Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dirty Bartender Stevo at Gladmans Den Gay Bar

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Stevo the flaming Dirty Bar Tender

He is always whiping his nose from SNOW candy...
rubs it all over his dirty T-Shirts...he flits around so arrogant and his attention span is so bad....
Can't walk and talk at once.....he is NASTY! he is so busy listening to clients gossip that he never as the stock at the bar, grabs his crotch, sniffles his nose, whipes the powder off it all over his shirt. He is such a PIG.....He needs lessons on manners and cleanliness.
DIRTY NASTY Stevo.....needs to shower and not put his sweaty dirty hands all over the glasses while he tries to remember your order....He is DENSE....
can't comprehend too much so everyone waits, when he gets in a TIZZY....which is every others client, his nose skies to much in the POWDER.....wave a baggy at him and he pants for it on all fours....A real DOG!


  1. If someone is not satisfied with Stevo's service I can understand them expressing their dissatisfaction. What I don't understand is all the completely inaccurate and completely unfair personal attacks against one of the nicest members of the Toronto Gay Community!

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  3. feel bad for rob.. lost his inheirtance in 3yrs. probably was nough to retiire now has nothing .. sorry rob but no one could have made a go of it. too bad u dont have a good story to tell. it hurts. keep yr chin up... could have lost it at the at the casino or drugs