro One came to the building where i rent and they installed the so-called "smart metre" in every unit. My next bill from hydro one, after the smart metre was installed, was $416.00!!!!! Again - I did not change
one thing about how I was running my store since the first bill came in so I was incredibly perplexed at the size of my bill. (Side note: all 21 other tenants in the building reported the same thing - they're bill had tripled!)

So - wondering what was going on, I contacted Hydro One's "Customer service" department....I explained the situation in great detail and even broke down, item for item, what i was using in my store and wanting to know WHY the bill was so high this time.

She only has one thing to say to me. The customer service lady advised this: "Call a lawyer."

That's it, that's all. I was told to contact a lawyer because i didn't think it was fair. If you google "smart metre" - you will see thousands and thousands of people telling the same story. And the worst part is - they are allowed to charge what they want, completely arbitrarily, and there is nothing you can do about it!

Completely lost my faith that corporations know how to be good to their customers after that call.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The only reason Nexicom has my business is because I had no other option!

Location: Ontario, Peterborough
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Nexicom

As a student living on-campus, I had no choice in the provider for my land-line. But my monthly bill, including unlimited long-distance, was less than $12.00 a month so I wasn't too concerned.

Of course, there were problems right from the beginning. I have an online account with Nexicom, and was able to log on using my phone number and a password I had created. However, the phone number assigned to me was NOT the number for the phone in my room. Instead, I was logging on to someone else's account (with the password I had created) and was able to look at who they had called, who had called them, and even their method of payment (including their credit card number!!!)

After several phone calls I was able to get the correct number for my phone, and set up a new online account with my credit card number so they could automatically charge my phone bill to it every month.

Fast forward two. I check my credit card online regularly to make sure there aren't any strange transactions, and I noticed my phone bill hadn't been taken off. I called Nexicom and asked about it, and was assured by the customer service rep that my bill was paid and my account was up to date. I asked her several times to make sure, and told her I didn't see the transaction on my credit card's history. She told me once again that my bill had been paid.

The next month my bill was just about $75 (opposed to the $12 I was told I would be paying). I was very confused, so phoned Nexicom once again to find out what the problem was. It turns out they hadn't been taking the payment off my card, so I not only had to pay two months of phone bills, but also two $25 late payment charges. When I told them I had given them my credit card number specifically so they could charge it every month, the customer service rep replied that she had "no idea" why they hadn't been doing so. Unfortunately she also couldn't do anything about the late payment charges, so I asked to speak to a manager. After hours on the phone, I finally gave up and just paid the $75 dollar bill. I'm just glad I noticed before the fees got any higher, or they cut off my phone.

So just a warning to anyone using Nexicom: make sure if you're using the automatic payment approach you check your credit card / bank account history regularly so you don't get stuck with months worth of late payment charges.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Location: Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Crackmaster + Chippy Auto centre

I took my truck in for a 3 stage polish and paint sealant treatment. For some reason they did not polish the roof of the truck. When I brought it to there attention , I was told they never polish the roof,s of trucks because you can not see them when your standing beside them. Complete BS, I found a guy that used to work there and asked him if he had ever seen this company polish a roof of a truck. And he told me they did lots of them... This company ripoff the wrong guy, I,m telling everybody about there (CRAP) service.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Breath Billy Play On Church St Gay Bar Toronto

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Bad Breath Billy

This dude is so fuckin nasty FAT dirty. I am a BINGO Queen and go there daily to play BINGO...I am on ODSP and love to sit drink and play my BINGO. This Bartender likes to control the BINGO cards while Madame the gay Bingo Caller has her friends get extra cards. Pillow Face gets extra cards because he made a fuss with Madame the BINGO caller. Billy Bad Breath is so disgusting he DRINKS all day and DRUNK at work, he gets msierable if you question the BINGO cards...he controlls if he doesn't like you he gives CRAP service...I get it all the time...Mt ODSP is better somwhere else...he serves these Ontario Works pepole all day that blow their monies at that
GAY BAR PLAY that hires these drunks that are not clean and fresh and polite...drunk smelly booze breah.
He needs to stop with the shooters at the bar, he falls in a CAB after his shifts daily......What a CLOWN he is...real class act CLOWN.

Netfoundation LLC aka Evergreen Electronics aka Pikes Peak Traders will screw you!

Location: Other, Palmer Lake
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Richard

Richard and his company are underhanded, and value profits over customer satisfaction. He is a prime example of why the american business is taking a turn for the worst. He markets his products as new, when they are actually returns from Best Buy, Target, and other stores. The products he buys have been returned for waranty replacement, but are no longer under warranty by the manufacturer. He buys the broken equipment, refurbishes it, and then sells the items as new on the internet. He bought a lot from Target that had already been gone through to find the good units. His purchase included all the non fixable units. He pushed his techs to make them at least boot up, and then sold them to the public. When John. Q. Public has a problem with one of his products and tries to get a refund or exchange, he is incredibly hard to get ahold of, and then refuses to honor his offer of a warranty. He ships the wrong equipment, and does not put any packing material in his shipping boxes. If you bought a piece of electronics (basically a small computer) wouldn't you expect to see some kind of protection during shipping? NetFoundation LLC (Richard's parent company that spawns all kinds of spinoff's every time he wears out his welcome) has evolved from selling cheap Chinese knockoffs of popular clothing brands to a self proclaimed iPod recycling mega company that refurbishes '…5000 units per month…' (not hardly), and now into an Xbox refurbishment company that is selling bad products. Richard is a snake - I've met the man face to face. You can believe that he will put a knife in your back the first chance he gets. Buyer beware!

Bell Mobility

Location: Ontario, Totonto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Customer Service

I had been a loyal Bell Customer since 2001. That is until I realised I was being extorted. With my wireless plan, I was eligible for a free hardware upgrade so long as I agreed to add three years to my contract. Given my pleasant experience with Bell thus far, I agreed. Then all hell broke loose.

I was given a brand new TV phone. It was suppose to be state of the art featuring an EVDO speed internet experience in addition as the ability to play MP3, Video, and TV. I was offered the unlimited internet package in addition to my original phone plan and I accepted given the "coolness" of this phone. This plan gave me unlimited internet access and unlimited TV.

The novelty wore off about three weeks later when the phone started to bore me. No pre-loaded games, I had to pay for downloading games. The unlimited TV?...just news clips and other useless information. So I ate the $100/month phone bills I was receiving. About 24 months into the contract, I realized I was paying a mint for something I was not using. So I called Bell to try and get some relief. I had to speak to that "Emily" automated operator to direct my call. and go through the ever incessant menu's just to get someone on the phone. I give my request to cancel this internet package and the CSR tries to offer me discounts instead. I can have a discount which will save me $10/month but I have to resign for another 3 years. I can't get the deal otherwise. I decline stating I'm trying to save money and don't want to be locked in. Again she tries to sell me and again I decline.

After many attempts over a couple more months, I finally decided Bell isn't interested in the satisfaction of their customers and I start shopping elsewhere. Lucky for me I can transfer my phone number to another carrier.

I sign a contract with Fido and my phone number is transferred. I'm repeatidly told by the rep at Fido NOT to cancel my Bell account or else the number transfer will become void and I will lose my phone number. The rep says transferring the phone number will automatically close the Bell account.

I have my new phone and I'm happy with my rate plan and features. I get a bill from Bell as I expected for final balance due. I expected to see an early cancellation fee as I broke the contract, but I was not prepared for an additional monthly bill for an additional month. Bell was looking for:

the last month (expected) $100
cancellation fee (expected) $100
additional month (not expected) $100
administrative account closure fee $35


I was charged for the month I was using my new phone. I couldn't use my Bell phone because the phone number was stripped from it when I activated with another carrier. What the hell is an account closure fee? Bell was looking for an additional $235 to close the account!! I called them to ream them out and I'm told I must cancel my service 30 days in advance otherwise I'm charged for an additional month. Not only that, the additional internet package was not part of the contract as it was an add on and I still got charged an additional month for it. I informed the rep I would not pay any overages. I paid the balance owing less the additional month and account closure fee.

Bell has since sent the remaining balance to collections. They threatened to sue me if I didn't pay, I threatened to report and possibly seek legal action against them for extortion.

They still wait for payment that will not come.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drunk Waitress looses it... the tray! Church Mouse Firken on Church St Toronto

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Viktoria

She was drunk, as we relayed our order the booze on her breath was ansty....she was a MESS...repeated herself over and over, stoned maybe? Then she walked to the bar, poured a shot and threw it back...
whipped her mouth...proceeded to pour a draft, shaking her head mubbled about another staff member..
She mubbled something about CROSSDRESSERS at a table near by....then she went to carry the tray and dropped it...draft all over, she yelled oh F-----k and said I'm out of here...I saw someone else come take over...
Another waitress came and said I will take your order..
Never again that Firken, she rouined our evening...
Queen Viktoria....has a drinking problem...

Dirty Bartender Stevo at Gladmans Den Gay Bar

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Stevo the flaming Dirty Bar Tender

He is always whiping his nose from SNOW candy...
rubs it all over his dirty T-Shirts...he flits around so arrogant and his attention span is so bad....
Can't walk and talk at once.....he is NASTY! he is so busy listening to clients gossip that he never as the stock at the bar, grabs his crotch, sniffles his nose, whipes the powder off it all over his shirt. He is such a PIG.....He needs lessons on manners and cleanliness.
DIRTY NASTY Stevo.....needs to shower and not put his sweaty dirty hands all over the glasses while he tries to remember your order....He is DENSE....
can't comprehend too much so everyone waits, when he gets in a TIZZY....which is every others client, his nose skies to much in the POWDER.....wave a baggy at him and he pants for it on all fours....A real DOG!